A Lucy Review: A Dance For Two by Colette Davison


Rating:  2 stars out of 5

This is the story of Adam and Luc, stepbrothers who have been raised together since they were very small. Best friends and confidants until the age of fourteen, when Luc suddenly turns on his stepbrother and is a monstrous bully, in and out of school. It makes your heart hurt for Adam. Adam works as a teacher at his parent’s dance academy and Luc has fled the hometown for college and a job in marketing, never visiting his parents or his stepbrother. Now though, he gets a call from his mother because the dance academy is in dire financial straits and the parent’s have remortgaged their house to help it out. Mom is desperate for Luc to come home and help them get things back under control. Luc’s pretty selfish, but he does what he is asked, knowing that he will have to face Adam. The best friend and stepbrother who’s life he made hell (even going so far as to be in on the bullying about Adam dancing) is going to be there and Luc has to suck it up.

The story is told in back and forth third person point of view of Luc and Adam. I appreciated that, since it gave some insight into what both of them were thinking and dealing with. When the phone call comes in from workaholic Luc’s mother, he doesn’t’ react well. “Pretty much every conversation they’d had recently had ended up in them both apologizing.” I was sort of annoyed by that because how hard would it be for Luc’s mom to only know her son has abandoned the family and can’t be bothered to even call. To make matters more awkward, Mom has called Luc without telling his stepfather or stepbrother.

I was sad that Adam doesn’t even know how bad things are for the dance school, because no one told him. They just spring Luc on him along with the bad news of the school failing. I don’t think the parents know the full extent of how awful Luc was to Adam, because they keep pushing them together and even warn Adam, “Be nice, I don’t want any animosity between you two.” I wanted more support for Adam because he gave up his dream of professional dancing to help with the school, even more so now because they had to let the other teachers go, while Luc gave up absolutely nothing.

This is a second chance story, so I was very ready for some big time groveling, some explanations and to be shown that Luc has changed his ways and is a better man than he was. That didn’t happen. I may be in the minority about this but Luc really brought down this story for me. I completely understand how having feelings for your stepbrother would knock you for a loop and maybe even understand how you’d bully him to cover that up. Now he’s back and there is literally one mumbled apology and Adam is supposed to just be over it. “Did Adam still hate him for all the stupid things

he’d said and done? There was only one way to find out.” Luc is still a coward and Adam is still hurt. “It brought back memories of crying where no one could see him, because he didn’t understand why his brother-his best friend-had humiliated him at school again.”

It was very difficult to believe Luc. “Communication had never been his strong point.” Umm, you are a marketing genius and communication isn’t your strong point? And Adam points out that Luc broke his mother’s heart when Luc moved far away and then didn’t bother to visit, Adam knowing that Luc will be the miracle worker to save the school and then leave again, with Dad and Adam left to pick up the broken heart of mom, Luc is surprised. What? “He’d known Adam was angry with him, but he hadn’t realized just how bitter his brother was.” Well, you wouldn’t, since you cut off your family unless mom and dad came occasionally to visit.

Adam and Luc are forced to work on ideas to turn the dance school around and it’s so hard for Adam. Luc not only found friends who were bullies. “They tormented Adam because he danced and Luc not only let them, but he’d jeered along with them.” Imagine a hell where you are constantly bullied and you can’t ever get away from it because it’s your own family doing it. With mom and dad oblivious to it all, I am only glad Adam had Mason, his now best friend, to keep him sane.

When Adam extends an olive branch and invites Luc out to a club, Luc is hurt when Adam hooks up and again, acts like the injured one. “I guess you only asked me out tonight to score Brownie points with Mum and Dad. That’s low, Adam, really f**king low.” WHAT? Even then, the one to apologize here is Adam, for leaving Luc at the bar, even though Adam took care of Luc when he came home drunk.

I kept trying to give Luc a chance but throughout the book he acts badly. “This has gone on long enough. How many times do I have to apologize to you?” Except Luc had only done that one mumbled “I’m sorry” and never explained anything. When Adam asks, then demands to know why, “What did I do wrong to make you hate me so much?” Luc is astonished. Why wouldn’t Adam feel that way? Luc treated Adam horribly with no explanation and then disappeared. For years.

These two have been raised since age 5 and 6 as brothers, which is why Luc feels his love towards Adam will not be accepted. He has had years to deal with this. When he finally lays the truth on Adam, Adam is horrified, as you would expect. However, it seems that Adam starts to see things differently after just a dream and a few days and we don’t get the reason why Adam suddenly switches gears. He turns into somewhat of a doormat, always the one apologizing, the one who gives up dreams. It was just sad.

