A Chaos Moondrawn Review: The King’s Dragon (Fire and Valor #1) by W.M. Fawkes and Sam Burns


Rating: 4.25 stars out of 5

When King Edmund dies, Reynold becomes king. After several decades of peace and prosperity, this starts a cascade of events that will see the kingdom of Llangard in a more precarious position, and many uncertain who is friend or foe. Reynold’s cousin Tris is well respected at the castle, but hides his nature, afraid it will endanger his life. Bet, the king’s assassin, has his own secrets, and is a huge part of shaping the events at court with well done action scenes. As political machinations, ethics, and morals drive them apart, their long held attraction also pulls Tris and Bet together. Theirs is the main romance, if you can call it that. While the sex scenes are explicit, they are not titillating, just used for character and plot development. I would say the relationship is part of the book, not the point of the book. Tris is such a likeable, character with more depth as the book goes on. It’s quite the feat to make me feel sympathy and empathy for an assasin. For all the characters, their complex loyalties are twisted and tested until they find there is a difference between what is right, and what is honorable.

Since this is the start of a series with a full cast of characters and multiple points of view, it will require some attention to detail. While the various points of view help layer the world-building throughout the story, they also make it more difficult to get very attached to any one character. The heading for each chapter tells where the point of view starts, but be prepared for a change in points of view between scenes. Other important points of view besides Tris, Bet, and Reynold include: Reynold’s sister Gillian, Rhiannon and Hafgan as visitors to the castle, Sidonie as the King’s guard, and Prince Roland. As the Prince is nine, I am glad not too much time is spent with his point of view, but I did find it age appropriate.

Without giving too much away, relations between the dragons of the Mawrcraig Mountains and Llangard are contentious from a war fought long ago. Still, the kingdom relies on the dragons to turn back invaders from the north, and the dragons expect to be left alone. They want to improve their situation so a dragon goes to meet the new king. They may have been a threat to humans once upon a time, but they have no greed for human lands. Yet, dragonkind won’t stay hidden in the mountains forever. People of Tornheim are encroaching in the mountains. Usually a nation of tribes that don’t work together, something may be changing as they are growing bolder. The Torndals may also be creating intrigue to move against Llangard. While there is an elf in this story, the reader doesn’t know anything about the elves at all at this point. Too much care has been taken to set up this world and its politics for it not to have a much larger story arc coming. Even though this story, as it is, has a satisfying ending, there are four plot points left dangling to build upon.

If there was a stumble, I would say it’s in the development of the relationship between Sidonie and Rhiannon. They barely spend any time together at all and attraction alone between strangers wasn’t enough for me to believe how their plot point develops, even though the end is so, so good. The scene between Tris and Hafgan also seemed forced and too soon in their acquaintance for that level of exchange. There are dragons that are introduced near the end, but there was not enough done to make me intrigued by them. I would expect the next book to feature more about them and their culture; I welcome this as I would love to have their points of view too. I’m just saying dragons are written into relationships where time wasn’t taken to build them, or introduced briefly to position them for the future, rather than to add to the story already in play. This is an ambitious, action packed fantasy adventure that carries the reader merrily along. There is magic, elves, dragons, and plenty of historical lore, which may or may not be fact–every side has their own view of war, after all. My only concern is the next book will need a lot of world-building also and I hope there are more intimate scenes (like with Bet and Roland, or Tris and his mother) between the characters so I can check in with them more emotionally, rather than those getting lost in all the politics and plot twists that I intellectually enjoy. I look forward to the next book to see where everything goes, especially because the authors have made me a bit bloodthirsty and have proven they’re not afraid to surprise and delight.

Cover art © 2019 by Natasha Snow Designs. The cover is so striking with Tristram front and center, which is as it should be since he is the rallying point and glue that holds things together.

