A VVivacious Prerelease Review: Nemesis (Alpha Unit One #2) by Chris T. Kat

Rating: 5 Stars out of 5

Nicky and Sam are back and there is a new drug on the streets, Nemesis. As the team works to stop Nemesis from claiming more lives, Nicky finds himself rethinking his every move.

As the force adapts to baby shifters working among them, Nicky finds himself curbing some of his natural urges as a baby shifter. Over time, this seems to make Nicky unable to do the job he loves. With things coming to a head in the search for Nemesis’ creators, things take an unexpected turn and it is up to the team to deliver justice.

I loved this one. It has been a year since I read the first book in this series and I wasn’t even aware that there would be a sequel, but my glee at knowing that this book exists was way over the top. I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on it and the moment I started reading I found myself back in this world and it was like I never left. I loved how the story just picks up and you find yourself caught in the flow.

At the beginning of this book there was just so much to fix that I was overwhelmed. Nicky is hiding things from Sam and this fact had alarm bells ringing in my head and I realised that while things were better they were no where near settled. People on the force are still getting used to working alongside baby shifters and as the team comes under scrutiny for having baby shifters on board, Nicky finds himself second-guessing his ability to do his job.

The amazing thing about this book was that despite the fact that, there was so much up in the air at the starting, everything is handled exquisitely. Just seeing things work out so perfectly for Nicky and Sam made me so happy. The best thing was that their compromise was so flawless it didn’t even appear to be a compromise, it just felt like a part of being an amazing mate.

Nicky and Sam were so amazing in this book. I love these two so much. There entire team is so so good. Connor and Jesse are still working out things but I love where we leave them by the end of this book. I would really love for them to work things out between themselves. In fact, dare I say, I would love to have a book with them as the main characters. I really want to know more about these two. Roland is amazing, I love him, I love how good he is at supporting everyone in his team and seeing him with Nicky and Connor at the end was so heartwarming. He is so good. We get more of Annie who is as fearless as ever, Jake, Julie, Chris and Reese and I appreciated them all.

I can’t wait to delve more in this world and the ending makes me optimistic that we might just get another book in this series. I have said this before and I will say this again, I love the world the author has created for this series, it is so ingenious. If you liked the previous book in the series, this is one you definitely don’t want to miss.

Cover Art by Cate Ashwood. The snow leopard steals the show in a pretty magnificent cover. I like how the covers of the books in this series give off the same vibe despite being different.

Sales Links:   Amazon
Book Details:
ebook, 1st edition, 164 pages
Expected publication: August 16th 2019 by Dreamspinner Press
ISBN13 9781644054246
Edition Language English

A MelanieM Review :Save of the Game (Scoring Chances #2) by Avon Gale

Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

After last season’s heartbreaking loss to his hockey team’s archrival, Jacksonville Sea Storm goalie Riley Hunter is ready to let go of the past and focus on a winning season. His new roommate, Ethan Kennedy, is a loud New Yorker with a passion for social justice that matches his role as the team’s enforcer. The quieter Riley is attracted to Ethan and has no idea what to do about it.

Ethan has no hesitations. As fearless as his position demands, he rushes into things without much thought for the consequences.Though they eventually warm to their passionate new bond, it doesn’t come without complications. While trying to financially help Ethan, Riley must hide his family’s wealth so as not to hurt Ethan’s immense pride. For their relationship to work, Ethan will need to learn when to keep the gloves on and let someone help him—and Riley will have to learn it’s okay to let someone past his defenses.

As much as I love baseball, hockey and hockey players have slowly become my new boys of summer.  The NHL’s “Hockey for Everyone” campaign during Pride month just further solidified that position.  And we have some outstanding LGBT hockey romances to read and fall in love with, including Avon Gale’s Scoring Chances series.

Save of the Game by Avon Gale is the second story in that series (one I had somehow overlooked and now catching up on).  And it’s another winner of a romance, contributing to the series and universe the author is building for this series and just an overall giangatic pleasure to read.

Picking up with the ECHL teams involved with a fierce rivalry and loss from last season (book one Breakaway), Save of the Game picks up with the aftermath with goalie Riley Hunter and his new roommate and teammate, Ethan Kennedy.  Riley is one we started to get to know in Breakaway.  There he was still a bit of an enigma.  But here, we get the man and it’s everything I was hoping for.  Complex, quirky as goalies are, unexpected, and compelling in his strange upbringing.  I liked him to begin with and then fell in love the more the layers pulled back to reveal the heart of this man.

