An Alisa Review: Eeli (Brotherhood of Ormarr #3) by Steph Marie and Bobbie Rayne

Rating:  4 stars out of 5


I’ve been training my entire life for this; I need to be the best, the best fighter, the best dragon rider in the entire brotherhood. This is what I was born for. The only problem is that my bonded dragon, Bodhi, and I can’t seem to get it together. One minute I think we’re connecting properly, and the next she’s taking off, leading me to the one guy I don’t want to know: Slash. He’s basically the opposite of me in every way, and I don’t get why he’s suddenly everywhere I turn, but I can’t deny how he makes me feel when he looks at me.


Three years ago my sister and I had to come to a new town and started new schools without our parents’ unconditional love and support. My uncle’s an uncaring drunk, so I’m doing the best I can to keep us both clothed and fed with only an after school job. If I didn’t have her to live for, the loneliness would be excruciating. Now, with only a few months until graduation, I’ve suddenly made a friend because of my sister, and another guy keeps stumbling into me who I think needs help: Eeli. I don’t understand why no one else sees how oddly he’s behaving, but I can’t deny my attraction for him is growing with every mishap.

Eeli is the third book in The Brotherhood of Ormarr series. While each book focuses on a different couple, the overall story arc continues in the next installment. For maximum enjoyment, we suggest reading in order. Eeli is a m/m NA romance, and is recommended for adults 18 years and older.

This is such an interesting world and fate is bringing together the right people together to fix everything.  Eeli and Slash have some big misunderstandings under their belts and have their work cut out for them in building their relationship.

I felt for Eeli, while he tried to succeed at everything based on a comment he heard from his brother years ago, he still feels that he is failing in regards to his dragon and then his mate.  I could see how hopeless everything felt for him but was so happy that they were able to figure it out.  Slash has purposefully kept him and his sister at arm’s length from people since their parents’ deaths but they have finally found a family to be a part of.

That Slash’s sister is basically the key to helping their Calma plant grow and the connection their family had to the clans shows how much fate is pulling the right people together.  I enjoyed seeing Az and Zale have freak outs over their little brother being in a relationship because they just couldn’t see past him being their little brother but I liked the opportunity to see Eeli as his own man.  I cannot wait to read Malachite’s story next.

The cover art by Jay Aheer is once again great and I love the picture of Bodhi.

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Book Details:

ebook, 261 pages

Publication: June 3, 2019

Edition Language: English

Series: Brotherhood of Ormarr #3

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A Stella Review: Melting For You (Neighborhood Shindig #1) by A.M. Arthur

RATING 4,5 out of 5 stars

After his father’s heart attack, Isaiah Morrell gave up cooking in his own high-end Atlanta restaurant to return home to Reynolds, North Carolina, in order to help his father Thomas heal and to keep an eye on his business Neighborhood Shindig. A collection of food trucks and other small businesses, Shindig is a popular destination in this college town, but Isaiah longs for the fast pace of a big-city kitchen. Until he meets Joel…

Joel Fisher has been out of commission from a serious illness for the better part of a year, but now he’s ready to reclaim his life—except his apartment has been sublet, his partner is missing, and their shared food truck is stripped of everything not attached. In short, Joel has nothing. After an uncomfortable night sleeping on the food truck floor, Isaiah and Thomas Morrell give Joel an offer he can’t refuse: a rented room in their house, as well as their help creating a new food truck concept. Joel hates accepting charity, but he’s hit rock bottom and has nowhere to go but up.

Working with seemingly uptight Isaiah is actually pretty fun, and the pair bonds over a challenge to create a unique grilled cheese sandwich. Light flirting melts into a deeper connection neither man expects, but Isaiah isn’t in Reynolds for much longer, and Joel can’t get attached to the gorgeous professional chef. As Isaiah’s feelings for Joel strengthen and grow, he entertains the idea of staying in Neighborhood Shindig for good—but Joel hasn’t asked him to…

Welcome to Neighborhood Shindig, a friendly place where you can snack on a lamb kebab while getting your hair done, pick up your favorite herbal tea blend, and then go listen to live music under the pavilion. We’re happy to have you.