Order here:

Universal: http://mybook.to/thekingsdragon

Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07XC67S95 

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/47945724-the-king-s-dragon

Book Details:

Kindle Edition, 295 pages
Published September 26th 2019
Edition Language English
Series Fire and Valor #1

A Karen Review: The First Step (Coastal Carolina #1) by Shira Anthony


Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

I got to learn about a new and interesting job in this book – that of river pilot.  I hadn’t really thought about it, but never would have guessed that the pilots of the big container ships didn’t do the job all the way from port to port, but had separate pilots to guide them that last bit from the harbor to the docks.  The fact that one MC of the book was a reporter who was himself learning about river pilots as he did a feature on them made it almost feel like I was reading his article myself!

Reed Barfield is a reporter from NYC who had been covering a high profile political beat, when he disgraced himself by punching a politician (yay, my hero!).  His boss sent him to North Carolina to do a few fluff pieces, with the promise that if they were good enough, he would be able to return to his old job.  While there, he learned about the river pilots, was fascinated, and even more so when he met Justin Vance.  The exile to North Carolina became a lot more bearable when he found that Justin was to be his subject to learn the personal aspects of the job.

Justin is one of the best river pilots on Cape Fear, but he is extremely private.  He keeps to himself, and his only real friends are his mentors – one of whom is in the early stages of dementia in a local care home, and the other has moved to Florida after a severe on-the-job accident.  He is mostly estranged from his family.  His co-workers don’t know that he’s gay, and he goes out of his way to keep them at arm’s length so they don’t find out.  Reed is exactly Justin’s type, and his attention and personal questions are exactly what he doesn’t need at work.

Despite my initial interest in the characters and their jobs, I found myself unable to connect with them.  Everything about them seemed fairly superficial – Reed’s passion about his job, Justin’s fear of being out, and even their shared history of being bullied.  These were the things that supposedly brought them together, but I never felt the emotions they should have brought out in me as a reader.  I didn’t even feel the emotions were very real to the men themselves.  The thing that I found most real was how both men were stereotypical in their desire not to admit that they might ever need help, or that they worried for others, or were pleased that someone was worried about them.  For that, I give the author kudos, and that bit of reality made me feel like these were genuine men I might actually meet in North Carolina.

Overall a decent read, but nothing I will go back to again.

Cover art by L.C.Chase is rather generic, but the models are what I envisioned the characters to look like.

Sales Links: AmazonBarnes & Noble | ITunes | Kobo

Book Details:

ebook, 229 pages
Published September 17th 2019 by Dreamspinner Press
ISBN 139781644055274
Edition Language English
Series Coastal Carolina #1

A Lila Review: I Was A Gay Teenage Zombie by Alison Cybe


Rating: 3.75 stars out of 5

“Y’know, if I was a sexy type of undead, like a vampire or something, I’m sure I’d have some kind of supernatural power to bring any guy I liked under my charismatic control. Best I can hope for is to not decompose over someone’s shoes. How romantic.”And you thought it was hard coming out as gay… Jay was a perfectly normal teenager, like any other awkward, antisocial, gay teenager. Until he was bitten by a mysterious zombie boy. Now, Jay has far more on his mind than he can handle. Not only is he struggling to keep his troubled family together and deal with his unfulfilled love for the hottest guy in school, he also needs to keep in check his urge to devour human flesh. All the while making sure his decomposition doesn’t show. As if he wasn’t already enough of an outsider…

I was a Teenage Gay Zombie is a funny, short story. It’s truly a young adult book–from the characters to the language.  The author did an excellent job keeping it on track and flowing easily.

The diary entries keep the reader entertain and wanting to know what’s next. It’s easy to believe a teenager wrote them as they answer Jay’s inner questions, helping him deal with his reality, growing pains, and his first love.

Being a zombie is an integral part of the story, but is more about dealing with the consequences than finding the reasons behind it. And as curious as I am, I wanted to learn more.

This is definitely a book written for the right audience.

I can say that this is the best cover ever. Story Perfect Dreamscape designed the perfect illustration to match Jay, his story, and attitude. It feels YA, just like the story. It got my attention from the beginning.