Where Riley is all quiet and  interior walls, Ethan is all loud, prickly, and defensive in other ways.  His barriers are obvious, his emotions thrown out there but as a man he’s as irresistible as Riley.Maybe it’s because Gale has written this man with a heart as big as the team he loves so fiercely.  Given their diverse personalities, the march towards a  relationship is as quirky, loud, funny, painful, and just plain amazing as they are.

There are wonderful other characters here.  The teammates that will become important players in other stories or already have been, the families of both men  who  are vibrant characters in their own right.  No one here is someone you will easily forget.  Trust me on that.  Everyone makes an indelible impression on you.  On and off the ice.

Oh, but when they get on the ice!  The action here is incredible, the pace as fast as you would expect, the games and flow is actually thrilling.  Avon Gale can write hockey!

If I could buy a crazy Jacksonville Sea Storm jersey I would.  I’m that nuts about this team.  Even their rivals.  There is something about the ECHL (Easy Come Hard to  Leave as the East Coast Hockey League is known as ) that pulls you in and makes you a rabid fan.  Avon Gale is one.  She’s made me one too.   This great series will go a long way to making you one as well and picking up the phone to see where your own ECHL team may be.

If you aren’t familiar yet with either Avon Gale or any of her hockey stories, here is a series to start with.  I highly recommend them.  Including Save of the Game, which I love.  But start with Breakaway and work your way through.  I have listed them all below!  Enjoy!

Cover Artist: Aaron Anderson,  I love these covers.  Perfect for the characters and do a great job branding the series.

Sales Links:  Amazon

Book Details:

book, 200 pages
Published January 29th 2016 by Dreamspinner
Original Title Save of the Game
ISBN 1627980474 (ISBN13: 9781627980470)
Edition Language English
Series Scoring Chances #2
setting Jacksonville, Florida (United States)
New York State (United States)
Florida (United States)

Scoring Chances Series


Save of the Game

Power Play


Empty Net

Coach’s Challenge

An Alisa Review: Anticipating Temptation (Anticipation #3) by Silvia Violet

Rating:  4 stars out of 5

Marty doesn’t want to need a Daddy, but he’s still anticipating temptation…

Marty’s new boss pushes all his buttons. He’s confident, capable, and he expects to get his way.

But Marty’s past experience has made him wary of dominant men and determined to establish his independence. Even if deep down he knows Rob will treat him right, he can’t put his new job at risk. Everyone knows sleeping with your boss is a terrible idea.

Rob is the CEO of a company he built himself. He’s wealthy and successful, but he’s also lonely.

While he’d never admit it, he longs for a place to call home and a man to love.

Before he met Marty, Rob never felt such a protective urge toward anyone. When he hires Marty to be the housekeeper for his new ranch, Rob doesn’t just want Marty to work for him. He wants to be Marty’s Daddy. Rob is a man who always goes after what he wants, even if he has to break some rules.

This was so sweet.  Marty and Rob click from the beginning it’s the logistics and technicalities that throw everything for a loop.

I was glad that Marty was able to finally find the happiness and care he has always wanted after everything that he has had to deal with.  Rob knows what he wants but has to be strong enough to let everyone know.  I love how sweet and protective Rob was from their very first meeting and you could just see how Marty brought the Daddy in him out.  Marty just flourished under the attention and all the care that Rob gave him.

This story just pulled me in and kept me engaged the whole time.  This has been a very nice series and I enjoy each new couple and love that we get to see the previous couples too.

The cover art by Amai Designs Continues to follow the same style as the other books and I like the field in the background that’s similar to one on Rob’s farm.

Sales Links: Amazon

Book Details:

ebook, 234 pages

Published: June 26, 2019 by Silvia Violet Books

Edition Language: English

Series: Anticipation #3

Check Out the New Book Release for Heart Strain (Interlocking Fragments #1) by Michelle Notaro and Sammi Cee (excerpt and giveaway)

Heart Strain Tour Banner

Heart Strain

Interlocking Fragments Series, Book 1

Sammi Cee & Michele Notaro

M/M Contemporary Romance

Release Date: 07.22.19

Cover Artist: Soxsational Cover Art

Heart Strain Cover



When I get a call that my twin brother’s been shot, I’m in shock as I head back to Baltimore to be with him. Seeing him in a coma is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do; sitting here not knowing whether he’s going to live or die is the worst thing I can imagine. But at least Jameson is with me—he makes it more bearable, and I don’t feel like I’m in this alone. With everything going on, I probably shouldn’t be checking out my brother’s work partner, but I can’t seem to help it. Jameson’s been so sweet and kind and considerate; not to mention he’s so sexy I can’t keep my eyes off him.