I think what bothered me the most about this was the fact that while I have no issue with the stepbrothers falling in love – they are not blood related and I can see where your best friend would be the one you fall in love with –but that the author continually has them refer to each other as brother and stepbrother. If you are trying to convince people that your relationship is legit, not incestuous, why do you continually do that? And I mean it happens all the way to the end of the book. “…brush his hand over his stepbrother’s thigh”, …he knew his brother wouldn’t accept his touch right now”, “I’m going to suck my brother’s c**k”, etc. My lover, my partner, my boyfriend sure but my brother? No.

There is, of course, fallout all over from this. I was so happy again that Adam has Mason to lean on (and oh why couldn’t Adam be with Mason forever!). I was so disappointed that I didn’t love this because it had such potential, but the whole thing just gave me a negative feel. Luc is selfish and impatient and never did grovel or make the grand gesture. I struggled to finish, thinking he would redeem himself but in my eyes, he never did.

This is my first book by this author and I liked her writing style, even though I didn’t love this book. I would try another book of hers and see if it worked better for me.

The cover art by Colette Davison is pretty, though I do wish the dance aspect had been incorporated into it. We have a white background with two torsos, one behind the other, and that could easily have been a dance.

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Book Details:

Published (first published June 26th 2018)
Edition LanguageEnglish

RELEASE DAY BLITZ for Love Me Louder by Christina Lee (excerpt)


Love Me Louder RDB Banner




RELEASE DATE: 06.29.18

 Love Me Louder Cover 

COVER DESIGN: X-Potion Designs

PHOTOGRAPHER: Eric David Battershell

COVER MODEL: Ryan Harmon



Noah Dixon is damaged goods. After an accident leaves him physically scarred and emotionally vulnerable, dating isn’t in the cards, so he throws himself head-first into his retail job. When he’s obligated to attend his best friend’s engagement party on Fire Island, it dawns on him he’s about to spend yet another weekend feeling totally invisible and alone among a swarm of gorgeous men.

That’s when the idea of an escort comes in.

After Will Crossen was forced to put his theater major on hold in favor of two jobs to tackle his ailing mother’s hospital bills, he tells himself becoming an escort isn’t that big of a deal. It’s just another form of acting, right? He doesn’t expect his newest customer to be the cheery, overconfident sales associate he avoids like the plague at his day job. Talk about awkward.

But what happens on Fire Island stays on Fire Island…especially when a smoldering attraction sparks into flames. Will doesn’t feel so alone anymore, and for the first time, Noah realizes someone is seeing him behind all the scars. But between their jobs, Will’s massive familial responsibilities, and Noah’s vulnerabilities, they don’t stand a chance unless they find a way to let love speak louder than their demons.




Will’s thumb pressed against his bottom lip, making his mouth prickle from the contact. “You could at least pretend you’re into me.”

If only Will knew that Noah was totally into him and fighting his body all the way.

Noah’s tongue slipped out, and he licked the pad of Will’s thumb. He heard the all too authentic groan in the back of Will’s throat, and Noah’s cock stirred to life. Holy shit.

“That’s hot,” Will whispered as he watched Noah’s tongue flick against his skin again.

Encouraged, Noah hollowed his cheeks and sucked Will’s thumb into his mouth. He increased pressure as he circled with his tongue before releasing it with a pop.

He arched an eyebrow. “How was that?”

“Nicely done.” Will’s gaze was hungry, and Noah liked that he could surprise him. “Had you kept going, I would be hard as a fucking stone.”

Damn. Will was so incredibly sexy.

Noah bit his lip and batted his eyelashes. He could play along too.

Will tore his gaze away from his eyes, and as it slid down to his mouth, for a split second Noah thought Will might kiss him. His pulse spiked as he admitted to himself that he would want that. So fucking much.

Noah cleared his throat. “Anybody watching us?”

Will glanced around the party. “Definitely.”

He grinned. “Good.”

Christina Lee Logo

Once upon a time, Christina Lee lived in New York City and was a wardrobe stylist. She spent her days getting in cabs, shopping for photo shoots, eating amazing food, and drinking coffee at her favorite hangouts.

Now she lives in the Midwest with her husband and son—her two favorite guys. She’s been a clinical social worker and a special education teacher. But it wasn’t until she wrote a weekly column for the local newspaper that she realized she could turn the fairy tales inside her head into the reality of writing fiction.

She’s addicted to lip balm, coffee, and kissing. Because everything is better with kissing.

She writes MM Contemporary as well as Adult and New Adult Romance. She believes in happily-ever-afters for all, so reading and writing romance for everybody under the rainbow helps quench her soul.






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Release Blitz + Giveaway for A Dance For Two by Colette Davison



Title: A Dance For Two
Author: Colette Davison
Cover Artist: Colette Davison
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre(s): MM, Contemporary Gay Ficton
Length: Approx: 60,000 Words
Warning: Contains Explicit Language and sex scenes between stepbrothers
Adam and Luc used to be close. At least they were before Luc distanced himself from Adam at fourteen, then eventually left home. Adam never got over the sting of betrayal, or the loss of his one-time best friend.