Sale Links: Deep Hearts | Amazon | Nook

Book Details:
ebook, 98 pages
ISBN: 9781078447126
Published: July 11, 2019, by Deep Hearts YA
Edition Language: English

Love Fantasy:? Check Out the Blog Tour for The King’s Dragon (Fire and Valor #1) by W.M. Fawkes and Sam Burns (excerpt and giveaway)



The King’s Dragon by W.M. Fawkes & Sam Burns

Series: Fire and Valor #1

Release Date: September 26, 2019

Subgenre: LGBTQIA+ High Fantasy Romance

Order here:

Universal: http://mybook.to/thekingsdragon

Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07XC67S95 

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/47945724-the-king-s-dragon


W.M. Fawkes & Sam Burns are doing a takeover in Hailey Turner’s Facebook Group on September 25!

Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1357532344368888/

Synopsis for The King’s Dragon:

Lord Tristram Radcliffe has a secret—he is the only dragon at the king’s court in Llangard. It’s a secret he’s kept from the knights he’s fought beside, from the ladies who bat their lashes at him, and from his closest companion, Prince Reynold. If it were to get out, he’d be banished to the Mawrcraig Mountains along with the rest of his kind, but the kingdom of men is the only one he’s ever known, and his heart lives in the stone halls of those who’d count him an enemy.

When the old king dies and Prince Reynold takes the throne, two visitors from the north throw Tristram into the middle of the ancient conflict between dragons and men. They put him on a collision course with the king’s shadow, Bet Kyston, a dangerous assassin who may want him dead or may want more of Tristram that he’d ever thought to give.

With the eyes of dragons upon him and a threat from the north creeping toward the home he loves, Tristram must weigh his allegiances before his dual legacies tear him apart.


Author Blurbs:

“Simmering with sexual and political tension, The King’s Dragon will pull you close, and won’t let go until its final pages. A wonderfully rich and compelling world.”

~ Ariana Nash, author of Silk & Steel

“Intricate plot threads intertwined with gripping tension, chemistry, and built on a fantasy world that rivals any peer in the genre. Vivid characters that aren’t cutouts of fantasy tropes, but real people with faults and virtues that will engage the reader. 

This book showcases the best of Fawkes and Burns’ writing and style—perfectly meshed storytelling rich in complicated and complex characters, with a plot that kept me afraid, engrossed, and my heart in my throat. An added dash of upended gender stereotypes and a refreshing addition of varied LGBTQ+ romances made this a standout in the genre. A fantastic start to a series and I cannot wait for the rest!”

~SJ Himes, author of Knight’s Fire

“Incredibly detailed world building, and a raft of characters who keep me guessing and turning pages!”

~ Allison Temple, author of Cold Pressed


“When can we go, Rhiannon?” Hafgan whispered in her direction, without even looking up at her.

She rolled her eyes at him. “We came here to do something. It isn’t finished yet.”

“They don’t want us here, and they’re—” He broke off and stared across the room, biting his lip.

When she turned to see what had grabbed his attention, she wasn’t sure whether to be impressed or jealous. “That’s a fine catch, Hafgan. Are you pursuing him?”

She’d noticed the half dragon around court. The king seemed to favor him, which was rather odd considering the man’s rabid hatred of their kind. Maybe half dragons were human enough for him.

Likelier, the little half dragon didn’t know what he was. Or maybe he was in hiding. Wasn’t that an interesting thought?

She wondered if he would be willing to take their case to the king. Maybe he had a better idea of how to present it so that the infuriating boor would actually listen.

Hafgan was looking back at her, surprised. “You mean Lord Radcliffe? No, nothing like that. We spoke for a moment. There’s just something terribly familiar about him.”

For the first time in days, Rhiannon laughed. Not that ridiculous courtly tittering that was expected of ladies, but a full-body laugh. She threw her head back and let the amusement take her. It seemed a rare opportunity in the human realm.

Hafgan blushed and glanced around them, not meeting anyone’s eye. He wasn’t ashamed of her exactly, but very aware of the reactions of the humans. They were important to him in a way they would never be to her.