My partner getting shot and ending up in a coma brings everything in my world to a screeching halt. He’s not only my partner on the police force, but my best friend and confidant. When I see his twin brother, Holden, sitting in the waiting room, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude that he neither blames me nor pushes me away. Now I’m doing my best to take care of him and support him; if only I’d stop noticing how his emotions reflect in his eyes and wondering how it would feel to touch him.

Will the bonding that takes place during their long bedside vigils become more than they expected? Can they be honest enough with themselves and each other to take it to the next level? And if they do, will Holden be willing to sacrifice the life he loves for the brother he’s kept at arm’s length for almost ten years and the man who could end up being his everything?

Heart Strain is the first book in the Interlocking Fragments series, but is a standalone novel. Each book in the series will feature a different couple, but the couples will show up throughout the whole series. This is a contemporary romance intended for 18+.

Universal Buy Link: mybook.to/HeartStrain

Heart Strain Graphic 1

Heart Strain Graphic 2



As soon as the movie ends, I say, “I’m going to start dinner.” I need to get away from him for a minute before he notices what he’s doing to me. Unfortunately, the sexy bastard follows me into the kitchen with Nala trotting behind him.

“What can I do to help?”

I point to a stool. “You can sit down and look pretty while I cook.”

His eyebrows go up a little. “I can’t help?”


“When did you have time to buy all this stuff?”

“Uh… I woke up early, so I went out this morning before you picked me up.” What I don’t say is that I’ve been having trouble sleeping—no matter how long I run at night or how tired I am—and it seems to be getting worse every night. But that’s not his problem, so I keep it to myself.

He hesitantly sits on the stool and tentatively asks, “Why are you doing all of this?”

Blowing out a breath, I shrug as I get the ingredients out of the fridge. “You’ve been helping me since I got here, and… and I wanted to do something nice as a thank you.”

“You don’t have to thank me.” When I look at him, I can tell he has something else to add, but he doesn’t say whatever’s on his mind, so I just shrug again and get everything ready.

“I made this marinade this morning and the tofu’s been soaking it up all day, so hopefully you’ll still like it even though you like eating animals.”

He laughs out, “Gross.”

I shoot him a grin. “Anyway, I’m gonna do some mashed potatoes and green beans, so hopefully you’ll like at least one thing.”

“Sounds delicious, even the tofu.”

After a minute, I notice him looking a little sad or something, so I finally relent. “Will you stop frowning if I let you help?”

“Yes.” He smiles, just a tad.

“Fine,” I groan. “Help me with the potatoes.”

“Yes!” Jameson grins widely and hops off the stool. “I knew you’d cave.”

I laugh. “Was your plan to sit there looking all sad and pathetic until I did?”

“I was going to start sighing dramatically to add to the effect.”

I elbow him in the side with a chuckle and catch his gaze again. I can feel his warmth radiating off him because he’s standing so close to me. The moment I lick my dry lips, I see his eyes track the movement, and my breath catches. Does he want to kiss me as badly as I want to kiss him? Don’t look at his lips, Holden. Don’t look at them!

I look at his lips. Dammit!

But I catch myself, clear my throat, and force my body to move away from him.

Lucky for me, Jameson isn’t a huge awkward nerd like I am, and he ends up talking about the movie while we cook. Before I know it, he has me laughing again.


Michele is married to an awesome husband that puts up with her and all the characters in her head—and there are many. They live together in Baltimore, Maryland with their two young boys and two crazy dogs. She grew up dancing and swimming and taught dance—ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, & modern—for ten years before her kids came along. Now she stays home to write about the sexy men in her head and does PTA everything—as long as coffee is involved. Two other tattooed moms run the PTA with her, and though she wants to rip her hair out from it, she still loves it.

Michele Notaro Links:

Website: https://notarobooks.com/

Facebook Author Page: https://www.facebook.com/author.notaro/

IG: https://instagram.com/michelenotaro.author

Amazon Author Page: amazon.com/author/michelenotaro

Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/cseIXT

Goodreads: http://bit.ly/2yBe2RD

My FB Group, Notaro’s Haven: https://www.facebook.com/groups/NotarosHaven/

Reading Past the Realm (Paranormal group): https://www.facebook.com/groups/ReadingPastTheRealm/

Michele Notaro Global Links:

Finding My Forever Series: (Contemporary Romance)

Book 1: Everything In Between

Book 2: A Little Bit Broken

Book 3: Left Behind

Book 4: A True Fit

A Finding My Forever Short Story: (Contemporary Romance)

Falling In Time

A Valentine’s Tail

Flash Me Photos: (Contemporary Romance)

Portfolio #1: Love, Never-Ending

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Color My Kiss

Luck of the Ship

The Ellwood Chronicles: (Witch Romance)

