An Ashlez Review: The Story of Us by Barbara Elsborg

Rating:  5 stars out of 5

The Story of Us is a new adult contemporary romance. It deals with family and social issues, violence and cruelty towards children, sexual situations though not sexual abuse, and has dark elements and suspense. The events and locations are a mixture of real and fictional. The characters are fictional.
“Are you okay?
The first words Zed says to Caspian, and the first time someone has cared about the answer. On a hot summer’s day, the lives of two boys are changed forever. A rebel and a risk taker, Caspian doesn’t give a damn for the consequences. Studious and obedient, Zed is the good boy who is never good enough.
The two couldn’t be more different, but there’s one thing they share, a need to belong to someone who understands them, someone who cares. Their friendship goes deeper than either can possibly imagine. They’re young, in love, and planning their future when an act of betrayal tears them apart.
Fate has dealt its hand. Seasons pass. Zed’s words follow Caspian through pain, fear and into the darkest of places. Friendships last a lifetime, even when the world conspires to crush them. But this is more than friendship. This is love and they’re not going to let it slip through their fingers.
This Is Our Story is a tale of love and survival, and the triumph of good over evil against the odds.
It’s a long story – 158,000 words that takes place over ten summers.
This book is very heavily focused on religion from the get-go, Muslim, I was fascinated honestly, reading about it was no hard feat, though I’m sure it’s not going to be the book for everyone just based on the religion aspect alone.  It’s throughout the whole book but not prominent focus after the first bit.
I found Zed to be quite a boy, he starts off scared and with a hard home life – studying – trying to deal with the religion aspect, the character evolution is just astounding
I thought Caspian was a confident boy who gets in a lot of trouble, for all that I think he’s a good kid, just wanting to find his own path in life and deal with the hand fate dealt.
This book was amazingly written and sucked me in from the start – there were hard times and good times and times you just wanted to cry for them. I didn’t want to put it down.  This book will stick with me for a while.
I liked the secondary characters, the evolution of everyone over the course of such a long time – each storyline and each outcome was well thought out and worked so well I can’t even!
A definite must read!!!!!
Cover:  Cover fit well, it was sweet and innocent and a picture of things
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Book Details:
ebook, 353 pages
Expected publication: November 1st 2018 by self-published
Edition Language English

An Alisa Audio Review: BFF by K.C. Wells and Michael Mola (Narrator)


Rating:  5 stars out of 5

I’m about to do something huge, and it could change… everything.

I met Matt in second grade, and we’ve been inseparable ever since. We went to the same schools, studied at the same college. When we both got jobs in the same town, we shared an apartment. And when my life took an unexpected turn, Matt was there for me. Every milestone in my life, he was there to share it. And what’s really amazing? After all these years, we’re still the best of friends.

Which brings me to this fragile, heart-stopping moment: I want to tell him I love him, really love him, but I’m scared to death of what he’ll say. If I’ve got this all wrong, I’ll lose him—forever.

Oh, this was such a sweet story.  Matt and David have been best friends forever and really have been in love with each other for just about as long.  I loved been able to hear about their journey to discovering this and the life they have built together.

We get to see snippets of their lives growing up but it was the important moments that helped shape who they are.  It’s clear that these two just didn’t realize how they feel about each other until David has a major health scare.  Even though the story was told from David’s point of view he really describes Matt perfectly, it make it easy to understand and love both of these characters.

Michael Mola did a great job narrating this story.  The different voices also helped with keeping track of the story and I think they were perfect for the characters.  I could easily feel the characters emotions through the way he portrayed them.

Cover art by Reese Dante is perfect and I love the different pictures of Matt and David together.

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Audiobook Details:

Audiobook, 5hrs 31mins
Published: September 11, 2018 by Dreamspinner Press
Edition Language: English

A VVivacious Review: Death of a Bachelor by M.A. Hinkle


Rating: 4 stars out of 5

When Era dies she leaves Damon without a wife and Cathal without his best friend. Now, these two people who have never really abided by each other find themselves lost in their grief with no one other than each other for company. As Cathal tries to get Damon to live, there is a brand new feeling that starts to take birth in both their hearts.