It has been some time since I’ve read a story by this author, I almost forgot how good she is. This new novella, the beginning of a new series called Neighborhood Shindind, was a true gem, a joy to read. Sometimes I really need books like this one, so well done, with no drama or too angst. Just a sweet love story between two young men. What conquered me was how real the whole story felt to me. Joel and Isaiah were the sons, friends and lovers everyone should have. Full of heart and ready to sacrifice his own life to help his father recover from an heart attack, Isaiah was willing to run his father business and then come back to his chef career. He didn’t consider his meeting for Joel. Joel, who stole my heart,how brave and strong he was, although his illness. He fought to return to the job of his dreams, unaware of the betrayal from his partner. Still, he found in Isaiah and his dad a huge support and probably a HEA with a great man.

I feel to recommend Melting For You by A.M. Arthur if you’re looking for a quick and sweet reading, well written and engaging, with a different plot and some amazing characters.

The cover art by Sloan J Designs is not so eye catching, I think the book so deserved something better.



Kindle Edition, 1st edition, 137 pages

Published June 13th 2019 by Briggs-King Books


Edition Language English

Series  Neighborhood Shindind #1

A MelanieM Review: Nine Small Sips (A Tales Of Bryant Wedding) by V.L. Locey

Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Life for Isamu Taylor is now a Cinderella story that includes a Manhattan loft, a new position in the hottest LGBT film production company in New York City, and an upcoming wedding in Bryant Park to his very own handsome prince.

He’s come a long way from that struggling film student with ratty sneakers and shaggy hair. Isamu is now living an urbanite’s fairy tale with that happily ever after just around a bustling city street corner.

But as all wedding planners know, even the best laid plans seem to go awry, and Isamu and Brian’s wedding is no exception. But love – both old and new – is in the air, so nothing can go too badly, right?

Nine Small Sips (A Tales Of Bryant Wedding) by V.L. Locey is such a wonderful joy of a story to read.  The wedding story followup to Tales of Bryant this is exactly the story we not only want to read but need to read.  It has depth where we (and the characters)need it too, banter and straight up giggles in all the right and some of the very hysterically wrong places! And two of the most beloved and quite delightful “worried chins” I’ve every read about!

Those chins would belong to Isamu’s mother and very old grandmother just in from Japan with her ancient Saki set.  Why say anything when you have the most expressive chins to do it for you?  Ok, my face is beginning to hurt again.

Add to that an over the top wedding planner with a lorgnette, an ever tightening schedule, grooms fraying over the details, while still managing sex and to reaffirm their deep love for each other.  Yes, it’s a grand romp, high romance, and family time in Manhattan all rolled into a story to remember.

And they even gave a new couple a launching pad into the  next story which I cannot wait to read.

How Im loving this couple and new series!  It’s a shiny new light in contemporary romance, not too angsty, but filled with warmth, love, and HEA.  Perfect!

And yes, I’m definitely recommending it

Cover Design: Sloan J Designs. Love this cover with the simple and elegant but all important saki set on it.


Book Details:

Kindle Edition, 108 pages
Published June 10th 2019
Edition LanguageEnglish
SeriesTales Of Bryant #2

Tales of Bryant – Amazon US | Amazon UK | Universal Link

Nine Small Sips (A Tales Of Bryant Wedding)

Adore Those Second Chance at Love Stories? Check Out the Release Blitz for Who We Used to Be (Do-Over #1) by Dara Nelson

Book Title:  Who We Used to Be (Do-Over Series, Book 1)

Author: Dara Nelson

Publisher: Dare Publishing

Cover Artist: Dara Nelson

Cover Photo: Dan Skinner/DWS Photography

Release Date: June 15, 2019

Genre/s: Contemporary M/M Romance

Trope/s: Second-chance love

Themes: Forgiveness

Heat Rating: 5 flames

Length: 51 356 words/280  pages

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Do-over, Second-Chance



Ten years ago Zeke Malloy had everything:

A happy childhood, a shot at a state championship wrestling title, a best friend, a boyfriend (albeit a secret one but that was okay because, once they graduated, that would change).  

He had love, happiness……a heart.

All of that changed in the blink of an eye.

One moment he was deliriously happy, looking forward to a future with Digger Brandt, building a life, a home, a forever, with him.

And then it was gone, disappearing like the tears that flowed down Zeke’s cheeks as he watched from the back of the church as Digger married Lisa – with his father sitting proudly in the front pew.  Those tears were still flowing when he walked out of that church and went directly to the nearest recruiting office.  Because he didn’t just lose the love of his life that day, he lost his hopes, his dreams, he lost…..himself.

