A MelanieM Review: Saddle Up (Clean Slate Ranch #3) by A.M. Arthur


Rating: 3.75 stars out of 5


Reyes Caldero keeps his past buried deep and his emotions buried deeper. But what he doesn’t say he always makes up for with his actions. When the hot chef he once saved from an abusive ex turns up at Clean Slate Ranch, the quiet cowboy is happy to act on their sizzling chemistry, even if he’s not ready to share his secrets—or his heart.

Miles Arlington needs to get the hell out of San Francisco, and heading north for a job near Clean Slate Ranch seems like just the thing. It doesn’t hurt that his secret crush slash onetime rescuer happens to work at the ranch. Miles has never been one for the outdoors, but the superhot Reyes has him ready to saddle up.

Reyes is happy to keep things casual, even though his heart has other ideas. And when Miles is forced to confront his past again, Reyes and Miles will have to put all their trust in each other if they want any chance at building a future together.

Saddle Up by A.M. Arthur is part of the Clean Slate Ranch series, one I haven’t read. However, I didn’t feel that diminished my enjoyment in reading the third book in the series where several of the couples were well established.  Arthur gave enough of their back history and the universe for this series that I felt that I knew some of the relationships not to feel that there were holes in the story or overall fabric of the group dynamics.

A.M. Arthur does broken men so very well and Reyes and Miles are no exception.  Each man is both running from their pasts. Reyes from his gang member teenage years and a horrific, brutal crime that he has kept his deepest secret secret.  Miles from his abusive, possessive ex-boyfriend and a night he can’t remember, an ex-boyfriend who won’t leave him alone. Both have come to Clean Slate Ranch for second chances.  Reyes as the head cowboy at the ranch and Miles under a new name as the head chef at the Saloon at the Ghost Town they have just opened up.

Assigned to bunk in together, both fight their attraction to each other while fighting their own demons.  Miles his fear and Reyes his anger, a combustible combination.  I liked how Miles slowly found his footing through creativity through his food, the Ghost Town’s history, and of course, the horses.  Helping him is Reyes, falling in love even though Mile’s isn’t in any emotional condition to handle it.

I liked their romance.  And perhaps, this is where not reading the other stories does hurt, but Reyes’ anger issues threw up red flags for me where Miles was concerned.  For someone coming off of a controlling, stalker abusive ex, to then have a older man wanting to “protect” him showing huge flashes of barely in control anger?  Uh, maybe not.

It does come out later on in the revelations in Reyes’ back history…still you do have to wonder.  Fear and anger/fight and flight can be two sides of the same coin but that doesn’t necessarily mean they belong in the same relationship.

I loved the elements with the horses, appreciated how they became part of Mile’s adjustment and more, part of Mile’s finding himself.  I could also have done with more of the Ghost Town and it’s merry group of workers, including Mile’s partner in the kitchen.

The drama with Geoff clearly showed me that perhaps I should go back and read the previous stories as I do enjoy this author’s writing.  More to add to my TBR list!

There was a suspenseful ending along with the wonderful HEA, almost a too quick HEA. I think I would have settled for a HFN with all that went on in this novel.  So many trials and tribulations, so many emotional upheavals and adjustments, that this ending almost felt to unrealistic.  Sweet, romantic, and lovely.  But unrealistic.

If you love A.M.Arthur, are a fan of this series, or just adore broken man and their road to HEA, then this is a story for you.


Cover art seems almost right for Reyes but that figure is too muscular for Miles, that stance too combative.  Would work great for another story however.

Sales Links:  Carina Press | Amazon

Book Details:

Kindle Edition, 1st edition, 336 pages
Expected publication: September 17th 2018 by Carina Press
Edition LanguageEnglish
SeriesClean Slate Ranch #3

One-click with confidence. This title is part of the Carina Press Romance Promise: all the romance you’re looking for with an HEA/HFN. It’s a promise!

A Lila Review: Cold Like Snow by Sita Bethel


Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

When René moves into his new home, he didn’t expect it to come with roommates. Two handsome roommates, to be precise. Too bad they’re ghosts.

The fact that they’re dead doesn’t stop them from running their fingers through René’s hair or tackling him onto the bed. It’s not long before things escalate and René finds himself with two ghost lovers that treat him better than any living partner ever has.

However, they can’t eat, can’t go far from the house where they died, and their fingers feel like icicles against René’s skin. The longer René is with them, the more he can sense them, but nothing can reduce the chill of their bodies against his. Still, it might be worth the hypothermia.

