A Stella Review: Found (Hamilton’s Heroes #1) by Annabella Michaels


RATING 4,5 out of 5 stars

As a former USAF pararescueman, Jeremy O’Brien is used to following orders, no questions asked. So, when Micah, his boss at Hamilton Security, asks him to take on a special case, he readily accepts. Micah’s instructions are simple, find the man in the picture and bring him back to Chicago.

Seven years ago, Zane Wilkinson left the hospital against doctor’s orders, only to suffer a final, devastating blow that left him with no choice but to leave the only place he’d called home. Feeling heartbroken and empty, Zane moved from town to town just trying to survive, while never letting anyone get too close.

In a chance encounter, Jeremy finds himself crossing paths with a man who fits Zane’s description. His instincts tell him that he’s on to something, but Micah warns him that he needs to be absolutely sure. Jeremy sets a plan in motion that will allow him to get closer to the man he believes to be Zane. However, the closer he gets, the more he likes the man and begins to question why he was sent to find him.

Will Jeremy be able to follow through with his orders without becoming too attached? Or will he realize that in his search for Zane, he’s found so much more than he bargained for?

Found by Annabella Michaels is exactly the type of story I love to read. Althought I’m always curious about new to me authors, I was a little afraid when I started this novel, since the last new to me authors I read lately delivered very poor books. From the beginning I understood Found was going to be a winner. I was pleasurable surprised by the writing, engaging and well done, it sucked me into the story and it made the reading easy. I literally couldn’t put the story down for a minute.

The main reason why I loved it so much lays in the characters, I adored them till the end, they were what I look for in my romances. Zane with hiis hurting past, scared in the heart and in the face, with his guard always on. Nonethless when Zane and Jeremy met, something happens.  I liked how Zane and Jeremy knew their feelings and overcame the misunderstanding (let’s call it like this, I don’t want to share too many details) like the adult and smart persons they are. The feeling they shared were clear and pure, I felt their hearts, I saw how good they were, not just together, but in their jobs and with their friends and coworkers. I was soon caught in the novel and it actually didn’t happen from some time, but I stayed up till morning to finish it.

I have to say the plot was what I was expecting and this is the only reason why this is not a five stars review. I saw the surprise element coming a mile away, still that part was so emotional I obviously shed a couple of tears.

Found is the first book in the Hamilton’s Heroes series, I can’t wait for more. And since this was the first novel I read from Annabella Michaels, I had a look at her previous works and discovered this new release is connected to (at least) one book in her other series Souls of Chicago, I have to read it now!

The cover art by Jay Aheer is not a favorite of mine, I like the artist style but this one don’t work for me, I don’t know why.



Kindle Edition, 1 edition, 192 pages

Published February 23rd 2018


Edition Language English

Series Hamilton’s Heroes #1

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