I loved Cathal since the moment we see him in a bar, scribbling equations on a napkin and that is saying something because that is the very first scene we see him in. This character had my number from the get-go. When I was deciding if I wanted to review this book or not I read an excerpt from this book which contained prologues one and two and ever since I got that peek into this story I was dying to read it, I checked my mail every day to see if this book had arrived. I was just so intrigued. I instantly connected with both main characters and I found the premise to be very fascinating and I just wanted to read it. Thankfully this book lived up to my rather exalted standards.

This story does have Era die off-page and this is not a spoiler because you will know this fact by the time you start the first chapter or already know it if you read the blurb. Now Era is Damon’s wife and this story starts a few days after her death and I feel like some people might think that Damon moves on a bit too quickly. I feel like this might be an issue, it wasn’t for me but even I realise that some people might think it’s too soon for Damon to be in or start another romantic relationship. Era features in exactly two scenes, so most of my impression of Era is based on what Cathal and Damon say of or about her and the impression I have of her and Damon’s relationship isn’t great so I was somewhat relieved that he moved on. I feel her death is handled very well in the course of the book but I might be biased since I didn’t quite take to Era but this book is very respectful in dealing with her and her death.

So, now with that out of the way, I can gush about this book.

I started reading it at around midnight and I just couldn’t stop. I read till I had finished reading every last word and I loved all of it except that little stunt that Cathal pulls that prolonged the end of this story because it so wasn’t necessary but I have got to respect that he needed some time to get rid of bad habits. Leaving that one minor critique aside, I truly loved this book. This is a slow, slow burn romance and that first kiss between Damon and Cathal is so amazing, I fell head over heels for Damon. These two have such a smouldering chemistry together,  it just permeated every scene these two had together, and the banter these two shared was what had me turning page after page.

Cathal, Damon and Felix are just amazing together all their scenes felt so warm and cuddly like snuggling in on a cold winter day. These three feel like family, I am 100% sure that I would have assumed Cathal and Damon were in a relationship had I ever encountered them together during the course of this book because there was just something about them that screamed, these two were meant to be together.

Felix is amazing. I loved him so hard and I am excited that we might be getting his story indirectly at least because I loved that kid.

Damon was a hard character for me to gauge personally. We see him at a time when even breathing seems to be difficult for him and he is a character with very different motivations than any I have ever encountered before. I don’t know if I really know who Damon is but nevertheless I liked him. He was different but he felt intensely huggable like a teddy bear and I really hope we get to see more of him at happier times. Basically I need more epilogues like that one, those two are just so cute, my heart can’t bear it.

I am in love with this story and it’s amazing characters especially Cathal, Damon and Felix who are like a built-in family unit. I don’t know if this is the author’s debut novel or not but while researching this author I found only this book so I think it is and if this is any standard to go by I am going to enjoy reading more but this author.

Cover art by Natasha Snow. That cover is scrumptious. I want to take a bite out of that pastry.

Sales Links:  NineStar PressAmazon

Book Details:

Expected publication: October 29th 2018 by NineStar Press
Edition Language English

A MelanieM Review: Rend (Riven #2) by Roan Parrish


Rating: 3.25 stars out of 5

After a whirlwind romance, a man with a painful past learns to trust the musician who makes him believe in happy endings.

Matt Argento knows what it feels like to be alone. After a childhood of abandonment, he never imagined someone might love him—much less someone like Rhys Nyland, who has the voice of an angel, the looks of a god, and the worship of his fans.

Matt and Rhys come from different worlds, but when they meet, their chemistry is incendiary. Their romance is unexpected, intense, and forever—at least, that’s what their vows promise. Suddenly, Matt finds himself living a life he never thought possible: safe and secure in the arms of a man who feels like home. But when Rhys leaves to go on tour for his new album, Matt finds himself haunted by the ghosts of his past.

When Rhys returns, he finds Matt twisted by doubt. But Rhys loves Matt fiercely, and he’ll go to hell and back to triumph over Matt’s fears. After secrets are revealed and desires are confessed, Rhys and Matt must learn to trust each other if they’re going to make it. That means they have to fall in love all over again—and this time, it really will be forever.

I truly had to think about the formatting of this story and the author’s expectations for it’s promise when writing this review because I think it was a huge factor in how I ended up feeling about the characters and this novel.  You see, in  Rend (Riven #2) by Roan Parrish the story opens right as the two men meet, jump immediately into a  relationship and then the first chapter proceeds when they are already married.  Boom.  It’s a done deal.  The reader has no time to relate to the men, establish a connection to each one, let alone be  able to evaluate any chemistry or depth of relationship.

