Riptide Publishing and Santino Hassell




For all our readers who may have orders at Riptide Publishing for the stories of Santino Hassell, you need to be aware that Riptide Publishing has cut all ties with this author and has removed all stories under that name.


You can find their statement here:  

From Riptide Publishing:

Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words will no longer be reading or reviewing any words by an author under that name.  We will also be removing old reviews as well.

2 thoughts on “Riptide Publishing and Santino Hassell

  1. I’ve been offline for a time, and am floored and confused by exactly what is going on. Is there a good summary somewhere that explains, briefly, how this author hurt the LGBT community? I understand that the name/persona was a lie, but I don’t understand the bashing of others and screenshots thing. I’ve clearly missed alot! And if all books by the author are being pulled (which seems drastic to me in a way, because if people want to buy the books regardless of whatever happened they should be able to), isn’t that censorship? And how about his coauthor, Megan Erickson. Will her books be pulled too, as she was obviously complicit and had to know the truth? And “his” newest crew; Roan Parrish, etc. Will their books be pulled too, or only those with the Santino name attached? Again, I don’t know the full story beyond the pen name issue and I’m not a big follower of the author, just wondering what was so terrible that such drastic moves have taken place. Didn’t Santino also write football books for Penquin? Is there a statement from them? Any direction for info is much appreciated.


    • Right now there is more to come. Piper Vaughn who had a co authored book coming out has voluntarily pulled that book pre release. Yes, other authors are certainly tainted by association here, Roan Parrish being one of them and Megan Erickson. I think this is just the beginning of the fallout. Nicki I posted a link earlier that listed posts about what has been going on with SH. Read here

      Briefly, along with catfishing, he pretended to be a single person who had cancer in need of funds, asked for and accepted tons of donations from people, many of whom needed money themselves when in fact he was a married man with a professional occupation that paid well enough for him to pay for a new home and nice vacations. When he thought he was going to be found out, he then attacked his accusers of the same things he was actually doing, causing mental and extreme emotional anguish in some cases. This is not a simple case unfortunately.


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