When Luc is invited back home to help get his parents’ failing dance school back on track, Adam isn’t sure he can cope with having his stepbrother back in his life. Especially when he discovers Luc’s decade old secret.

Luc left home because he was sure no one would understand that he had fallen in love with his stepbrother.

Convinced that the years of distance he has put between them will have erased his desire, Luc doesn’t hesitate to return home to help the business that means everything to his parents. Confronted by Adam once more, Luc’s past feelings re-awaken. But will revealing his true feelings to Adam heal the rift between them, or drive them even further apart?


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About The Author

Colette’s personal love story began at university, where she met her future husband. An evening of flirting, in the shadow of Lancaster castle, eventually led to a fairy tale wedding. She’s enjoying her own ‘happy ever after’ in the north of England with her husband, two beautiful children and her writing.





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A MelanieM Review: Love’s Magic by Janice Jarrell


Rating:4.5 stars out of 5

Professor Nate Reese rushes to protect a female student and is severely injured at the hands of her assailant. Traumatized by the attack, Nate sets his feet on a no-holds-barred path of activism designed to force university officials into addressing the issue of on-campus assault. To his shock, his primary frustration comes not from the university, but from his partner, David Gardener, a veteran of 12 years as a very popular Professor of Revolutionary War History.

Terrified of losing his hard-won status at the school, David is reluctant to support Nate’s militant efforts, while Nate, feeling abandoned by his partner, sees David’s aversion to his activism as indifference to the trauma he suffered. Day by day they watch as their relationship disintegrates, while still struggling to resolve the disruptive issues engulfing the school they love.

At the same time Irishman Colin Campbell, handsome and charismatic Sergeant for the campus police force, fights his own on-going war against campus assault. But behind his obsessive desire to gain justice for victims lies a devastating secret which could forever destroy his fiercely independent facade and expose his deepest fear. Ultimately, it is Colin’s powerful connection to a quiet, dark-eyed Title IX consultant which threatens to tear down his defenses and shatter the barriers protecting his heart.

Colin was the bolt of lightning that ignited Joshua Abram’s heart. Cocky and irresistible, the dynamic police officer was everything Joshua had ever longed for in a man, and despite Colin’s insistence that he didn’t ‘do relationships’ Joshua couldn’t help but fall hopelessly in love. He knew his attraction to Colin could only end in heartbreak. His quiet, introverted nature could never hope to snare the vibrant, freedom-loving Irishman, so despite the undeniable and heated passion between them, he forces himself to back slowly away.

When disagreements over an oddly disturbing case causes Colin’s hot Irish temper to erupt, their relationship is irrevocably shattered. Heartbroken, and convinced that Colin never wants to see him again, Joshua flees Charlottesville without a word, leaving Colin adrift and inconsolable.

Finally forced to admit that he desperately needs Joshua by his side, Colin must now face the dark and long-suppressed memories which are irrevocably linked to his love for the handsome, Jewish consultant. Without even a forwarding address to guide him, he vows to find Joshua and beg his forgiveness. Colin’s struggle to conquer his pride and fear in order to find the love of his life and achieve their happily ever after will touch your heart.

Four lives in turmoil fighting for the relationships they cherish, and at the heart of the struggle, a great university struggles to survive its most harrowing challenge.

Love’s Magic by Janice Jarrell is the first published novel for this author and its an amazing one.  Well written, layered with multidimensional characters whose lives and situations will move you to tears and flights of happiness depending upon where you are in the book.

For me, it also has a couple of excesses (whether its due to first time “itis” or just the author’s preference).  As you can tell from that very, very, long synopsis, the novel is chock full of plot and characters.  It centers around not one but two couples very complicated,  angst filled lives and romances.

Both couples are beautifully created and worthy of individual books themselves.  In fact, because each complex situation, traumatic events that occur, and past history of the couples involved, the reader is just getting emotional involved with one couples story when you are switched out and, boom, you land in the other pair’s narrative.  Then you have to remember where you are before adjusting your emotions for Colin or Nate and David or who have you.

And that’s a shame.  Because the author has done a terrific job scripting out each “love story” and their journey to HEA.

The location and the author’s descriptions?  Fantastic.  Her way around such elements like therapy, trauma and its lasting effects, and their inclusion into her story? So well done that it provides an authenticity to the characters, makes them feel more alive.

In many ways, this book feels like going out to a terrific meal and being given too much of a good thing. You wish for less, so you can concentrate on the quality you know that is in front of you, not the quantity.  Just too much for 196 pages in my opinion.

