A Free Dreamer Review: Celestia by J.D Evergreen


Rating: 1 star out of 5

Celestia has just lost its king to a suspicious illness. The king’s death has thrown the realm into chaos and a dark mage uses their power to influence the citizens, brainwashing them to do his bidding. A war is started, and it is left to Taliah and her friends to restore the rightful heir to the throne and stop the dark powers that fight against them.
But to win Taliah will have to risk everything…

An adventure that will force her to:
Learn something that can’t be taught, Fight a creature no one knows exists, And discover an heir no one can find.

Every turn she makes unravels an intricate plot designed to corrupt and control the people of her world. And Taliah finds herself surrounded by brainwashed people who are shadows of what they once were.

One false step will corrupt her mind forever and destroy the last hope of their quest for freedom.

A war,
A mystery,
A romance,
And a journey that will change the fate of a world.

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This book is very hard to review for me. Normally, I always finish a book I get for a review, no matter how much I dislike it. But “Celestia” was an exception, sadly. There was just no way I could possibly finish this book. And not because I hated it so much, but simply because the text is not fit for publication.

This is a prime example of the pitfalls of self-publishing. There’s no objective quality control, anybody can publish whatever they want. In this case, the editing was non-existent. The story starts in past tense, but switches to present tense after a few lines. And then it just keeps switching back and forth. Often, one sentence starts in past tense and ends in present tense. Within the first 5%, I encountered at least one plot hole. At that point, I just had to give up. I tried, I really did, but the text as it is, is unfit for publication and unreadable.

It’s such a shame, because I do believe “Celestia” has potential. Otherwise I wouldn’t have agreed to read it in the first place. If there ever is a properly edited version of this book, I would love to give it a try again.

This proves once again that professional editing is NOT optional. There’s a reason why every somewhat decent publisher relies on professional editors. Even world-bestselling authors need editors. Proper spelling and grammar is the very least any published text should offer. The occasional typo can be forgiven but anything more than that seriously takes away from the enjoyment of reading. In this case, the lack of editing made it impossible to even read the book.

Cover: The cover is beautiful, a real eye-catcher. I love it.

Sales Link:  Amazon

Book details: ebook, 254 pages

Published February 1st 2018 by J.D Evergreen

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