An Alisa Review: Once Upon A Wolf by Hurri Cosmo


Rating:  3 stars out of 5


Hawk is alone, hiding from the world, living in a tiny, rickety cabin his grandfather built. He has few supplies and fewer yet of the skills needed to survive on his own, but because of what he did, because of what his father caused him to do… well, there’s just no other choice.


But then one day “Ghost” shows up. A large black lone wolf who begins to “take care of” Hawk. He brings him game, he protects him from predators, and he even pulls him from a raging river. He is Hawk’s only friend and Hawk begins to talk to ghost as if he is human and can understand.


Except Ghost isn’t human.


Ghost has filled a void in Hawk’s life, and he is very grateful, but he is a wolf and Hawk needs the company of a human. In fact, Hawk is desperately lonely, to the point he even tells Ghost he longs for the touch of a man, the first time he has ever said such a wicked thing out loud.


Then one full-moon night, a large, beautiful, naked man breaks into the cabin. At first Hawk is terrified, until he realizes the stranger has Ghost’s amazing golden eyes…


This was an interesting concept for a story, I have to give the author credit for that however I just didn’t feel the story.  Ghost shows up one day while Hawk is trying to survive in the cabin and quickly starts to protect and help him in his own way.


I liked the concept of how the wolf didn’t know it was a shifter but I had trouble with how that would actually work.  The sex scene that Hawk and Ghost saw was the most mechanical and unsexy sex I have ever read and I understand neither of them got how it worked before that it just turned me off, at least once these two came together it was more fluid and a better scene.  I was glad that after the confrontation with the townspeople Hawk was able to find the acceptance he never felt when his father was alive.


I like the cover art by E Keith and the visuals it gives of Ghost and the woods.


Sales Links: Painted Hearts Publishing | Amazon | B&N


Book Details:


Publication: April 10, 2019 by Painted Hearts Publishing

Edition Language: English

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