Prequel: The Witches Seal

Book 1: The Enchanter’s Flame

Book 2: The Enchanter’s Soul

Reclaiming Hope: (Shifter Romance)

Book 1: How We Survive

Book 2: Rescuing His Heart

Book 3: Keeping Them Unseen

Novella: Finding Our Home

Novella: First Moon Festival

The Taoree Trilogy: (Alien MM Fiction)

Book 1: Taoree

Book 2: Independents

Book 3: Dissolution

Malachai Brothers: Beyond the Veil: (Paranormal Investigations- collab with K.M. Neuhold)

Episode 1: Akasha Sanatorium

The Brotherhood of Ormarr: (Dragon Rider Romance collab with Sammi Cee)



The Enchanter’s Flame

How We Survive

~My YA Books under Bobbie Rayne~

The Crazy Adventures of Cass & Star: (Paranormal YA)

Episode 1: do you think we should’ve glued it first?

The Triumphs of the Everette Brothers: (Contemporary YA)

#1: Genuinely Extraordinary

The Brotherhood of Ormarr: (Dragon Rider Romance collab with Steph Marie)


Sammi Cee Log (1)

Sammi Cee was raised in a family of readers. Summer vacations consisted of a good book while sitting lakeside from as far back as she could remember. After growing up and having her own children, her appreciation of how the written word could transport you on an adventure, bring you to tears, or give you hope, took on a whole new meaning.

These days Sammi is watching her children develop into fine young ladies while doing the things she enjoys most: drinking coffee, eating chocolate, and writing her own stories.

Sammi Cee Links:

Facebook Author Page: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorSammiCee/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cee_sammi

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sammi_cee_author/

Amazon Author Page: https://amazon.com/author/sammicee

My FB Group, Sammi Cee’s: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SammisSanctuary/

Prolific Works: https://claims.prolificworks.com/free/aZYLOwCi

Reading Past the Realm (Paranormal group): https://www.facebook.com/groups/ReadingPastTheRealm/

Sammi Cee Global Links:

In You Series

Mixed Up In You

Trusting In You

Ending In You

Slate Mountain Wolf Pack (with Michelle Frost)

Under A Full Moon

Half Moon Above

Stand Alone

Writing Our Love

Kissing Our Loves, Valentine’s Inc #6

Shipping Our Loves, Valentine’s Inc. #8

The Brotherhood of Ormarr: (Dragon Rider Romance collab with Michele Notaro)


~My YA Books under Steph Marie~

The Triumphs of the Everette Brothers: (Contemporary YA)

#1: Genuinely Extraordinary

The Brotherhood of Ormarr: (Dragon Rider Romance collab with Bobbie Rayne)



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Release Blitz for Thomas Grant Bruso’s Past Sins (excerpt and giveaway)


Length: 29,389 words
Publisher: JMS Books

Officer Jack Ballinger receives a phone call from the chief of police in the early morning hours regarding a dead body at an apartment building in a quiet neighborhood in the small upstate New York town of Black Falls. A female student lies in a pentagram outlined in her own blood, clutching a rosary. Ballinger and his former partner Officer Cory Ryan interview tenants in the building about the girl’s death, but are met with more questions than answers.

When another body is found in the same apartment building a few hours later, Jack knows something is wrong. As he ciphers through a patchwork of unexplainable clues, the investigation detours when Ryan disappears from the case and cannot be found.

With his future as an officer in question, will Ballinger be able to deal with the truth of these crimes once he discovers everything he thought he knew was a lie?


I’ve been sitting in the dark for an hour in front of the rain-streaked balcony window on a rattan armchair I found at a yard sale a few months ago.

An old relic is somebody else’s fortune, my mother once told me. It’s got a couple more good years left, I surmise, as I pour three fingers of vodka into a tumbler half filled with melting ice and take a slow sip, chips of broken ice sliding down my throat like shards of glass.

This is the only time I am by myself, a cosmic stillness, to think and rationalize.

Staring out at lines of rain crisscrossing down the sliding glass doors, I see a young dead girl lying in her own blood, clutching a rosary, her face distorted and covered in blood from a deep knife wound.

What does it mean? I wonder, tipping the glass and emptying the vodka in one long pull.

I refill, wishing I had bought two bottles, when a single soft knock at the door rattles me, and I lose my grip on the bottle and glass.

My drink spills across the scattered rug, and the edge of the glass smashes against the armchair at a ninety-degree angle, slivers of glass splintering across the floor.


There’s another knock, harder, more urgent.

I stand, wiping beads of alcohol off my hand and arm, and turn, staring at the closed door.