For the next ten years he was a machine – the best Marine, the best friend, but like a machine, he did it all without a beating heart.  His was dead…..or was it?

Was ten years too long?

Was a broken heart too much?

Zeke didn’t know.  Hell, he wasn’t even sure he wanted to know.

From the moment Digger walked up behind him and said in that smooth, sexy voice that used to light Zeke up six ways from Sunday, “The man I knew never had a problem with it,”, the only thing Zeke knew now was that he was about to find out.



Zeke stared at the amber colored liquid in his glass while trying to figure out what he was feeling.  That was just the thing. He wasn’t feeling anything.

He was numb.

If he really allowed himself to think about it, he’d been numb for a decade.  Since the day he’d opened his front door and had seen that invitation sticking out from under his doormat.  That was the last day he’d felt anything at all. And what he’d felt then was total, utter devastation as he collapsed onto the porch swing as those words penetrated his brain.  Such a profound sense of not only sadness, but the devastating knowledge that life as he knew it was over.

Everything he thought he knew was shattered.

How could he do this?

Everything he thought he could have was gone.

Did he know her?  Had he been cheating the whole time?

And anger – god there was so much anger.

The cowardly fucker didn’t even have the balls to look him in the eye when he destroyed him.

He swore he could feel his heart shattering into a million pieces.  It was also the day that he lost all hope of finding his happily ever after.

It was the day he was forced to come to terms with the fact that he and Digger were not meant to be.

Shit.  Every time one of Zeke’s crappy relationships ended, he always thought of Digger.

Digger Brandt.  The first boy he’d kissed.  The first boy he’d touched. The first…and only…. boy he’d ever loved.  

Digger Brandt.  The man who had destroyed Zeke Malloy.  Ruined him for all others.

“Fuck,” he mumbled as he scrubbed a hand over his face.  He really needed to stop doing this.

He had to find a way to get over Digger Brandt once and for all.

But how?

As he brought his glass up until it touched his lips, he felt a presence behind him, the heat of someone close, someone big, someone strong, someone that Zeke might be able to get lost in.

“I don’t bottom,” he said, getting that shit outta the way right quick.

A deep chuckle rumbled out of the man’s chest.  It was so sexy it made Zeke’s balls tingle.

“The man I knew never had a problem with it.”

Zeke’s eyes squeezed shut.  

He knew that voice.

He’d felt that voice.

He’d swallowed that voice into his body when the man came, dozens of times.

He still heard that voice every time he jacked off, despite trying to fight it with everything he had.

If he allowed himself to, he could easily get lost in that voice again.

He shook his head.

No.  Not again.  Never again.

“The boy you knew doesn’t exist anymore,” he growled and then he tipped back his glass, welcoming the burn as the liquid slid down his throat.

He felt the change in the man behind him, knew without looking that he’d gone from self-assured, cocky even, to unsteady, remorseful…..guilty.


“Zeke, I….”
“Don’t, Digger.  Just fucking don’t.  Go back to your perfect house, your white picket fence, your beautiful wife, your two point five kids.  Go back to whatever fake little happy life you built and leave me the fuck alone.”

God.  Ten fucking years of trying to forget him erased in sixty seconds.

He signaled to Joe, the bartender, for another and tried to ignore the fact that he could still feel Digger behind him.

When Digger slid onto the empty stool next to Zeke, he wanted to turn and walk out.

But he couldn’t.

He felt like he was anchored to his spot with a one-ton boulder.

To be honest, he was anchored, but not by a boulder; by a six-foot-one heart-breaking asshole named Douglas Digger Brandt.

Zeke refused to turn and look at the man.

Truth be told, he was afraid to look.

Afraid that he just might drop to his knees and beg the man to love him, to really love him, the way Zeke thought he had all those years ago, the way Zeke had loved him, the way a still fucking loved him.

 Hell, he’d probably even offer to be his dirty little secret if Digger asked him to.

Just anything to get the man to touch him one more time.

Nobody had ever touched Zeke the way that Digger had, like he was trying to fuse them together, like he was pulling whatever it was that made Zeke, Zeke, into himself. He didn’t even have to touch Zeke’s dick, although that was amazing too. Just the tips of his fingers on Zeke’s skin or the brush of his lips on his neck made Zeke feel like he was the only thing in the world that mattered.