Cold Like Snow is an erotic discovery between a ghost couple and their new roommate. The start is a bit rush and René’s acceptance came out too quick for my taste. I wanted the teasing and the UST to last longer. A slow build up to learned more about the characters. I needed more of a reason for their easy relationship. Perhaps a strong reason behind René buying the house.

I’m glad the communication part took time, and I enjoyed their easy banter and rapport. Their sense of humor and possessiveness felt real, giving a starting point to their relationship. And May added the outside world to their day-to-day.

Some of the explanations about Bastion and Marcus were as unbelievable as ghosts but they worked with the overall story. The ending makes sense and I would love to know more beyond it…no pun intended. 🙂

The cover by Natasha Snow is simple but it shows the heart of the story.

Sale Links: NineStar | Amazon | Nook

ebook, 235 pages
Published: July 23, 2018, by NineStar Press
ISBN: 9781949340211
Edition Language: English

An Ali Review: Love It Like You Stole It by Ki Brightly

Rating: 2 out of  5 stars

Michael Levine is backed into a corner. He started tearing apart cars for the local mob with the best of intentions—to save up money to pay for his mechanic certifications and impress his crush and mentor, Ben. But Michael soon finds himself in way over his head. He knows stealing is wrong, but it’s only cars, and the insurance will pay to replace them, right? What started out as a small job to make some extra bucks soon turns into a nightmare he’s not sure he’ll ever be able to find his way out of.

Ben Jelen isn’t sure where his life is going. On the surface everything looks fine. He has a successful business, he’s raising his niece into a strong person, and he has a boyfriend most guys only dream of—sexy and rich. But nothing feels right. The only things that really keep Ben’s attention anymore are his classic Road Runner, his niece, and Michael—his Meeko. Ben took him under his wing forever ago, and their love of old cars and fast driving has forged a strong bond. Ben’s days don’t feel right if he doesn’t get to see Meeko at least once. But something seems drastically wrong in Meeko’s life, and Ben hopes he can put the pieces together to help him before it’s too late.

I picked this book solely because of the title. I had not read this author before and was hoping for a new gem. Unfortunately this didn’t work for me at all.

My first issue was early on in the prologue. We meet Ben who is an adult who owns his own business. He sees some teens picking on another teen and goes to break it up. He is immediately sexually attracted to the one being picked on. The one he thinks is about 15 years old. I was immediately creeped out. I’m not down with adults perving on kids. This might have not been an issue for me if we knew how old Ben was. Maybe he was only 18 or 19? I don’t know because the author never told us. We have a story about an age gap romance and we never find out how old one MC is. It messed up the entire romance for me because I didn’t know. When they got together were they 20 and 25? 20 and 30? 20 and 50?? Those numbers make huge differences for me in how I perceive a story and if I’m going to enjoy it or not. I decided  I was going to just make Ben a few years older and go with that. Even with that Ben still felt like a creeper in many places. His relationship with an adult fails because he can’t stop thinking about “his Meeko”.  Even though Michael is 20 when they start their relationship he is presented as frail and dependent and he felt very young and teen like to me.

My next issue was I didn’t like any of the characters. Ben was just so bleh and boring. No depth to his character. Michael was such a victim. Everyone is his entire life picks on him. No one likes him. (Literally no one in the entire book except Ben). There is no explanation for this. It made no sense. Then, I’m also expected to believe he’s going to be able to run a bunch of chop shops? With what social skills?  How could he be the boss of anything when no one listens to him or respects him and when he can’t even meet people’s eyes when he talks to them? The side characters were all really terrible people. Michael’s “friends” were horrible. They were the kids who used to bully him. No logical explanation was made as to why they were now friends. Ben’s teenage niece was such a rotten, disrespectful brat. (His parenting could not have been worse.)  I seriously would have been happy if her character had gotten killed off. And Ben’s ex Grant.  That relationship was also not a bit believable and Grant was a super unlikable. I have no idea why he was even there. It totally took away from Ben and Michael’s romance and it felt like it was just a tool for more drama. A big part of my dislike of the characters was because I felt they were poorly developed. There was no substance to any of them.

Their romance made no sense to me. They don’t talk to each other, they don’t even meet each other’s eyes. Michael because he’s scared and Ben cause apparently looking in Michael’s eyes will make him lose all control and confess his love.  They say they’re best friends yet they tell each other nothing.  Michael didn’t even tell Ben when his grandfather died. Years before. What??? As the plot goes on they start telling each other all kinds of things about their lives but by then I wasn’t buying it. How were they best friends for 5 years yet knew nothing about each other?