I believe that was intentional.  Because the marriage and relationship as we slowly find out isn’t based on reality.  Matt hasn’t been truthful about his background and deep emotional issues with Rhys.  Nor has Rhys dug deep beneath the surface with  Matty. It’s a marriage based on wishes, dreams, and smoke. And lots of sex and love.  But that’s oddly insubstantial here because it has no honest foundation.

There is no honest communication between the lovers and, really the reader and Matty too.  We know he is truly a troubled and haunted individual who needs professional help.  Which, horrifyingly no one suggests he gets until 84 percent into the story.  Abandonment issues and the foster care system have done a number on him mentally, emotionally, and that carries over to physically.  We see those results…oh him, his marriage, and his partner who he doesn’t talk to until 80 percent into the story.   Which is when we learn enough about them to start connecting with them all as Rhys and Matty haul together the pieces of their lives, marriage and uncover who they are together….honestly.

Up until then?  Matty remains something of an enigma to all around him and us.  Not a good thing.  He has a close friend, Grim, in Florida.  We don’t see or really hear him to gain any insight into Matty himself until the end of the story, another element lost.

So I understood that the format was to slowly reveal who Matty truly was to Rhys and even himself as he came to grips with his past.  But it came at the loss, at least for this reader, of any connection to their relationship, a sense of questioning why no one got this man the help he so obviously needed earlier on, and just a sense that had we been able to see more of the real Rhys and Matty we see at the end at other parts in the story, this   wouldn’t have felt like such cold read than the romance it ended up being.

I did love Theo and Caleb from Riven, the first story.  Plus Max.  As I said, I think the format kept me from getting to know the characters until too late in the story.  I did learn to love them then and their very HEA.  That’s a terrific ending

There’s another story  in this series on the horizon   and  I know I will have to see who that’s about.  If you are a fan of this series, you no  doubt have already picked up and read this story.  It works as a standalone too.

Cover art is ok but doesn’t really speak to me considering the bleak storyline and its complexity.

Sales Links:  Amazon

Book Details:

ebook, 1st edition, 303 pages
Expected publication: November 27th 2018 by Loveswept
Original Title Rend
ISBN13 9781524799335
Edition Language English
Series Riven #2

Review Tour – Fling (A Nothing Serious Novel) by Baylin Crow (excerpt and giveaway)



Length: 275 pages approx.
Cover Design: Baylin Crow

Our time together has an expiration date.

HAYDEN: I don’t remember a time when I didn’t love him.
The only guy I’ve ever wanted sees me as nothing more than the kid next door and his younger sister’s best friend. But when Dean comes home after college graduation, things are different. I’ve grown up, and the way his golden-brown gaze scorches a path over my body tells me he’s noticed. When he makes me an offer I should refuse, I’m caught between my feelings for him and logic screaming that this idea is doomed to end in heartbreak.

DEAN: I’m not interested in anything serious but I need to have him.
I plan on spending a few months at home relaxing before beginning my dream internship. What I don’t count on is my little sister’s best friend sending me for a loop. He should be off-limits, but the pull I feel toward him is too strong to ignore. When I come up with a solution to spend the summer together in secret, I’m sure I have it all figured out. I just need to work him out of my system.

It’s supposed to be free of complications…a fling. By the end of summer, it’s anything but simple.

October 17My Book Filled Life, October 19Making It Happen, October 24Megan’s Media Melange, Bayou Book Junkie, Scattered Thoughts & Rogue Words, October 26Mirrigold, Amy’s MM Romance Reviews, Lillian Francis, BooksLaidBareBoys

Read Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words’ review here.


I must have drifted off because I woke up dry mouthed and thirsty. After removing Reese’s arm from where it lay on my chest, I slipped my glasses on and climbed off the bed. My steps were light as I slipped from her room and padded downstairs to the kitchen. I grabbed a glass from the cabinet, filling it with filtered water from the refrigerator dispenser.

The cool liquid slid down my parched throat as I downed every drop before refilling it. The second disappeared just as quickly and I set the empty glass in the sink. Wiping my mouth with the back of my hand, I turned to go back upstairs. As I passed through the large foyer, a sound caught my attention and I froze. Keys jingled. Then the lock on the front door clicked once more and the door swung open revealing Dean with a large gym bag slung over his shoulder. He wasn’t supposed to be home until the next day and judging by his wide-eyed stare, he wasn’t expecting to run into me either.