Once people stopped staring at Rhiannon and went back to their own business, she leaned toward him and whispered, “Of course he looks familiar, sweet song. One of us is probably related to him.”

Excerpt #1:

Bet had stood in the shadow of the stands to watch Tristram’s joust, had seen the jarl lift his lance too high, viciously sturdy, and with sinking horror, had watched Tristram’s head snap back. For one breath, he had thought Tristram might be dead, and he could have killed Jorun right there in front of every lord and lady of Llangard and the whole contingent from Tornheim—slit his throat and stained his coarse gold hair with blood before anyone could stop him.

But Tristram had kept his mount. Jorun had fallen. And Bet allowed him a few more hours of life.

Now, he watched from different shadows, steam swirling tendrils through the air around him. Bet stood naked in the bath, water moving gently past his waist. Under it, where no one could see, he twisted the wooden handles of his garrote between his fingers.

Excerpt :

“You killed Jarl Jorun,” Tristram shot back through his teeth, voice low enough that he drew no attention from knights falling into their own bouts.

“He embarrassed our king,” Bet snapped. Tristram came at him again, sweeping toward his chest. Bet ducked. With the weight of his blade, Tristram overcompensated and Bet sliced his side, just under his ribs. A warning, not hard enough to bruise. “And tried to kill you. Don’t tell me you mourn the man, Tristram.”

The knight bared his teeth at him as he lunged again. “You made it look like I had done it!” he hissed.

At that, Bet laughed. He parried Tris as the broader man advanced on him. “Did I? Anyone who knows you knows you’re incapable.” Bet used the opening of Tristram’s arm to move into his defenses and strike him again—a harmless blow to the thigh. “I heard when you were accused, even the Torndals laughed,” Bet said with a sneer. Tristram would let Jorun roll over him before he debased himself with murder. Without Bet’s intervention, one day, Jorun might have.

Tristram was stronger than him, but that hardly mattered if he could not land a hit. A hair faster than any man at court, Bet had no intention of letting that happen. Suddenly, Tris had to step back. Bet’s blades were a fury. As Bet pushed him across the field, moving into the dueling spaces of other fighters, people had to stop and dodge. They turned to stare at their furious dance. Bet felt the rictus smile on his own face as Tristram began to take more blows than he could block.

And then he saw the sun catch a curl of auburn and the glint of gold on the king’s brow. Every knight in the yard knew what happened to those who sparred poorly. If Bet made a fool of Tristram, he’d lose the king’s favor.

His black eyes settled on Tristram, who’d used his momentary distraction to recover. Tristram swept his sword at Bet’s chest. He could have jumped back.

He didn’t.

Author Bio:


W.M. Fawkes is an author of LGBTQ+ urban fantasy and paranormal romance. She lives with her partner in a house owned by three halloween-hued felines that dabble regularly in shadow walking.

Sam lives in the Midwest with husband and cat, which is even less exciting than it sounds, so she’s not sure why you’re still reading this.

She specializes in LGBTQIA+ fiction, usually with a romantic element. There’s sometimes intrigue and violence, usually a little sex, and almost always some swearing in her work. Her writing is light and happy, though, so if you’re looking for a dark gritty reality, you’ve come to the wrong author.


Author links:

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Sam Burns:









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Blog Tour for Love on the Hudson by KD Fisher (excerpt and giveaway)



Love on the Hudson by KD Fisher

Release Date: September 30, 2019

Subgenre: Contemporary LGBTQ+ romance (m/m)

Order here:







Synopsis for Love on the Hudson:

At historian David Webster left his childhood home of Saugerties, New York ten years ago and hasn’t looked back. Intelligent, successful, and proud of his sexuality, David has built a comfortable, if lonely, life in Chicago. But when he learns his father has suffered a debilitating stroke, he decides to leave his prestigious museum job and move home to care for his dad. Until now David has never questioned his devotion to academic and professional success. Suddenly he’s forced to confront and reevaluate his desires, chief among them, his former best friend Nick.