The overall plot with the bad guy also made no sense to me.  It was a convoluted and you have to suspend giant amounts of reality to buy even just a little. So, so many things that were unbelievable to me. By the last 25% I couldn’t even take it anymore so I just started skimming.

This story was drama llama drama on steriods.  Soap operas and telenovellas have less drama than this book did. I know this is a personal thing.  Some people enjoy drama in their stories but it is not something I enjoy at all.

The thing that made this book catch my eye ended up making me cranky. The title was catchy and creative when writing about car guys. The author didn’t stop there though. Every single chance they got to use a car reference or metaphor they did. Every. Single. Chance. I thought I was going to throw my Kindle if the phrase “it’s cherry” was used one more time. It just went on and on.  I went from “This is kind of cool” to “Oh my god I will throat punch the next character to make a car pun”.

Unfortunately nothing about this story worked for me.  I did not enjoy it at all.  I’m giving it two stars because some of the things I disliked may have just been me and because the technicality of the writing was fine.  I know I have used the phrase “Made no sense to me” repeatedly but really it didn’t.  I’ve never met people like these in my life and I don’t know anyone who acts like these people so I just couldn’t find any frame of reference with any of them.  This is completely subjective though and other readers may related more based on their life experiences.
Cover Art:  The cover was done by Natasha Snow and I really like it.  I think it’s an eye catching cover that fits the vibe of the story perfectly.
Sales Links:  NineStar Press | Amazon
Book Details:
ebook, 1st edition
Published July 9th 2018 by NineStar Press
Edition LanguageEnglish

DSP Promo Andrew Grey on Music and his latest release ‘Don’t Let Go’ (author guest blog and excerpt)


Don’t Let Go by Andrew Grey

Publisher: DreamSpinner Press

Release Date: Aug 7 2018

Cover Artist: Kanaxa

Sales Link:  Amazon Dreamspinner Press


Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words is happy to have Andrew Grey here today on tour for his new story, Don’t Let Go. Welcome, Andrew.



I love music.  I used to sing in the church choir when Dominic and I lived in Milwaukee.  That is about the extent of my musical ability.  So when Avery popped into my head and I started writing this story, I realized something pretty quickly, I was going to need to write a song.    I have done it before in A Foreign Range, so it wasn’t something completely new.  But still its dang hard.  I sat at my computer and tired to come up with wanted the song to be.  And I had nothing.  I was trying to write the song the same way I wrote a story and it didn’t work.  I needed to get into a different mind set.  It took a while, and a lot of trying things out on Dominic.  (It also involved a great deal of starting over and rework, but I finally had the verse and chorus.  Just one and I was so grateful and relieved I wanted a cigarette.  Smile    Is it some brilliant piece of music, no.  I am never going to make the top of the country charts.  But it was an experience for me and one that I learned from.  Just another thing I love about my job.    After 100 plus books, I still learn something almost each and every day.


Avery Rivers is a country music sensation, selling records by the millions and playing to sold-out crowds. But behind that persona is Robert, a burned-out musician cracking under the pressure. He’s unable to write any new songs, and he wants out of the business—at least for a while. He changes his appearance and finds honest, hard work in Jackson, Wyoming. Maybe getting to be a regular guy for a while will get him past his block.

Hy Whitely was a championship bull rider until he watched his best friend thrown in the arena and decided the rodeo circuit was no longer the place for him. He wants to be plain old Zeke for a while, and when he returns to his family ranch, he bumps right into Robert—a one-night stand from his last rodeo appearance who is now working there as a ranch hand.

The heat between the men could sear the grass off the range, but each one is hiding a secret. Robert and Zeke, the men behind the public images, fall in love, but can they hold on when Avery and Hy are pulled back into the spotlight?

Genre: M/M Western Romance


“Good, we’re all here,” Barry Stroheim said from his seat as Robert walked in.

Robert strode past the single empty seat halfway down the table and stopped at the head of the table where some guy he didn’t know sat, leaning back in the chair like a bored toddler. He tapped him on the shoulder, and the man turned to look at him.

“Yeah?” the guy asked.

“Avery, this is my nephew, Lindon,” Barry said.