The time on the microwave reads 3:36.

Nobody visits this early in the morning. I wait and listen, hoping whoever it is will go away.

Five seconds. Ten. Fifteen.

Then …

Two raps, hard, forceful and demanding to be answered.

I shudder, and my heartbeat rages in my ears.

As if paralyzed, fear traps me in place, and my hands are trembling and clammy and cold.

But I conjure up enough strength to yell, “Hello?”

I hear mumbling, but the words are unclear.

I swallow hard and step over broken glass, walking in the semi darkness to the edge of the mini kitchen, inching closer to the door.

“Hello?” I say again, reaching for my gun on the counter and cocking the hammer.

There is no answer.

I skulk to the edge of the door and lean up against the peephole, straining to glimpse a tall lean shadow stretching across the far wall in the hallway.

Stepping back, I aim the gun at the closed door, hearing my neighbor’s voice in my head.

Tall. Thin. Ghostly.

“Who is it?” I yell.

No answer.

I am buzzed from the booze, my head swimming with unpleasant thoughts. I step towards the door and unlock the chains, my hand hovering on the handle.

I look out through the peephole; the hall is empty.

I aim the gun out in front of me as I turn the bottom lock counterclockwise and pull the door open slightly, the chain link lock still affixed, clattering in place.

Staring out the crack, I don’t see anybody. “Hello?”

But there is no response.

I close the door and step out into the hallway, slowly, cautiously, looking left to right. Right to left, aiming the gun in every direction.

At the far end of the corridor, near the stairwell exit, I see a figure, masked in a dark hoodie, staring out the window to the tenant parking lot below.

“Hello?” I yell.

The figure turns in slow-motion, and I catch a glimpse of his long face in the bright moonlight spilling in from the high window.

The end of the whole dilemma eight months ago resurfaces like a nightmare that won’t stay dead, as I glare into the face of my past sins.

Author Bio

Thomas Grant Bruso graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh in 2004 with a Bachelor’s in theatre performance and English writing. He knew at an early age he wanted to be a writer. He has been a voracious reader of genre fiction since he was a kid. His literary inspirations are Dean Koontz, Karin Fossum, Jeffery Deaver, Joyce Carol Oates, and John Connolly. He loves animals, book-reading, writing fiction, and prefers Sudoku to crossword puzzles. He writes book reviews for his hometown newspaper, The Press Republican. He lives in Plattsburgh with his husband, Paul, and their miniature pincher diva, Riley.


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Love Fantasy? Check Out the Tour for “The Stones of Power” series by M.D. Grimm (excerpt and giveaway)

The Stones of Power

Check out this amazing MM fantasy series from M.D. Grimm – “The Stones of Power.”

About the Series:

Lord Morgorth is a dark mage on the planet Karishian. His peers consider him a villain, but there is more to him than they choose to understand. Cursed by a dark destiny and tormented by painful memories of the past, Morgorth struggles to find his place in the world. Far from innocent, Morgorth has teetered between embracing his destiny and fighting against it his entire life. A decision that is made easier when Aishe comes into his life.

Aishe is a creature of the forest, a warrior and healer. He has the moral compass that Morgorth needs, and Morgorth gives Aishe the companionship he craves. Together, they forge ahead, weathering the storms and fighting the enemies fate puts into their paths.

However, their greatest enemy is not a living being, but gemstones infused with deadly power. They are addictive, seductive, and completely treacherous. Morgorth hates them and is determined to find and imprison all of them.

But he soon realizes they are keys to a greater power. He learns his destiny is not all he thought it was. And an even greater enemy stirs in the darkness.

Enter the world of “The Stones of Power.”

Amazon Series Link

The Books:

Ruby: Lost and Found (book one)

Ruby Lost and Found - The Stones of Power series

Lord Morgorth is a dark mage on the planet Karishian. He’s considered a villain by his peers and relishes the title, having embraced the role early in his life. However, not all of his actions are necessarily villainous.

Despite owning several of the Stones of Power—gemstones infused with powerful magick—he doesn’t use them, preferring to keep them hidden away and out of destructive, power-hungry hands. He hates them more than anything. So when a sorcerer gets a hold of a major stone, Morgorth has no choice but to go after him. But, to his irritation, he is not alone. Aishe is a dialen whose tribe was massacred by the sorcerer, and is now on a mission of vengeance. The attraction is instant between them, but Morgorth keeps his distance. Because of a traumatic childhood and a deadly destiny, he has no desire for emotional complications. But Aishe’s very presence challenges Morgorth’s resolve.