“Hi,” I squeaked, while frozen in place.

He stepped inside, closing the door behind him with a soft snick before re-locking it. “If it wasn’t for the glasses and dark hair, I wouldn’t even recognize you.” He kept his voice low. I’d finally hit a major growth spurt over the last year and had put on enough weight that I didn’t resemble a beanpole. “What are you doing here in the middle of the night, Hayden?” His eyes narrowed in suspicion.

“Sleeping. I got up for a glass of water.” He paused and his lips flattened into a thin line so I hurried on. “I thought you weren’t coming back until tomorrow.”

“I decided to go ahead and make the drive and got a flat for my trouble. Otherwise, I would have been here earlier.” He said with a tired sigh. “It’s good and weird to see you.” His gaze scanned the length of my body and chills raced over my skin.

When I couldn’t find my voice, he adjusted the strap on his shoulder. “I’m beat so I’m going to head to bed. I’ll grab the rest of my things tomorrow.”

I nodded and followed behind him up the stairs. Halfway up, he glanced over his shoulder with a frown but kept going. “Aren’t you headed in the wrong direction?”

“No, I’m staying the night.” Didn’t I already say that? When I paused outside Reese’s room, Dean’s eyes narrowed to slits.

“You’re staying in Reese’s room? I mean, I always thought you two would end up together.”

Why would he think that? Reese had to have told him I came out earlier this year. “We’re not.”

If he heard me, he didn’t acknowledge what I said. “Does Mom know you’re having sleepovers though? Like in the same room?” He didn’t let me respond. Again. “And I’m assuming in the same bed.”

I couldn’t wrap my head around why he was worried. Dean continued his whispered rant, and without thinking, I stepped into his personal space and slapped my hand over his mouth.

The impulsive action seemed to startle us both. His eyes grew wide and he froze.

I couldn’t believe I’d just done that, but he wouldn’t listen. I held eye contact. “Shh.”

Dean didn’t remove my hand, and I wasn’t sure he’d let me finish if I moved it so I kept it there. “Reese and I aren’t together. I’m gay.” He cocked his head and seemed to study me. How could he not know? “She didn’t tell you?”

When he shook his head, I became aware of his soft lips against my palm. His breaths tickled the sensitive flesh and I realized my gaze had locked onto that connection. Clearing my throat, I ripped my hand away.

As I waited for his reaction, I pushed my glasses up my nose in a nervous tic I wished I could kick.

Dean’s gaze roamed the length of my body, making my breathing race in and out of my lungs. His gaze seemed to caress my skin causing butterflies to take flight in my stomach while long, tan fingers rubbed his squared chin. And unless I was imagining things, his pupils had dilated. “How did I not know?”

It was the same question I’d been asking myself. Their mom knew, so why hadn’t Reese told him? “I only came out this year and I don’t advertise it. But I don’t hide it either.”

Having no idea what he’d think, I crossed my arms over my chest and lifted my chin while repressing the desire to flee into Reese’s room.

“Calm down, I get it.” Dean held his hands up in surrender. Just as he opened his mouth to continue, a loud chime cut into our whispered conversation.

“Shit.” He scrambled to pull the phone from his pocket and silenced it. His gaze shot from one end of the hallway to the other as if searching for any sign of someone being woken up. Glancing down at the screen, he scowled.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, my arms loosening and falling to my sides.

Dean’s gaze held mine, pausing long enough that I thought he wouldn’t answer my question.

He stood straight so I mimicked his posture. “Someone I used to date.” He grimaced as if the word left a sour taste in his mouth that rivaled the pit developing in my stomach. I didn’t want to hear this. “Well not date exactly. His name was Brady.” He cocked a brow with a shameless grin.

His words took a minute to process and even when it registered, my shock held me mute. Unfortunately it didn’t hinder my jaw from dropping.

“Oh.” Brilliant response, Hayden.

“Oh?” He snickered. “I guess my baby sister didn’t divulge my sordid secret either? Well, it seems we’ve both had a big year. Honestly, I wasn’t positive I was bi until a few years ago, but it turns out I have a thing for both.” He shrugged, pressed the side button on his phone, and then stuffed it back in his pocket. “This guy, he’s a clinger. I told him I wasn’t looking for anything serious, but I guess he refuses to accept it.”

