A Stella Release Day Review: Stealing His Heart (Connoll Pack #1) by Bru Baker


RATING 4 out of 5 stars


Love sneaks in like a thief in the night. Danny’s parents raised him to believe his wolf was a curse. He’s part of the wealthy and powerful Connoll Pack, but only nominally. He abandoned that world to volunteer with supernatural kids, and he isn’t looking for a mate…. Max is a shifter who is also a detective. He’s working a case that could make or break his career. Danny’s caught up in the case he’s on, and he’s also irresistible. They’re a bad match—Max, an Alpha having trouble with his new powers and Danny, who trusts Alphas as far as he could throw one. But they can’t get enough of each other, and they might bond before they even see it coming. They could be amazing together, but they have to get past a few obstacles—especially since someone close to Danny might be involved in the thefts Max is investigating.


It’s been years since I read a Bru Baker story and as soon as I read the blurb of her new release, I was intrigued. I loved Stealing His Heart from the beginning, I found it very well done, both the romance and the mystery. There were great characters, main and second ones, all of them well defined, I’m so ready to read more about some of them and being this novel the first installment in the Connoll Pack series, I know I will get more and I’m enthusiastic.

The story between Max and Danny was easy to read and the plot engaging. It was different, especially their relationship which was well balanced through the alpha bond. The way they approached their mating, well pondered and not, as often happens in shifters stories, the spur of the moment of sex and attraction. I loved them dearly cause it was clear how good souls both of them were, how generous and ready to take serious risks for the safe of their friends. And then there were their families, imperfect and complicated like our real ones, with a lot of love to share, some messes to mend.

Stealing His Heart is a lovely story, full of feelings and laughs, I adored how Max and Danny bantered with each other, it was so easy to fall into their world and inlove with them.

The cover art by Aaron Anderson is not a favorite of mine among the artist works, but it’s simple and likeable.

SALE LINKS  Dreamspinner Press | Amazon


Kindle Edition, 240 pages

Published March 5th 2019 by Dreamspinner Press


Edition Language English


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