Not only does Morgorth admire Aishe’s strength and intelligence, but he begins to see Aishe as a friend. As their hunt continues and their time together lengthens, their bond deepens, as does Morgorth’s fear. If he becomes the monster that destiny claims he will be, will he hurt Aishe? Will he harm the one person who sees right through him? Who accepts him wholeheartedly? Determined to not let that happen, Morgorth keeps Aishe at a distance. But when Aishe is kidnapped by the sorcerer, what will Morgorth do to get him back?

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N4WCKF2/

Amazon print: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1544166257/

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/701995

Peridot: War and Peace (book two)

Peridot War and Peace - The Stones of Power series

Morgorth is considered a villain by his own people and known as the Dark Mage of the North. But now all he feels is light and love as he pursues a budding relationship with Aishe, a dialen of the Ravena tribe. Morgorth hardly believes his good fortune. He has allowed Aishe into his home, into his bed, into his heart. He laughs more, smiles more, and feels happier than he ever has before.

He should have known such bliss never lasts.

The Council of Mages, the ruling body over all mages on Karshian, knows he has Rambujek, a major stone of power—a stone won from an evil sorcerer. They also know his destiny—to become the Destroyer. Fearful, they send two emissaries to take the stone from Morgorth, using whatever means necessary. This includes tricks, threats to those under his protection, and the threat of war. A war Morgorth knows he would never survive.

Conflict soon arises between him and Aishe. Their tenuous relationship is put into jeopardy, their very beliefs about themselves and their love is put into question. Morgorth doubts if he should keep Aishe in his life. He doesn’t know if he can protect Aishe from his enemies. Or from the monster he might become.

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XFG4T1F/

Amazon print: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1546858660/

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/708461

Amethyst: Bow and Arrow (book three)

Amethyst Bow and Arrow - The Stones of Power series

Every story has more than one point of view.

As the mate to the Dark Mage Morgorth, Aishe has learned a lot about magick, love, and himself. He tries to find a home with Morgorth, to be accepted into his world; to survive in a world full of magick, treachery and deception. But all the while he struggles to keep a secret about his past and their intertwined destinies. Despite all the obstacles thrown at both of them, Aishe is determined to stay by Morgorth’s side, no matter what the future brings – even if that future turns dark with death should Morgorth embrace his grim destiny.

But when Morgorth leaves with his mentor to collect another stone of power, Aishe is left behind. It is then that a surprise attack comes and Aishe, determined to protect and defend his new home, decides to take the invaders on by himself. It might prove to be too much for him to handle… especially when he learns the one who leads the invaders is a mage.

The third book in the “Stones of Power” series allows us a glimpse inside the mind of Lord Morgorth’s better half, a dialen named Aishe: his motivations, his personal sorrows, and his struggle to find a place to call home.

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XZZDQ3J/

Amazon print: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1546977864/

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/715607

Agate: Then and Now (book four)

Agate Then and Now - The Stones of Power series

Time travel. For mages, it violates their number one rule: what the Mother has written, let no one unwrite. The Mother writes the destinies of the creatures on the world of Karishian. If her writings were undone, it is feared that Creation itself could be undone. The Dark Mage Morgorth takes this rule to heart, but there are others who do not.

Morgorth is about to claim a stone of power when it is stolen from him by a female mage he hasn’t seen in decades. As they struggle for the stone, she activates it, and Morgorth is unwillingly plunged into another time and another place. It isn’t long before he realizes what time he’s found himself in and there are a few familiar faces.

Most notable is a much younger version of Aishe. His mate.

Living with a tribe who will be massacred, caring for a young lad who will become his mate, and fighting a battle against a mage who can travel from past to future at a whim; Morgorth’s life has never been easy but now he must contend with the will of the Mother. Unable to change the future and the tragedies of Aishe’s life, he must decide what his role in his mate’s past will be, and ask himself one vital question: how does one defeat time?

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XZYDWQZ/

Amazon print: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1547286482/

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/715609

Emerald: Good and Evil (book five)

Emerald Good and Evil - The Stones of Power series

Home. Family.

Those words often invoke a sense of love and comfort. But for the dark mage Morgorth, they mean hate and pain. As the seventh son of a seventh son, many believe Morgorth’s destiny is to become the Destroyer. His father embraced such a future and trained Morgorth through torture and fear to become his weapon. Morgorth managed to escape his father’s cruelty, but not the nightmares that still haunt him. For many years he’s lived with the stain of his father’s savagery, but now he must confront his nightmares head-on.

His father has found a stone of power.