“Nice to meet you, Lindon. Now get your ass out of my seat.” Robert pointed to the other chair, and Lindon slowly stood, his perfect dark blue suit falling into place on his tall frame. Nepotism was never a good idea as far as Robert was concerned. He took the now-empty chair and smiled as Barry glared at his nephew. Glenn sat next to him, and Robert nodded to Barry, folding his hands together. “Can we get started?” he asked quietly.

“Of course,” Barry said, and turned to Ray.

“The tour has been a huge success. There have been sellout crowds in every city for every concert. In some places we made adjustments to the ticket prices for the first eight to ten rows, nearly doubling them for later dates, and they sold out completely.” Ray grinned, and the others looked pleased.

“You price-gouged the fans?” Robert said, scowling at him.

“These tours are expensive, and we need to recoup all of the costs. Which we’ve done…,” Ray explained.

“And the tour has driven CD sales and downloads through the roof, even on older material,” one of the label guys said. They seemed to change all the damn time, and Robert was barely able to keep up with who they were. “Avery Rivers is the hottest thing with a guitar.” They all sat back smugly as though that was their doing.

“Yes, and we’d like to keep that going,” Ray said. “So the tour organizers and sponsors want to exercise the option in the contract for six additional stops, with two concerts in each location.” He passed out papers, and Robert took one that explained the proposed tour additions. “We’ll use the next two weeks to get the word out and sell tickets, which we’re sure will burn up the internet. The venues are thrilled to have us and will go into publicity mode just as soon as we give the okay.”

Barry looked things over and then turned to Glenn. They both nodded as though the decision was theirs and Robert wasn’t even in the room.

“Robert can rest up over the next two weeks, and then he’ll be ready to go,” Barry said.

At least Glenn had the courtesy to look worried, but he nodded as well. They weren’t the ones who were too damn worn out to think straight half the time. Robert held his breath, his hands shaking, as they all talked around him.

“Then we’re all on board, and I’ll get the wheels in motion.” Ray sat back as one of the record label guys cleared his throat.

“We need some—”

Robert had had enough. He smacked his hand on the table, the sound filling the room. Everyone except him jumped and all talking ceased. “That’s better. Now….” Robert turned to Ray. “The tour contract states that additional dates can be added by mutual agreement.”

“Yes,” Ray said. “We want to exercise the option, and your people have agreed.”

Robert switched his gaze to Barry. “I’m tired and running on empty. I haven’t been able to write anything new in months. My throat hurts and my head aches. I’m living on Red Bull and whatever I can get to eat after the concerts.”

Barry turned to him. “You’ll have two weeks to rest.” Then he looked away.

“Look here, you self-absorbed pain in the ass,” Robert said without raising his voice. He needed to get everyone’s attention, and more importantly, he needed to get his manager’s head back where it belonged. “I know you don’t know this, but I read my contracts too. The concert schedule can only be extended by mutual consent, and I will not agree.” He turned to Ray. “You’ve done a great job managing this entire process, but I’m worn out. So last night was the end of this tour. It’s time.”

About the Author


Andrew grew up in western Michigan with a father who loved to tell stories and a mother who loved to read them. Since then he has lived throughout the country and traveled throughout the world. He has a master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and works in information systems for a large corporation.

Andrew’s hobbies include collecting antiques, gardening, and leaving his dirty dishes anywhere but in the sink (particularly when writing)  He considers himself blessed with an accepting family, fantastic friends, and the world’s most supportive and loving partner. Andrew currently lives in beautiful, historic Carlisle, Pennsylvania.


Author Links

Amazon Author Page

Barnes and Noble Page

Dreamspinner Press


Facebook Group All the Way with Andrew Grey


Twitter @andrewgreybooks


For Other Works by Andrew Grey

(Please Be Sure To Stop by His Website to See All of His Works)

Release Blitz — Salt Magic, Skin Magic by Lee Welch (excerpt and giveaway)



Buy Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK
Length: 78,000 words approx.

Lord Thornby has been trapped on his father’s isolated Yorkshire estate for a year. There are no bars or chains; he simply can’t leave. His sanity is starting to fray.

When industrial magician John Blake arrives to investigate a case of witchcraft, he finds the peculiar, arrogant Thornby as alarming as he is attractive. John soon finds himself caught up in a dark fairytale, where all the rules of magic—and love—are changed.

To set Thornby free, both men must face life-changing truths—and John must accept that the brave, witty man who’s winning his heart may also be about to break it. Can they escape a web of magic that’s as perilous as love?