Nick Patras has spent his entire life trying to be the perfect Greek son. From devoting himself to football, to forgoing an athletic scholarship to work at his family’s diner, to denying his sexuality and getting married to his high school sweetheart, Nick got used to putting his family’s dreams ahead of his own. The facade shattered, however, when Nick divorced his wife and left the family business to follow his dream of starting an organic farm. Finally content with the life he’s built for himself, Nick is still haunted by the mistake that ended his friendship with David a decade earlier.

When David and Nick reunite their old feelings are undeniable, but can David trust Nick with his heart a second time around? As David embarks on a new career as an artist, he must decide whether or not Nick fits into this composition.


“Can you give me another chance?” The naked hope in Nick’s face sends a jolt of warmth right through my heart. “I know I don’t deserve it but I want to at least be your friend again. And if you’d be willing, I want to be with you for real.”

Excerpt :

Five hours later I find myself behind the wheel of a white rental sedan barreling up I-87 in the direction of Saugerties, a perfectly nice town I’d hoped never to see again. The sky is the same mottled gray as it was back in Chicago, the snow along the highway the same dirt-tinged pewter. The passing cars are spattered with white salt stains. I drive in silence, every radio station bothering me with shrill commercials or horrendous blends of the 80s, 90s, and today.

My mind falls into a chaotic tailspin. I want to call Marc and see how the meeting went. I want to call Jimmy again and see if there is any update on my dad’s condition. The doctors are worried his vision was compromised but needed to run another test. I want to call Anna to hear her soothing voice and ask the one question that absolutely shouldn’t be on my mind right now. Has she seen Nick recently? Again, his gray eyes and those dark lashes flit across my mind and I grip the wheel harder. I need to focus. Plus I won’t even see him. He moved across town when he got married. He doesn’t live in the house across the street anymore.

Author Bio:

KD Fisher is a queer New England-based writer of authentic, heartfelt LGBTQ+ narratives. KD grew up all over the United States, bouncing from North Carolina to Hawaiʻi to Illinois, and finally settling in Maine where she spends far too much time at the beach.

When KD isn’t writing, she can usually be found hiking with her overly enthusiastic dog, obsessing over plants, or cooking elaborate meals. She loves classic country, perfectly ripe tomatoes, and falling asleep in the sun.

Author links:

Website: https://www.kdfisherromance.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kdfisherauthor/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kdfisher_author

Newsletter: https://squarespace.us18.list-manage.com/subscribe/post?u=f5e2b33c3ff839fc7ef512330&id=e20f3c6133

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kdfisherauthor/

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/18177834.KD_Fisher



Win one of 3 packages of a signed physical copy + postcard of LOVE ON THE HUDSON by KD Fisher!

Direct Link: http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/88d45f03107/?


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Adore a Friends to Lover Romance? Check Out the Release Blitz for Amalgamated by Becca Seymour (excerpt and giveaway)



Book Title: Amalgamated

Author: Becca Seymour

Publisher: Rainbow Tree Publishing

Cover Artist: Soxsational Cover Art

Release Date: September 28, 2019

Genre/s: Small-Town M/M Romance

Trope/s: Friends to lovers, May to December, 

Themes: Forgiveness

Heat Rating: 3 flames     

Length:  18 000 words/70 pages approx.

It is a standalone story.

Add on Goodreads

Realigned (Coming Home #1) – FREE READ



Buy Links

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  iTunes   |  Kobo  |  Nook 


Escape with Leo and Zak in outback Australia as they discover it sometimes takes time, distance, and interfering family to amalgamate.



After five years of living in the UK, it’s time for Leo to return home to his dad’s stud farm in outback Australia. He has no idea what to expect when he arrives. He didn’t exactly leave with balloons and banners.

Nope. His farewell involved destruction and his own heart split in two.

He knows seeing the man who’s always held his heart, Zak, is going to be awkward. The older farm manager made his feelings pretty damn clear when Leo hightailed it out of there.

Leo quickly figures out life is going to get complicated and a whole heap more exciting as his trip home becomes so much more. 