Morgorth must return to his land of birth, to the memories he’s tried his entire life to suppress. Aishe is determined to help Morgorth defeat his inner demons, but he knows he might not be enough to save Morgorth from embracing his darkness. They know it will be a fight to the death and know Morgorth won’t be the same if he survives. With Aishe by his side, Morgorth hunts for his father, and finds answers to questions he never dared to ask—and must live with the truths they reveal.

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Carnelian: Dreams and Visions (book six)

Carnelian Dreams and Visions - The Stones of Power series

Lord Morgorth is haunted by dreams of his father. Although Morgorth killed him, his father’s presence and brutality won’t completely die. But now he has more to worry about—in the form of the Council of Mages’ inquiry into the duel between Morgorth and an elder of the council. Morgorth expects sabotage and prepares accordingly. He fears for Aishe’s life, knowing that the best way to sabotage the inquiry is to eliminate the witnesses. He sets into motion a desperate plan that, though it will protect Aishe, could put a strain on their relationship not easily removed.

Yet the true danger lurks unseen, and it will take all of Morgorth’s skill, strength, and devotion to Aishe, to save his mate from the hold of a foe Morgorth has yet to tangle with: a dream demon. Now Morgorth must throw aside caution, restraint, and fear if he is to save the one most dear to him. He must call upon the power of the one thing he hates more than even his father: a stone of power.

But even if he manages to save Aishe, his mate’s experiences in Dreamworld—at the mercy of the dream demon—have changed him forever and could shatter their bond irrevocably.

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Lapis Lazuli: Forgotten and Remembered (book seven)

Lapis Lazuli Forgotten and Remembered - The Stones of Power series

A bond they thought couldn’t be broken…

Lord Morgorth, Dark Mage of the North, has never felt so far away from his precious mate as he does now. Still reeling from the events of a month before, Aishe struggles to come to grips with what the dream demon did to him while pretending to be Morgorth. For his part, Morgorth is haunted by the chilling vision the Mother sent him while he traversed Dreamworld—a vision where he kills the one most precious to him. Due to that knowledge, he knows he must choose his magick or his mate.

A choice with devastating consequences…

When Morgorth goes missing, Aishe must search for him, frightened that he has lost his mage forever. In his heart he knows they were meant for each other and refuses to allow his own horrid memories to tear them apart. But when he finds Morgorth he is stunned to realize that Morgorth doesn’t remember him. In fact, in Morgorth’s mind, he is a young lad named Lazur.

Sometimes the most well-known truth is the greatest lie…

For his entire life, Morgorth always knew his destiny was to become the Destroyer of his home world. His birthright as the third seventh son of a seventh son guaranteed such an outcome. Everyone told him so—except his mentor, Master Ulezander. Morgorth will learn that his mentor has been keeping the greatest secret of all: his true destiny.

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07TZQJ8DF/

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The Stones of Power series meme

I knelt on the floor in front of a large bowl of cream, freshly churned that day. After lowering my head until my chin touched my chest, I lifted my sigil-covered hands palms up. The summoning sigils had been made with black ink, standing out starkly against my pale skin. I closed my eyes, and since I’d memorized the ancient words to chant, I repeated them now. They slipped out, winding around my tongue and charging the air. The familiar burn of my magick flowed out of my core and through my veins, lighting up my insides. I never paused in the recitation, not even when I breathed. If I did, it would be considered rude, and the creatures of the summoning might decide I wasn’t worth their attention.

My magick, infused with the ancient words, pulsed in the room before sinking below the floorboards, into the ground, deeper into toxic Underworld.

I vaguely noted the heavy breathing of my brother, Olyvre, while Lyli, his daughter, made little squeaky noises of excitement. Of Aishe, there was nothing. Not surprising. He didn’t make many sounds these days—either with words or simple footsteps. He seemed to have withdrawn from existing.

Feeling my focus waver, I snapped back and infused the words with more magick, hardening my resolve. The krattyie would protect my brother and Lyli if I did this right. They might have been demons of Underworld but they were the benevolent kind. If treated with respect and given lots of cream, they would protect a home, property, and all those who lived and worked there. As a result, my brother and his daughter would be safe as would those who worked for Olyvre on his acres of farmland. It was one of the main reasons he’d agreed to the summoning. He would never seek protection for himself, but for those he loved? He would do anything.

When my magick and words touched something, I kept the touch persuasive and coaxing—a humble request, nota demand. One never demanded anything from the beings of Underworld, not unless one was certain they were stronger than the creatures. Sure, I might have been stronger than the krattyie but I wanted their trust, and I needed them to accept Olyvre as their patron if this was going to work. I couldn’t watch my brother all the time, and after the events of the inquiry several weeks before, I could not deny that everyone I loved desperately needed protection.