Did I tell you there’s going to be another story?

Anyway, these are my feelings.  What a hardship to say about a first novel.  Too much of a great thing.  Yes, I highly recommend this story.  And I will be waiting on the next novel to be released by this author.  Second novels are so informative and I can’t wait to see what that one tells me.


Cover art of two men embracing/supporting each other is open to interpretation and is perfect for the story.

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Book Details:

Kindle Edition, 196 pages
Published May 10th 2018 by Amazon (first published May 9th 2018)
Edition LanguageEnglish

A Caryn Review: Fourteen Summers by Quinn Anderson


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

This was a new twist on a coming of age book, with not one, but three protagonists.  And to a small extent it is even a bit of a love triangle – the MCs are not only trying to figure out how to relate to each other, but also how to fit platonic, familial, and romantic love into the right places in their lives.

Aiden and Max Kingsman, as the blurb says, were identical twins who had been pretty much inseparable for their entire lives to this point.  Aiden was the quiet, bookish one, and though he was accepted into a more prestigious university, he chose to attend a less prominent college to stay with his brother and share an apartment.  Max had always been more outgoing, loved to be the boss and usually had no trouble getting Aiden and their best friend Oliver to follow his lead.  Despite the differences in temperament, most people couldn’t tell them apart – even their parents had trouble – but Oliver always knew.

Oliver Jones was the only child of parents who fought loudly and bitterly all the time.  His greatest wish was to be Aiden and Max’s brother (which led to a cute opening chapter of six year old Max marrying Oliver, with Aiden officiating), not only because they were best friends, but because their house seemed so much safer and more peaceful.  When his parents divorced while the boys were in middle school, Oliver moved with his mother to NYC, his father moved to California, and the boys inevitably lost contact.

Years later, Oliver arrived back in their little town of Irvington, NY to spend the summer with his father who had also recently moved back to the area to be closer to Oliver as well as to his extended family. Oliver was thrilled to run into Max and Aiden, and they picked up their friendship pretty much where they left it off when he moved, with one big change – Oliver and Aiden were both gay, and ready to act on the crushes they each had on the other so many years ago.

The book is told in alternating points of view from Aiden, Max, and Oliver.  All three characters were given equal time, and equal priority, which I felt really highlighted the fact that friendship and family are just as important as romantic love.  Both sets of parents are also involved, their own relationships providing good and bad examples of how to incorporate those types of love into healthy (and not so healthy) lives.  Each of the men had some pretty unpleasant epiphanies about why they felt the way they did about each other, attitudes that were left over from their childhood experiences that they needed to let go of.  A lot of buried resentments, trust issues, and jealousies emerged that were much more powerful than any of them expected, and as the summer progressed, threatened to not just drive Oliver out of the twin’s lives, but to drive Max and Aiden apart as well.  The character growth came as they identified these problems and faced them down with compassion, with the underlying confidence that the results would be worth the pain.

Overall, this was a great read, with fully three dimensional characters who adapted and grew, definitely character driven rather than plot driven, but engaging and thought provoking, and I finished it with a real sense of satisfaction and contentment.

Cover art by L.C. Chase really made me think – at first I just assumed it was Aiden and Oliver, but as I read the book and got to know the characters, I realized it could have been any of them.  Their bonds were just that close!

Sales Links:  Riptide Publishing | Amazon

Book Details:

ebook, 287 pages
Published May 21st 2018 by Riptide Publishing
Original TitleFourteen Summers
ISBN 1626497648 (ISBN13: 9781626497641)
Edition LanguageEnglish

A Barb the Zany Old Lady Review: Unfit to Print by KJ Charles


Ratting: 5 stars out of 5

Years ago, Gil Lawless was pulled from his boarding school and cast out of his home to the streets of London, all because his father passed away and his uncle wanted no part of a biracial family member. Denied his inheritance, Gil was forced to do anything to survive and it wasn’t until he reached adulthood that he found out his father had actually left him money and a small stipend. Taking what he could get from his uncle at that point, Gil bought a bookstore on Holywell Street—the infamous London location where anyone could purchase erotic photos or books made to order for their personal kink.

Vikram Pandey is an attorney who takes cases on behalf of the poor in his off time. He’s well known among the Indian community as someone who can be trusted, so when he receives a note from a little girl asking him to find her brother, his heart is touched and he immediately sets out in search of the teen.  Little does he know his search will lead him to the man who he has longed to see again for half of his life. 

Vik and Gil were boarding school roommates, and more, before Gil was pulled out in the middle of the day one day and disappeared forever.  After a period of who, what, and why, Vik reveals that he’s never cared for another person as much as he cared for Gil. Slowly, but surely, though illicit and illegal, the two men come together again, and over the course of the story, form a strong relationship.