Amalgamated is a fun and steamy M/M short story in Becca Seymour’s Coming Home series. Stand-alone romances complete with heat, wit, and happily ever afters.




“Promise you won’t be mad.”

Groaning, I shook my head. Any request starting that way was going to result in me being pissed off. “What did you do?”

This time her glance my way had me tensing. Concern flickered in her eyes. When she focused on the road ahead, she blew out her cheeks, her lips pursed. “We’re heading to mine.”

“Okay?” I dragged out the word. I’d figured that out since we weren’t heading towards Dad and Michelle’s. 

“Dad kinda got excited about you coming home.”

My stomach dipped. I just knew where she was heading with this. Slamming my eyes shut, I waited for her next words.

They came out in a rush. “Sohekindainvitedaheapofpeopleover. But…” She gasped for breath. “…it’s not technically a party, as there aren’t banners or balloons.” 

My eyes sprang open, and I stared at her wide-eyed.

She glanced at me, a mix of horror and amusement on her face. “You owe me big for talking him out of that.”

“Yet you couldn’t have talked him into a small family meal?”

She shrugged. “I did try, but, Leo.” She paused, emotion swirling in her eyes, and I swallowed. This was just one of the reasons I’d stayed away. Guilt still clawed at me whenever I gave it life. “Dad was so excited you were coming home. You know he still doesn’t understand why you left. If it had just been heading to the city, that would have been a struggle, but you travelled to the other side of the world.”

My gut clenched. I still felt shit for leaving my dad, but I had my own life to live, and taking over my dad’s stud farm wasn’t what I wanted. Plus there was the major screw-up with how I destroyed any semblance of a friendship with Zak.

“There’s more.”

I flashed Jen a resigned look. 

“Dad obviously invited Zak.”

My heart seized, and my gut churned. This could not be happening. While I’d anticipated seeing him, I wasn’t prepared for it to be the first night I got home. In hindsight, this was ridiculously naïve of me, considering his place was only a hundred metres or so away from the main house on the property.

“I know, I know, but best to get the whole awkwardness out of the way, right?” She reached out and gave my hand a small squeeze. After I’d run out on Zak the night I’d left, it had taken just a handful of calls from Jen for her to recognize something was wrong and for me to spill my guts. We remained close, even with the distance of the past five years, and without her in my corner, life certainly would have been trickier. 

“Yeah, I suppose.” There was something to be said for ripping the Band-Aid off, but my gut clenched in anticipation. 


About the Author

Becca Seymour lives and breathes all things book related. Usually with at least three books being read and two WiPs being written at the same time, life is merrily hectic. She tends to do nothing by halves so happily seeks the craziness and busyness life offers.  

Living on her small property in Queensland with her human family as well as her animal family of cows, chooks, and dogs, Becca appreciates the beauty of the world around her and is a believer that love truly is love.   


Author Links



Twitter: @beccaseymour_ 










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Don’t Miss Out on the Release Blitz with Excerpt for Rules to Break (Davey’s Rules #2) by Susan Hawke


Rules to Break RDB Banner

Rules to Break

Davey’s Rules Series Book 2

Susan Hawke

M/M Romance, Daddy/boy

Release Date: 09.26.19

Rules to Break ebook


Davey’s Rule #91: Daddy never loses faith in his boy.

Bryan Miller is satisfied with his uncomplicated life. He’s a discipline Daddy who’s not in the market for any kind of permanent relationship. And why should he be? Like the waves he surfs in the small beach town he calls home, there’s always another body available to warm his bed when he tires of the current flavor of the week.

Preston Wallace is a snotty rich brat with enough attitude to keep all the Daddies from giving him a chance. He gets it… people are jealous of him for being rich, hot, and fit. It would take a strong Daddy to take him in hand.

A casual conversation on the night of Preston’s twenty-fifth birthday ties these two stubborn men together in a bet right out of the musical My Fair Lady. Can Daddy Bryan turn the obnoxious brat into a dateable boy within a ninety-day timeframe?

Strap in for a roller-coaster of emotions as Bryan takes firm control of a brat who might just need to know someone cares enough to try.

