A MelanieM Review: The Doctor Takes a Detour by Bren Christopher


Rating: 4 stars out of 5

An unexpected detour sets two men on the path to love and healing.

After being attacked by a drug addict, Dr. Josh Parker fled New York, his career as an ER doctor, and a failed relationship. Determined to start fresh, he takes a job as a concierge doctor to the wealthy older population of sunny Naples, Florida. Nothing to fear there. No trauma. No stress.

It’s a good idea that doesn’t last long. Traveling to his new home, he discovers a car accident and is forced to make a detour to render aid. There he meets sexy paramedic Ian Manolas.

Since Ian returned from the Army, every day has been a struggle to atone for past mistakes. The Glades Free Clinic is his chosen path to redemption. The people Ian helps are a world away from Josh’s wealthy clients though. Addicts, prostitutes, gang members: they all come to Ian’s clinic for help, not judgment. He’ll do almost anything to keep the clinic going, including roping in one reluctant—and hot—ex-ER doctor.

The attraction is immediate, but Josh wants nothing to do with Ian’s clinic. For them to have a future, both men must work together to find a path to love, while helping those who need them most.

The Doctor Takes a Detour by Bren Christopher represents a new contemporary romance by a new to me author.  After finishing the story, Bren Christopher is a writer whose backlibrary and future releases are on my list to be read.

Well written, characters I got quickly invested in, and a story that pulled me in,  The Doctor Takes a Detour was a smooth ride of a contemporary romance, one I really enjoyed.  The author has a mixture of serious elements here, PTSD, addiction, that are addressed through both characters. One through Josh’s past history, a traumatic ER attack, the other through paramedic Ian Manolas.  Both men were compelling, interesting, and I would have loved to have had an expanded section containing more of both men’s backgrounds,  It would have added a richness to the story and depth to their characters.

The author has so much in place to have given this a 5 star novel.  The setting was lush and vibrant, in some cases you could almost feel the Palmetto bugs and mosquitos!  The clinic had an authentic gritty, beat down feel to it.  Same goes for its patrons and staff.  This was a clinic you might see barely existing on the outskirts of towns of this everywhere where someone tries or tried to make a difference.

I loved the relationship and romance between the men, the dynamic was hot and the chemistry believable.  As I said I thought the book came close to a much higher rating..  As it is it’s a terrific read and a romance you will definitely enjoy.  It is one I recommend.

Cover Art: L.C. Chase.  Light, colorful.  In keeping with the title although not the seriousness of the story which deals with PTSD and drug addiction.

Sales Links:  Riptide Publishing | Amazon


Book Details:

Kindle Edition, 214 pages
Published April 6th 2019 by Riptide Publishing

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