KJ Charles brings her usual very thorough research into a love story between two strong male characters born in a time when it wasn’t all right to love another man.  The writing is crisp and clean, the characters three-dimensional, strong, and loving, and the adventure just the right mix of nail-biting and heart-racing fright to keep me reading from beginning to end without a break. 

One of the things I love best about this author’s work is that I always learn something new and it’s always wrapped up in such a nice package. Plus, it’s a standalone with a nice HEA. I highly recommend this one to history buffs or simply to those who love an MM mystery and romance in a very satisfying story.


Cover by Lennan Adams is a cut-out silhouette of the head of a man. Where the hair and face should be is a background scene depicting old London. The balance, or overlay, of the cover is a parchment-toned paper. This is very cleverly done as the story is about a bookseller in 19th century London who deals in books that are considered “unfit to print” due to their sexual content.

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Book Details:

Expected publication: July 10th 2018 by KJC Books
Edition LanguageEnglish

A Lucy Audiobook Review: A Full Plate by Kim Fielding and Narrator: Kenneth Obi


Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Bradford Tolliver, Tully, is a contract lawyer who is very successful at his job.  Whether he is as successful in his personal life is questionable.  When his colleague, Carrie, asks for a favor he’s a little bewildered as to what it could be. I loved that he jumps to the conclusion that Carrie and her wife wanted him to father their children and loved even more that he was willing.  The favor, alas, is something completely different.  Let her cousin, Sage Filling (gah, that name), live with him for a while and definitely not permanently while he earns money. 

Sage is a chef who had to give up his family’s restaurant, the Filling Station, and who is right now working at neighborhood Dolly’s as a cook. The food descriptions alone made this work for me.  While Tully has a state of the art espresso machine, worth more than Sage’s car, he really doesn’t cook.  Sage, on the other hand, is gourmet and as they spend more time living together, Sage begins leaving food for Tully.  Some of the things he cooked I would have loved to try, especially the spicy eggs he leaves Tully for breakfast.  “What would you call it?” Sage asked.  “Heaven in a bowl.” 

Sage goes home every weekend but he begins leaving food for Tully.  Tully may be a cutthroat lawyer but he’s a teddy bear inside.  When he orders all sorts of kitchen equipment so Sage can cook for them, he uses overnight shipping and orders the best of everything.  Then feels remorseful for “showing off.” Tully remembers what it’s like to have empty pockets.

We get to know each of them as themselves before they start being a couple. This is not an instant relationship.  They begin as strangers, working odd hours and sometimes not even seeing each other.  It progresses to the food Sage leaves and the notes Tully leaves, then they begin to become friends before they start to be more. The problem, of course, is that there is an end date.  Sage is going back home to Hair Shaker.

There is also the issue of their different social standing.  Tully is very wealthy, Sage is in the city because he desperately needs money and family issues demand he return to Hair Shaker.  Add in the extremely wealthy ex of Tully’s, Eddie,  who wants him back and also sees to it that Tully is working for him (through the firm) and basically gets into a pis*ing contest with Sage.  I thought it was funny until Tully pukes on Eddie’s shoes.  Tully knows what he wants but is fighting it.  “Stop it.  Stop it right now, Tully commanded himself every time he swooned over Sage.  He crafted a zillion airtight arguments about why falling for Sage was a sucktastic idea, even going so far as to cite precedent.”  I loved it.

This is part of the Dreamspinner Dreamspun line, so it of course is a little bit fairy tale (especially the ending) but that’s what I expected and it didn’t disappoint. So cute and fluffy. 

The audio is narrated by Kenneth Obi and I felt he did a good job.  His voice carries inflection.  I would have appreciated a little more differentiating between the various voices but Kenneth made them different enough that I had no trouble knowing who was talking.

The cover art by Bree Archer shows Tully in a suit with a city backdrop. While it is a decent enough cover, I would have preferred Sage to be on it, or even Hair Shaker, to make it a little different than the usual.

Sales Links:  Dreamspinner Press | Amazon | Audible | iTunes

Audiobook Details:

Published June 5th 2018 by Dreamspinner Press LLC (first published April 17th 2018)
Original TitleA Full Plate
Edition LanguageEnglishsettingPortland, Oregon (United States)

Louise Collins on Writing, Characters and her new release Wanting the Wolfman (guest blog)


Wanting the Wolfman by Louise Collins

Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Alexandria Corza

Sales Links:  Dreamspinner Press eBook and Paperback | Amazon

Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words is happy to have Louise Collins here today talking about her new release Wanting the Wolfman. Welcome, Louise.


~ Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words Interview with Louise Collins ~

Hi, I’m Louise, currently promoting my new release Wanting the Wolfman. I get weak in the knees over shifter novels and enjoyed writing one of my own.