Offering a weak smile, I attempted to hide the disappointment weighing me down. The blasé way he spoke about hookups made my chest ache. Dean hadn’t changed at all. Not that I’d expected him to or had a right to wish it. “The downside of playing the field,” I managed to make it sound like a joke.
He chuckled. “I guess. Well, I’m going to go…” He hitched his thumb over his back toward his room and turned to go. Rooted to the spot, I stared long after his door closed behind him.

Bios are challenging. I don’t have a clue how to write about myself. Fictional characters, sure! Me? Not so much. Lol. It’s the reason my author bio stayed practically blank until after I finished my second novel.

Who am I? Well, I live in Texas where the heat and I don’t get along. One day I hope to call Northeast USA home. I’m a wife and mother of 2 ridiculously cute kids. I have 2 dogs and 1 cat, the latter of which is a spoiled brat, but she’s my spoiled brat. ❤

I fell in love with writing during elementary school with my first “bare book”. And only within the last few years have I been able to try my hand at it as a career (which I have high hopes for btw!).

Spending the day under a fluffy blanket reading or writing away on my laptop with a mountain of coffee is my idea of time well spent. I get to live so many lives through books that I consider myself genuinely lucky to call myself an avid reader.

That’s me in a nutshell. I hope I’m finding my place among like-minded people. ❤❤❤ And I hope you’ll enjoy reading the stories I write.


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Release Blitz and Giveaway for An Erie Collection by V.L. Locey



Buy Links: 
Cover Design: Meredith Russell

You can now have all four of the MM Lake Erie pack novellas in this one reasonably priced collection! Included in the set are the previously released novellas An Erie Halloween, An Erie Operetta, and An Erie Garden Party. To round off this whimsical and romantic shifter set is a brand-new novella, An Erie Uprising!

It’s been one wonderfully romantic year since skunk shifter Templeton Reed met Mikel Lupei, the alpha wolf of the Lake Erie pack. During that year, the two men fell in love and worked side-by-side to solve some tricky murder mysteries. They also opened up Lupei Manor, Mikel’s familial home, to other LGBTQ mystical beings in the Erie area. Sadly, being gay in the supernatural world Templeton and Mikel live in can be a death sentence.

During the past year, the magical world has slowly been coming unraveled. Civil unrest now runs rampant through the community as the lesser breeds revolt against the hateful dictates of the Elder Counsel. The uprising will surely touch every person residing in the magical world beside Lady Erie. Will the flames of unrest and war consume everything and everyone Templeton and Mikel hold dear as well?


V.L. Locey loves worn jeans, yoga, belly laughs, Dr. Who, Torchwood, walking, reading and writing lusty tales, Greek mythology, the New York Rangers, comic books, and coffee. (Not necessarily in that order.) She shares her life with her husband, her daughter, one dog, two cats, two Jersey steers and a flock of assorted domestic fowl.

When not writing lusty tales, she can be found enjoying her day with her menagerie in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania with a cup of fresh java in hand.


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Blog Tour Pisces for Hooks Taurus (Signs of Love #4) by Anyta Sunday (excerpt and giveaway)




Pisces Hooks Taurus by Anyta Sunday

Series: Signs of Love #4

Publisher: Anyta Sunday (self published)

Release Date (Print & Ebook): October 16, 2018

Length (Print & Ebook): 69000 words / 285 pages

Order now:

Book synopsis:

It’s a time for searching, and a time for finding, Pisces: keep casting your line and you will hook what you’re looking for.

Zane has it all planned out: land the perfect Meet Cute, fall in love, and live happily ever after.

Should be simple enough if he put his mind to it. A little creativity and some thinking outside of the box, and voila, he’d be married to the woman of his dreams.

It would be perfect.

And it would be before his visa ran out.

But why are his feelings running wild now that the pressure’s on? Why is his picture-perfect plan turning into a muddled mess of morphed metaphors he can’t make sense of anymore?

Just as well he’s met an English professor to help. And even though their first meet is anything but cute, this down-to-earth teacher may just be the realist Zane needs to ground him and give him a shot at love after all.

Don’t cast your line too wide, Pisces. Your perfect catch may already have bitten.