“Magic, folklore, dark deeds, and hot romance combine in this wildly enjoyable, inventive story set in a lovely alt-Victorian Gothic world. More please!”

—KJ Charles, RITA™-nominated author of THE MAGPIE LORD and SPECTRED ISLE

“Salt Magic, Skin Magic by Lee Welch is the sort of book you want to read again the moment you reach the end. Beautifully written, with a romance that is by turns sweet and scorching, it belongs on the keeper shelf of any lover of paranormal historical.”

—Jordan L. Hawk, author of the WHYBORNE AND GRIFFIN and HEXWORLD series


Thornby was walking along the moorland path, calm as you please, nose in the air, apparently admiring the autumn colours in the distant oaks in the park.

“Stop, Lord Thornby! I want to talk to you.”

Thornby walked faster, slight limp becoming more pronounced.

“Stop, I say!”

John felt in his pockets for his vials and pouches, then changed his mind and simply put on speed. He’d come to this remote part of the grounds in the hope of a rest. He’d not slept much last night with the walls of Raskelf muttering and whispering, and the antiquities from Egypt shrieking muffled curses from the other side of the corridor.

The thought of Thornby had kept him awake as well; so resistant to the Judas Voice—that had given John an unpleasant moment—and so unapproachable, with that aristocratic hauteur you could never breach. And so strange. Why did the man wear such peculiar clothes? Today it was tight black pantaloons and a high stock that would have been fashionable forty years ago. And over this bizarre Regency costume was a rusty black greatcoat with wide cuffs, and a tricorn hat that would have looked well in the previous century.

And, yes, Thornby was handsome—heart-stoppingly so—with arrogant grey eyes, a mane of brown hair that almost reached his collar, and a preposterous red mouth. He was tall and thin and carried himself like a fencer. There was, too, something whip-taut about him, some unbearable tension that made you feel he might lash out. Or suddenly kiss you. Thornby had looked John up and down when he was introduced, finally unbending so far as to give John a slight inclination of the head. And John’s mouth had gone as dry as if Thornby had extended one of those elegant white hands and given his balls a gentle squeeze.

It was tiresome, really. It made it so much harder to concentrate. He must make sure he didn’t allow his attraction to the man to cloud his judgement. Possibly Thornby was using a glamour spell. John couldn’t sense one, but sometimes by their very nature they were difficult to detect.

So, he mustn’t think about how good it would be to slide his fingers inside Thornby’s old black pantaloons, how good it would be to taste his lovely mouth, and wipe that damned snooty expression off his face. If John had been in London, he would have gone to one of the houses that catered to men of his taste, and tried to forget about it. Here in the middle of rural Yorkshire it was far too dangerous to approach anyone, and in any case, farm lads were not his type. He’d simply leave as soon as he could tell Catterall he’d done his best.

They walked in single file for perhaps five minutes. The path smelt of rotting leaves, and a biting wind began to make its presence felt as they crossed into an open piece of moorland. Splashes of muddy water were spotting the back of Thornby’s coat. John used the close proximity to feel for magic. Like last night at dinner, he could sense nothing emanating from Thornby. There was certainly no demon reek, so Thornby probably wasn’t a theurgist, or if he was, he was a very fastidious one.

But then Thornby didn’t feel like a materials man either, and John could generally recognise his own kind. So, how had Thornby broken those charms? Now John was closer, and had longer to concentrate on Thornby alone, he thought there might be something magical, at the very edge of his awareness, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. Most magicians used demons or materials, but there were other ways, so perhaps Thornby used some unfamiliar method.

John charged his ward stone, and put it back in his pocket. He patted his bag of salt and checked his Gelomorous twine and the demon trap, just in case. Whatever spells Thornby cared to throw at him, he was ready. In fact, he was almost looking forward to a fight.

They reached an open place a hundred yards from a small pine spinney. The dark trees were contorted sideways as if fleeing the icy wind. The sun, behind its grey pall of cloud, was beginning to set. Thornby suddenly stopped and swung around.

“Well, Mr Blake? I suppose you’d like to explain yourself?” Thornby’s chin was up, beautiful mouth curved in disdain.

Author Bio

Lee Welch wrote her first book aged seven (a pastiche of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe) and first had an idea for an m/m romance aged twelve. She loves books and comics, and when she’s not writing, she’ll probably be reading. Her favourite authors include Ursula Le Guin, Graham Greene, Linda Medley, Dylan Horrocks and KJ Charles. By day, Lee works as an editor and business communications adviser, mainly persuading people not to say ‘utilise’ when they mean ‘use’. Her job has led her to work in areas as diverse as mental health, nursing, accident prevention and the criminal justice sector.