I’ve answered a few questions for you to know more about me, followed by the blurb for Wanting the Wolfman.

How much of yourself goes into a character?

Unfortunately, I’m not a wolf-shifter, so not much of myself goes into Guy, the wolfman, but Joel has some of my characteristics. After the ‘attack’ that cost him his leg, he falls into a rut, and feels he is unable to achieve any of his dreams.

I have felt that and gotten in the same mind-set as Joel. It’s a difficult mind-set to escape from. You become your worst enemy and lock yourself away.

In wanting the wolfman, Joel realises he is worth more than the limits he has put around himself. He is capable of achieving his dreams and loving someone who loves him in return.

Has your choice of childhood or teenage reading genres carried into your own choices for writing?

My reading habits hop from one thing to the next. One week its romance, the next its medical journals, then comics, and horror. I have a few favourites which I have re-read, but my reading is quite diverse. That is reflected in my writing. I write one genre, then another, and then change to something different, the one stable is romance. I like to write romance into a variety of settings.

Do you read romances, as a teenager and as an adult?

I read romance as a teenager, and still do as an adult, although I mix in other genres now. I’m currently reading three books, one about a magician, one about gladiators, and another about zombies and consciousness.

What’s next for you as an author?

My brain is filled with ideas. I thought writing some down would free up some space, but all that happens is two more ideas grow back. I need to slow down and take stock of my ideas before I leap back in.

With so much going on in the world today, do you write to explain?  To get away?  To move past?  To widen our knowledge?  Why do you write?

I write as a form of escapism, as a form of artistic expression. I guess in a way I find it therapeutic (Not always). There is no greater feeling than the buzz you get when someone says they enjoyed reading your story.

What traits do you find the most interesting in someone? Do you write them into your characters?

I always write insecure characters. I love angst and misunderstandings. I don’t think I could write a super-confident character unless they were over-compensating for their low self-esteem. That insecurity comes directly from me, and my characters learn to over-come it.

Ever drunk written a chapter and then read it the next day and still been happy with it?  Trust me there’s a whole world of us drunk writers dying to know.

I’ve never written a chapter drunk, but I’ve plotted a short erotica, then looked at it in the morning, and wrote it. I enjoyed writing it although it is bizarre. An encounter between a lost explorer, and an alien with tentacles…It might be extremely niche, but I had good fun writing it, and sometimes that’s all that matters.

What’s next for you as a writer?

More writing. 😊 I have an erotica series (Adrenaline Jake) and I need to write the next part, and I also want to write another superhero story (Saving the Superman) but as always, other ideas crop up. 😉


About Wanting the Wolfman

Can love be more than a memory?

Three years ago, an attack cost Joel his leg… and his memories. Though he was told a dog he’d befriended savaged him, he has one hazy recollection: the stunning silver eyes of a wolf… or maybe a man. Desperate for the truth, he struggles back into the woods where his life changed in search of his animal friend.

When he finds the wolf who has stalked his thoughts, he demands it reveal its true form, and he meets Guy, the man within the wolf. Guy is guarded, but the wolf knows Joel belongs with them, and gradually, Guy can only agree. Things fall into place, but then Joel inadvertently exposes the man and the wolf he’s coming to love.

Guy and the wolf are forced to flee, but can Joel follow?

About the Author

Louise lives in not-so-sunny London. When she’s not guzzling cups of sugary tea or braving the dreary weather, she’s usually found daydreaming stories. A lover of romance, she believes it’s better with a little angst and obstacles along the way.

She loves dogs, particularly the wolfy-looking kind, which explains her love of werewolf and shifter novels.

 Author Website: https://www.louisecollinswrites.com/

New Book Release Tour for Love’s Magic Love’s Magic (Revolutionary Heart #) by Janice Jarrell (excerpt and giveaway)



Book Title:  Love’s Magic (Revolutionary Heart Series #)

Author: Janice Jarrell

Publisher:  Self-Published

Genre/s:  Contemporary gay romance

Length: 82 406 words/196 pages


Buy Links – Available on Kindle Unlimited

Amazon US 

Amazon UK  


Professor Nate Reese rushes to protect a female student and is severely injured at the hands of her assailant. Traumatized by the attack, Nate sets his feet on a no-holds-barred path of activism designed to force university officials into addressing the issue of on-campus assault. At the same time, terrified of losing his hard-won status at the university, his partner, David Gardener, a veteran of 12 years as a very popular Professor, is reluctant to support Nate’s militant efforts. Seemingly abandoned by his partner, Nate sees David’s aversion to his activism as indifference to the trauma he suffered. Day by day they watch as their relationship disintegrates, while still struggling to resolve the disruptive issues engulfing the school they love.