I opened my eyes when I sensed otherin Olyvre’s house. Lyli giggled and something tittered faintly back. Krattyie adored children, and Lyli was the sort to walk up to a strange animal and try to pet it.

I peered around the room, still chanting, still pulsing with magick. Shadows flickered at the corner of my eyes, sneaking around the furniture, soft sniggers accompanying the movements.

Then I said the final line of the chant. A question.

Will you accept?

The answer was a playful flick to my hair…a gesture Aishe used to do. Shoving aside the longing for his touch, I hardened my focus once more and nodded.

I stopped chanting and pulled the magick back into my core. The pulsing in the room faded with it, although the krattyie stayed. I stood, wincing at my stiff legs. How long had I knelt there? Didn’t matter.

“Follow my lead,” I said, my voice hoarse.

“Lyli.” Olyvre held out his hand and Lyli took it dutifully.

I bowed with my right foot forward, toes pointed. I tucked my left arm behind my back while extending my right, palm up in both offering and gratitude. The others followed my actions, and when I considered the bowl of cream in front of me, I noticed flickering shadows crowding around it. I counted five. A good number. They might be small but they were fierce and their loyalty was absolute. They would guard this house and its occupants forever as long as they received the respect they deserved and as much cream as they could guzzle.

When the cream was gone we all straightened.

I smiled at Olyvre and nodded. “Just follow the instructions I gave you and you’ll be fine.”

“Thank you.”

Lyli dashed over to where one of the shadows wavered and giggled as it danced away. It laughed with her. She chased the krattyie and they howled like loons. Olyvre watched with a soft, indulgent smile.

We’d stayed with Olyvre last night, and I’d hoped the change in scenery would open Aishe up. Lighten the tension that stiffened his body. So far it wasn’t working. I focused on him now, allowing myself to really look at him. He still appeared pensive, troubled, distant.

So very distant.

Lyli’s antics didn’t even produce a smile, although his eyes did soften and warm. That was something. We’d been doing relatively well for a week or two after the entire inquiry and dream demon debacle. Then he’d started to close up. Shut me out. And I didn’t know what in the Mother’s name to do or say to open him again. I was flailing in the dark without a light to guide me. Aishe was my light and he was dim and indistinct now.

“I hope you can stay.” Olyvre picked up the empty bowl and regarded both of us. “I know summoning the krattyie was your reason for coming but… stay, at least for another day. I know Lyli would like you to. So would I.”

I tried to meet Aishe’s eyes but he wouldn’t allow it. I swallowed the frustration that was becoming all too familiar, and the darker sensation of impending doom. “Sure. We can do that. Nothing presses us to leave.”

“Perfect.” He smiled and touched my arm lightly. “I have to get supper ready. Why don’t you—?”

“It’s cloudy, Daddy!” Lyli said and ran over. “I want to watch the cloud creatures.”

“Why don’t you take your uncle with you?”

Panic tightened my gut as I threw Olyvre a glare. “I don’t think that would be a good idea.”

“Please?” Lyli grabbed my hand, hanging onto it with all her weight.

I staggered at the attack before gazing down into big brown eyes that reminded me of Grekel’s pups. Wichtln puppies were as cute and adorable as the adults were fierce and bloodthirsty. Despite Olyvre’s fair looks, Lyli was darker of skin and hair and eyes. Either from her mother—who was deceased—or from the other side of Olyvre’s blood. He was fair like our mother, but our father and the rest of our brothers were dark.

Aishe watched us, silent. He wasn’t going to save me. Why did I think he would? He hadn’t spoken much to me in weeks.

“I don’t even know what we’ll be doing.”

“Watching cloud creatures!” Lyli said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

I pleaded with Olyvre with my eyes. “Why are you doing this to me?”

He grinned, eyes sparkling. “You need it.”


“Come on!” Lyli was stronger than she appeared, and with a determined tug had me stumbling out the front door.

Author Bio

M.D. Grimm has wanted to write stories since second grade (kind of young to make life decisions, but whatever) and nothing has changed since then (well, plenty of things actually, but not that!). Thankfully, she has indulgent parents who let her dream, but also made sure she understood she’d need a steady job to pay the bills (they never let her forget it!).

After graduating from the University of Oregon and majoring in English, (let’s be honest: useless degree, what else was she going to do with it?) she started on her writing career and couldn’t be happier.

Working by day and writing by night (or any spare time she can carve out), she enjoys embarking on romantic quests and daring adventures (living vicariously, you could say) and creating characters that always triumph against the villain, (or else what’s the point?) finding their soul mate in the process.

Author Website: https://www.mdgrimmwrites.com/the-stones-of-power-series

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