Lee loves to hear from readers. You can find her at:
Twitter: @leewelchwriter
Facebook: www.facebook.com/leewelchwriter


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Release Day Blitz for Taught by Tarilyn Sparks (excerpt and giveaway)


 Taught RDB Banner





RELEASE DATE: 08.06.18

Taught Cover 



If two are better than one, then three must be… perfection?

Out of housing options while she works to complete her thesis, Kara Clarke sneaks into the drama building to spend the night—and almost finds herself kissing a wrecking ball the next morning.

When she’s rescued by Jack Donoghue—the fun-loving, sexy foreman of the crew responsible for demolishing the building—he takes pity on her and takes her home to meet his boyfriend while she figures out what to do.

Dr. Theo “Teddy” Whitman is Grecian-sun-god-gorgeous, highly intelligent, and feared by all the students at Cypress Springs College—especially his TA, Kara.

Although they both want to run the other way when they realize who Jack is trying to introduce them to, Kara and Teddy find a way to make peace once Teddy discovers the situation she’s in and Kara realizes that he’s not as gruff as he pretends.

Kara feels safe enough to take the men up on their offer to stay in their guest room. Besides, how much trouble could she get into by staying with two gay men? Except… they aren’t gay. They’re not only bi, they’re both intrigued by the sweet PhD student.

While Teddy helps his grad student finish her thesis, Kara helps him—and Jack—learn how much fun it can be when you add a third heart to your home.

This is the first in a trilogy about three best friends finding their forever. Each book can be read as stand-alone and definitely has an HEA. It is intended for audiences over 18 years of age since it includes scenes between all three characters in every way you can imagine—and maybe a few more.


AMAZON US: https://amzn.to/2vlzffZ

AMAZON UK: https://amzn.to/2vhupjE


 Taught Teaser 1


Teddy stood up and leaned over to kiss me. “And you think you have nothing to contribute,”he said. I reached up and threaded my fingers through his.

Kara’s eyes darkened. “Is it time for bed?” She asked, her voice hinting toward what we all knew that meant.

That night, like so many nights since the night we went bowling, Kara walked up the stairs to our bedroom, her hands in our hands. We formed a chain, three in a row, her in the middle. For weeks, we’d done this. Every night we made love, and she stayed in our bed and slept between us, like she’d been there all along.

That night I lay awake long after she and Teddy had fallen into gentle breathing and drifted off to dreamland. The drapes were open, and the warm night air billowed the fabric framing the window.

I watched Teddy and Kara, sunken into the bedding and spooning like old lovers. The breeze fluttered Kara’s hair, and Teddy adjusted to pull her closer.

We made a great trio. And everything between us was so good and easy. Why couldn’t it be like this forever? But thinking that way, even hoping for it, was unrealistic.

All good things must come to an end, especially flings with temporary house guests who were just getting ready to start their lives.

The last thing Kara wanted was to be tied down to us. She had her whole future ahead of her. Only an asshole would try to take that away from her for his own selfish desires.

I inhaled as deeply as I could, steeling myself against melancholy. I just needed to enjoy this time while we had it. It felt so magical, I had to memorize it, soak in every detail, so I could remember it always.

I looked out the window, trying to remember my place in the universe. Trying to keep perspective on it all. High in the sky, a waxing moon shone down on us. The moon would get larger before it would shrink again. It worked in cycles, just like life did. I just had to enjoy this cycle.

After a moment, I squeezed my eyes and opened them again, this time looking beyond the moon. There, deeper in space, in a larger place than our solar system, glittered billions of stars. I knew they moved, and I knew their light might be years old, but they seemed constant to me. More constant than the moon. Maybe they only lived millions of years, but that was almost like forever.

Maybe we could have Kara for the lifetime of a star, and not just for a cycle of the moon.

But maybe that was too much to hope for.

 Tarilyn Sparks Logo


I’m a fun-loving chickadee who’s probably either cuddling my precious kitten, dreaming about my latest book-boyfriends, or plotting my next book about some lucky lady caught in the middle of a beefcake sandwich. I wrote my first short story in a college English class, and have been hooked ever since! Now if I’m secretly writing my own alpha male fantasies into my books, well… you can’t blame a gal for dreaming.





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