This is the second book in this series about not-so-perfect Daddies, adorable “boys,” and one sassy brat with an insane list of rules. Grab your fan and tissues because this series comes with both a high heat advisory and all the squishy feels you’d want from a Susan Hawke book. Possible trigger for the death a background character.

Universal Link: mybook.to/RulestoBreak



When Davey looked like he was feeling sorry for me as he passed my drink over with an overly nice smile, it was all I could do not to grab the glass and throw it at him. Or toss its contents all over the Daddies. Either way, it would be equally satisfactory. Instead, I forced myself to take a polite sip and pretend their words were just bouncing off me. “Excuse me, I’m sitting right here. I find it funny that you’re talking about me like I’m the bitchiest bitch ever to bitch while you’re sitting there rudely discussing me.”

Bryan made a humming sound, completely ignoring me as he turned to Marcus. “I don’t know, I think it could be done if the right person were to take on the challenge.”

Marcus’s eyes bugged out. “Do you really think so? You’re a better man than me, because I don’t think it’s possible.”

I turned to Raphael. “You see me, right? I haven’t gone invisible? I’m literally sitting right here, aren’t I?”

The look of pity disappeared from Davey’s eyes when he started snickering. “Maybe if you weren’t such a little jerk, people would acknowledge your existence. Just saying.” I stuck my tongue out at Davey, then blushed when I noticed Bryan giving me a measuring glance.

I sat up a little straighter when he leaned out to the side and craned his head while he gave me a slow up-and-down. A few seconds later, he sat back up and turned to Marcus. “I don’t know, man. I might have to kick the tires, but I think this old junker could be rehabilitated.”

“Excuse you, who are you calling old? Puh-lease. You’re the one that’s old. What are you, pushing forty? Twenty-five is hardly old.”

Raphael frowned at me. “Aging yourself, boy? You and I both know how old you are.”

I rolled my eyes then immediately blushed all over again when I realized that everybody was looking at me. Raphael winked and popped a finger gun at the champagne glass. “Calm down, cutie. I know damn well it’s your birthday. Why do you think I told Davey to pour you a glass of the good stuff? Hold on, I forgot something.” He bent over and fussed with something under the bar before coming back up with a party hat. He set the paper cone on top of my head and fastened the elastic string under my chin like I was seven years old.

It’s stupid how good that silly act made me feel.

Raphael was humming the birthday song as he motioned to Davey. “When this glass is empty, top it off. Keep it flowing, it isn’t every day that a guy turns a quarter of a century.” Davey smiled a little more kindly at me and murmured “Happy birthday” before turning to greet a customer that had walked up.

Nobody else acknowledged the exchange and the Daddies went back to their conversation. Andrew must’ve been feeling brave, because he looked around Bryan to give me a once-over himself before turning back to their conversation. “So let me see if I have this right. You think that you have what it takes to turn him into a decent boy? What kind of timeframe are we looking at here? I mean, look at him. He’s not hard on the eyes. It’s the ears that get hurt when he starts with that mouth.”

“Hey, be nice.” Raphael immediately came to my defense. “It’s the boy’s birthday. It’s one thing to joke around, but you guys are straddling the border of bullying. Take it down a notch.”

Marcus snorted. “What, are we supposed to forgive his rudeness the rest of the year because it’s his birthday?”

Andrew really must have thought he was hot shit with the other Daddies sitting there, because he tested my resolve to not tell the truth of the bathroom story. “And can we all just take a moment to remember how he ran off with my clothes a few months ago?”

Nope, I definitely wasn’t touching that one. Not on my birthday. Nope. Not today, Satan. Let’s just say that Andrew was a man I wouldn’t touch with a stray dog’s dick—I wasn’t into animal cruelty. Asshat.

I tapped Bryan’s arm. “Go ahead, answer Marcus’s question. I’m curious. If you’re such a fabulous makeover artist and I’m nothing but a rusty junkyard heap of crap, how long would it take you to turn me into a rehabilitated boy that any Daddy would want on his arm?”