In the meantime, Irishman Colin Campbell, handsome and charismatic Sergeant for the campus police force, fights his own on-going war against campus assault. But behind his obsessive desire to gain justice for victims lies a devastating secret which could forever destroy his fiercely independent facade and expose his deepest fear. Ultimately, it is Colin’s powerful connection to a steady, dark-eyed Title IX consultant which threatens to tear down his defenses and shatter the barriers protecting his heart.

Cocky and irresistible, the dynamic police officer was everything Joshua Abrams had ever longed for in a man, but Colin simply didn’t ‘do’ relationships. Unless Joshua would settle for a one-night stand, or a very short-term liaison, there was no room for him in Colin’s life. Yet even knowing this, he couldn’t keep himself from falling hopelessly in love with his ‘magic man’. Despite the passion between them, he knew his quiet, reclusive nature could never hope to entice the vibrant, freedom-loving Irishman, so eventually he begins to back slowly away.

Eventually, a disagreement over an oddly disturbing case causes Colin’s hot Irish temper to erupt and their relationship is irrevocably shattered. Heartbroken, and convinced that Colin is gone forever, Joshua flees Charlottesville without a word, leaving Colin adrift and inconsolable.

But Joshua Abrams hadn’t merely stepped over the indelible line Colin had drawn between his heart and the dangers of real love, he had burned through it like hot lava. Finally forced to acknowledge his love for Joshua and his desperate need to have the quiet, Jewish man by his side, Colin must now face the dark and long-suppressed memories which are irrevocably linked to his love for the handsome consultant. Without even a forwarding address to guide him, he vows to find Joshua and bring him home. Colin’s struggle to conquer his pride and fear in order to find the love of his life and achieve their happily ever after will touch your heart.

Four lives in turmoil fighting for the relationships they cherish, and at the heart of the struggle, a great university struggles to survive its most harrowing challenge.


Colin nodded, shaking his head as if trying to clear it. His fists loosened and he relaxed against Joshua’s body soaking in the solid strength of his presence. “That day I blew up at you,” he began after a moment. He lifted his head and met Joshua’s eyes. “Jesus, Josh, I thought I was losing my mind! I totally lost it.”

“Don’t,” Joshua said. “Don’t. I understand now, Colin. Don’t. You don’t have to do this in one conversation. The O’Malley girl…,”

“ls a dead ringer for my sister, Kathleen,” Colin finished, then shook his head again. “Hell, even my mother saw it.” His head fell forward and he once again rested his forehead against Joshua’s shoulder.

“There’s a lot more,” he said, his voice still shaky. “A shit-load of stuff I should probably be telling a shrink… how I couldn’t cry at her funeral or ever since then, how I got revenge against the bastard who raped her by catching guys who’d done the same to other girls…,” he exhaled a sigh that seemed to come from the soles of his feet then glanced up at Joshua again. “And on and on and on…” He shuddered.

Joshua laughed softly. “You may not realize it,” he murmured, “but you are telling this stuff to a shrink.”

Colin exhaled a quiet laugh then released Joshua and leaned back. He scrubbed both hands through his hair and gazed quietly toward the lake. “I came here to explain what happened the day we quarreled and why it happened. But that’s not the most important reason I’m here.” He met Joshua’s eyes. “I came here to ask you to forgive me and come back to Virginia with me.”

Joshua met his gaze. “It had to have been hard,” he said softly. “Coming here like this. Telling me all this. Took a lot of courage.”

Colin snorted a cynical laugh. “Courage,” he said scornfully. “I’ve been lurking in my apartment like a coward for months.”

“How many people have heard the story you just told me?” Joshua asked.

“No one.”

“Then shut-up. When I say it took courage I know what the fuck I’m talking about. Don’t ever call yourself a coward again.”

Colin glanced at him and smiled.

“This is what I do for a living, remember?”

Colin nodded. “Point taken. Now tell me you’re coming back to Virginia with me.”

Joshua sighed, his full lips pressed into a thin line. “Colin…” he frowning as if in pain. “Jesus, Colin.”

“You don’t believe in him,” Colin observed with a half-smile.”

Joshua shot him a look. “Fact is, we do, but that’s not the point. Colin, I’ve got a job. I’ve made peace with my family… actually grown close to them. I’ve started to feel happy here. I don’t know if I…”

“When does the job start?”

“Next week,” Joshua told him.

“Screw the job. Tell them you changed your mind. You have to come back with me.”

Joshua stared at him, his mouth half-open. “Colin, wait. Wait. Just let me…” He leaned back, shaking his head. “This is all happening too fast.”

“No, it’s not. It didn’t happen nearly fast enough!”

“Colin, you can’t be sure. You can’t mean…,”

“I do mean it, Josh! And I AM sure!”