Everything that was Digger slid effortlessly together with Zeke like the pieces of a perfect puzzle.

A puzzle whose pieces Digger had scattered to the wind the moment he had walked away.

Maybe nobody had ever touched Zeke like that since because he’d never allowed it, because he’d never let someone get that close.  

Never again.

A heartbreak like that was something you never forgot – it changed you.


About the Author

I did not choose to write…..writing chose me

Kendel Duncan is the pen name for Dara Nelson. Why a pen name? I first chose it because I was initially writing in two different genres (M/F Paranormal and Gay Romance).  I’ve since transitioned into a strictly gay romance author – writing romance, action, suspense and second chance romances.

I’ve tackled subjects that I’m very proud of, including losing a spouse, living with HIV, among other things.

I was born and raised in the Bay Area of Northern California but have made my home in the Pacific Northwest for more than two decades.  My husband & I live on a small farm surrounded by chickens, goats, 5 dogs, and a cat, in the shadow of stunning Mt Rainier.

With my grown children and grandchildren nearby, my life is always busy, happy and full of laughter.

I am an active Blogger, having created Love Unchained Book Reviews out of my love for all things reading – mostly MM books.

Owner of Dare Publishing & Design – Offering quality, affordable services for indie authors, including:

Editing, Publishing, Book Cover Design and more!

When I’m not on the phone with my best friend (which is at least once every day) – I am an avid, addicted reader.  It is my passion, my escape, my joy
And I am most definitely a writer.  The characters in my head are constantly demanding that their story be told.
But above all that – I am a human being. My passion for people is unparalleled, my firm belief in Love is Love unwavering, my hope that all can be accepted, undying. I do not write because I want to, I do it because I have to.  I write because these voices, these beautiful men, have chosen me to tell their stories – and how damn lucky am I for that?

As an author, I write under both my name and my pen name (Kendel Duncan), with total transparency and honesty.

Dara Nelson is the author of:

Author of the successful ‘Healing Hearts’ series (Love in the Aftermath, Love After Chaos, Love Worth Fighting For – and more to come soon)

“5 stars5 stars  Amazing!!”

“Highly recommended”

“This is not your average romance story. It is so much more. A book that touched my heart.”

“OMG!!! This was probably one of the best books I’ve ever read.”

“This is the first time I’ve read anything from Dara Nelson, but it won’t be the last. I need more of her writing!”

Under the pen name Kendel Duncan:                                                                                         

Author of the popular & critically acclaimed ‘Black Ops Heroes’ series and the new top-selling ‘Doyle Global Securities’ series

“I can’t recommend Kendel Duncan or Black Ops Heroes ENOUGH!!!! OMG, everyone who likes strong vulnerable men will love these stories!!!”


“I love how you keep the story going and keep all the characters interesting. Can’t wait for the next book!”

“The emotions are so raw and just I don’t have the right words to express how amazing the books are. You have to read them to understand. I can’t wait for the next installment!!”


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Twitter:  @daranel


Instagram: @daranel1

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Review Tour and Giveaway for Nine Small Sips (A Tales Of Bryant Wedding) by V.L. Locey


Cover Design: Sloan J Designs
Tales of Bryant – Amazon US | Amazon UK | Universal Link

Life for Isamu Taylor is now a Cinderella story that includes a Manhattan loft, a new position in the hottest LGBT film production company in New York City, and an upcoming wedding in Bryant Park to his very own handsome prince.

He’s come a long way from that struggling film student with ratty sneakers and shaggy hair. Isamu is now living an urbanite’s fairy tale with that happily ever after just around a bustling city street corner.

But as all wedding planners know, even the best laid plans seem to go awry, and Isamu and Brian’s wedding is no exception. But love – both old and new – is in the air, so nothing can go too badly, right?



USA Today Bestselling Author V.L. Locey – Penning LGBT hockey romance that skates into sinful pleasures.

V.L. Locey loves worn jeans, yoga, belly laughs, walking, reading and writing lusty tales, Greek mythology, Torchwood and Dr. Who, the New York Rangers, comic books, and coffee. (Not necessarily in that order.) She shares her life with her husband, her daughter, one dog, two cats, a pair of geese, far too many chickens, and two steers.

When not writing spicy romances, she enjoys spending her day with her menagerie in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania with a cup of fresh java in one hand and a steamy romance novel in the other.


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