~ – ~ – ~

Pisces Hooks Taurus (Signs of Love #4) is an MM opposites-attract romantic comedy featuring an unapologetic romantic and a broken realist.

More wit, banter and bad puns – and even more heart-stopping slow burn!

Can be read as a standalone.

Tropes: friends-to-lovers, slow burn, will-they-or-won’t-they

Genre: New Adult, light-hearted contemporary gay romance

Exclusive Blog Tour Excerpts:

Excerpt :

When they finished eating, Zane and Beckett entered a kitchen littered with a weekend’s worth of dishes. The room smelled like spoiled banana. Beckett grumbled Leah’s name, and Zane turned on the water.

Leah would have left this until tomorrow? “I’ll wash, you dry?”

Beckett first took out the trash and opened the windows. Fresh air cleansed the room as they worked.

Zane daydreamed about the story he was outlining and startled when Beckett cried, “What are you doing?”

Zane looked into the sink. “Scrubbing this clean?”

“With a wire scrubbing brush? That’s a very expensive nonstick pan.”

He frowned. “And I want to clean it.”

“Good Lord. Have you never washed dishes before?”

“I am literally doing what I’ve done every other night since moving in with you.”

Beckett paled. “You’ve scrubbed this pan with that before?”

“What do you expect me to do? Lick it clean?”

“Use a washcloth.”

“Do you know how disgusting those are? Like, two hundred thousand times dirtier than the toilet seat.”

Beckett paused, tone shifting. “Which is why you only use it for the dining table?”


“Please use the dishcloth on my pan.”

Zane dropped the metal scrubbing brush and thumped around passive-aggressively as he found a clean dishcloth.

Beckett nodded. “Thank you.”

That little thank-you grated Zane the wrong way. He sullenly scrubbed the pan and put it on the drying rack. He plunked the next pot into the water, splashing bubbles onto his face, neck, and shirt.

He sighed. Served him right.

Beckett set down the plate he’d dried and turned Zane around. With his dishtowel, he dabbed the bubbles off Zane’s chin and neck.

Their eyes locked, and Zane felt the frustration bleed from him. “You missed a spot,” he said, and shifted Beckett’s hands to Zane’s shirt.

Beckett shook his head and dabbed him some more.

“Our first fight.”

Beckett’s hands stilled.

“It’s a milestone, Becky. We have to celebrate.”

“Celebrate fighting?”

“Celebrate making up.”

“Will this be a thing every time we’re annoyed with each other?”

Zane smirked. “I hope so. I’m sure some fights will take longer to get over, but that’s cool. The celebration is always in proportion to the effort needed to make up.”

Beckett resumed drying the dishes. “Two hundred thousand times dirtier?”

Zane nodded. Disgusting but true.

Beckett frowned. “Maybe just use your hand?”

“I don’t know,” Zane teased. “The things my hand does might make the pan dirtier.

Beckett dropped his very nice, expensive pan. He caught it against his thighs and stowed it in the cupboard.

The ticklish glare Beckett sent him made the rest of the cleaning fly by.

When they were done, Zane threw himself on the armchair. “Now we celebrate.”

Beckett tossed the dish towel into the laundry room. “How?”

“After you start that laundry, I’ll let you talk about books, Becky.”

Beckett’s laughter trickled down the hall. A few minutes later, he returned with Pride and Prejudice. He cracked open the first page, and pacing before him, all grace and proper pronunciation, Beckett read aloud.

About Anyta Sunday:


A bit about me: I’m a big, BIG fan of slow-burn romances. I love to read and write stories with characters who slowly fall in love.

Some of my favorite tropes to read and write are: Enemies to Lovers, Friends to Lovers, Clueless Guys, Bisexual, Pansexual, Demisexual, Oblivious MCs, Everyone (Else) Can See It, Slow Burn, Love Has No Boundaries.

I write a variety of stories, Contemporary MM Romances with a good dollop of angst, Contemporary lighthearted MM Romances, and even a splash of fantasy.

My books have been translated into German, Italian, French, and Thai.

Connect with Anyta:

Author website:

Author newsletter signup:




Giveaway: Win an e-book set of 3 Signs of Love books: Leo Loves Aries, Scorpio Hates Virgo, and Gemini Keeps Capricorn or, reader’s choice of any back catalog e-book by Anyta Sunday!

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