“So I can come back to Virginia and be your fuck buddy?” Joshua asked then shook his head and pulled away, his hands dropping to his sides. “We’ve talked about this. I can’t do it, Colin. Not with you. I just ca-“

“No!” Colin interrupted. He re-captured Joshua’s hands in his. “No, Josh! That’s not what I want!” He stared down at their joined hands for a count of three, as if gathering courage then inhaled deeply and spoke: “There are no fuck buddies. When you left Virginia any desire other men went with you. I just want you, Josh. Only you. No one else. Just you.” He shook his head and looked at Joshua, quirking his brow comically.

“Well, that’s a pretty stunning admission for Charlottesville’s champion stud-muffin.”

Colin huffed a quick ironic laugh.

Joshua pulled his hands from Colin’s grip and captured the handsome Irish face between his palms. “Listen to me,” he said, staring into Colin’s eyes. “You’ve never wanted an exclusive relationship. Not with me. Not with anyone. Why is it different now?” His hands dropped to his sides. “Why?”

Colin sighed again and gave Joshua a rueful smile. “Hang on a second, OK?” After a moment he drew in another deep breath and recaptured Joshua’s hands in his own. “I -” he began, then glanced up at Joshua and swallowed hard. “It’s different now because I love you, Josh.” His eyes widened. “Holy crap.”

They both gave a short burst of laughter at the surprise in Colin’s voice, then sat in silence, hands clasped while the lowering sun cast evening shadows over their shelter amid the driftwood. Finally, Colin lifted Joshua’s hand to his lips and kissed it.

“That’s about it, buddy. That’s my full confession. I’m sure there’s stuff I’ve left out, but if you come home with me I’ll hire you as my full time shrink and you can get the rest of it out of me a little at a time.” He collapsed forward into Joshua’s arms and moaned. “Oh, Christ, Josh, I’m so fucking tired.”

Joshua stroked his back nuzzling against his hair. “I don’t doubt it.”

“Is this what you call a breakthrough?” Colin asked, his voice muffled against Joshua’s down jacket.

“More like a break down,” Joshua replied, smiling, his hand still moving in slow circles on Colin’s back.

Colin lifted his head and looked into Joshua’s dark eyes. “Tell me you’ll come home with me,” he said. “Please.” He lifted his hand and twirled one of Joshua’s curls slowly, sensuously, around his index finger. “Please,” he repeated in a hoarse whisper. “I need you, Josh. Nothing’s right in my life without you.”

He felt Joshua’s presence in that moment as a still pool, a quiet and serene place of healing and love beyond any condition or expectation. And the truth of his words echoed through every fiber of his being. “Josh,” he whispered, “I love you. Please come home.”

About the Author

My name is Jan Jarrell. I am a 76-year-old retired grandmother who lives in Seattle, WA. I have been a writer of slash fan fiction for almost twenty years under the name Rakshi. I have written both RPS fiction and FPS and my list of works stands at three hundred and thirty-seven, including stories as short as drabbles (stories of 100 words) and a series which was 119,012 words long. You can find my works on Archive of our Own and on LiveJournal under the username Rakshi.

I began writing original character fiction about a year ago and I love it more than words can say. This creative outlet has made my retirement years the best ones of my life. I tend to fall in love with my characters and always want to give them the happy ever after that I just know they deserve. 

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Release Blitz and Giveaway – Stag and the Ash (Rowan Harbor Cycle #4) by Sam Burns



Buy Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK
Length: 45,000 words approx.
Cover Design: Melanie Farlow @ Clause & Effect
The Rowan Harbor Cycle Series
Book #1 – Blackbird in the Reeds – Amazon US | Amazon UK
Book #2 – Wolf and the Holly – Amazon US | Amazon UK
Book #3 – Fox and Birch – Amazon US | Amazon UK
Book #4 – Hawk In The Rowan – Amazon US | Amazon UK

Jesse Hunter is finally trying to be an adult, but it still feels like an act. His place on the town council is a sham. He’s rarely called on to do anything. His boyfriend is grieving the loss of his mother, and while everyone seems to think he’s doing a great job caring for Sean, Jesse feels like he’s more of a distraction than a real help.

March is shaping up to be a bad month. First, random chance leads him to the realization that the town’s recent trouble is his fault. Then new werewolves come into town, and it turns out they’re also Jesse’s responsibility. He feels like he may be at his breaking point, and he doesn’t want to drag his friends and loved ones down with him. But how will he handle it alone?

Author Bio

Sam wrote her first fantasy epic with her best friend when she was ten. Like almost any epic fiction written by a ten year old, it was awful. She likes to think she’s improved since then, if only because she has better handwriting now.

If she’s not writing, she’s almost certainly either reading or lost down a Wikipedia rabbit hole while pretending to research for a novel.


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