Bryan glanced at me with a cocky smirk. “Please. I could turn you into a decent boy within three months. Ninety days with me and I’d wager that any Daddy in this place would be proud to have you as his boy, Preston.”

Marcus snorted so hard he sprayed whiskey through his nose. “Impossible. It couldn’t be done. Especially not in that short of a timeframe.”

“If I say I can do it, then you can take my word for it that it’s possible.” Bryan motioned for a refill on his beer, tossing me a wink in the process.

Marcus drummed his fingers on the counter, looking me over with a thoughtful frown. He shifted his eyes to Bryan and began slowly nodding. “You know what? Okay. Prove it. I dare you. Put your money where your mouth is, Bryan. I’m willing to bet you can’t make this brat into a decent boy within ninety days.”

Bryan leaned back on the barstool, crossing his arms over his chest as he turned his head from left to right to look at first me, then Marcus. “Name your terms, Marcus. I’ve never backed away from a bet.”

I started getting irritated as the old musical My Fair Lady suddenly played through my head, and I slammed my palm down on the bar. “What? Hell, no! If you think you’re going to do some sort of Eliza Doolittle action with me, then you’ve got another think coming.”

Davey cracked up and grabbed a broom. He started dancing behind the bar, pretending the broom was his partner as he sang “I Could Have Danced All Night.” That is, he did until Raph took the broom and held his hand out instead. Davey took it and let Raphael swirl him around the bar area while he lifted his knees higher and attempted a tango as he switched songs.Susan Hawke Logo
As an avid reader and big romance fan myself, I love sharing the stories of the different people who live in my imagination. My stories are filled with humor, a few tears, and the underlying message to not give up hope, even in the darkest of times, because life can change on a dime when you least expect it. This theme comes from a lifetime of lessons learned on my own hard journey through the pains of poverty, the loss of more loved ones than I’d care to count, and the struggles of living through chronic illnesses. Life can be hard, but it can also be good! Through it all I’ve found that love, laughter, and family can make all the difference, and that’s what I try to bring to every tale I tell.

I’m a happily married mom with one snarky teenage boy, and three grown “kids of my heart.” I’m more widely known for my mpreg writings as Susi Hawke; this new name is a departure from that. Whether written by Susan or Susi, the books are filled with that all-important love, laughter, and family I mentioned; the only difference is that this name has no male pregnancy. I look forward to sharing my stories with you, and to bringing more romance and laughter into this world that needs it so very badly.

Amazon Author: https://amzn.to/2Hdgwvl

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorSusanHawke/


Review Tour and Giveaway for Romancing The Rough Diamond (Romancing the #4 ) by Clare London



Length: 244 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Design: Alexandria Corza

Romancing The…

Trust is the most precious jewel of all.

When Mayfair jewelers Starsmith Stones wins the commission for a gay royal wedding, CEO Joel Sterling is recommended to the brilliant young designer Matt Barth—only to discover Matt’s the man with whom he shared an anonymous and passionate kiss on the celebration night.

Disenchanted with the commercial jewelry industry, Matt nowadays prefers muddy archaeological digs to designing. Openly resentful of Starsmith’s hostile takeover of his family’s firm, he is horrified at the realization he’ll be working with the man who engineered that deal—but the opportunity to create something fabulous and unique for the royal couple is too tempting to refuse.

Working as a team reignites the spark between Joel and Matt. But when betrayal from within Starsmith threatens both the project and Joel’s confidence, will they have built enough trust to keep their newfound love as precious as the royal jewels?


Clare London took her pen name from the city where she lives, loves, and writes. A lone, brave female in a frenetic, testosterone-fueled family home, she juggles her writing with her other day job as an accountant.

She’s written in many genres and across many settings, with award-winning novels and short stories published both online and in print. Most of her work features male/male romance and drama with a healthy serving of physical passion, as she enjoys both reading and writing about strong, sympathetic, and sexy characters.

All the details and free fiction are available at her website. Visit her today and say hello!


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