Scattered Thoughts on Movies/series and their Foundation Books

It was 2019 when I tumbled across the Chinese series The Untamed I was enthralled. From the gorgeous haunted men to the many layered timeline, it’s focus always remains the love, barely disguised, between the two male leads. One so terrible, so all encompassing you can’t look away and you wish with all your heart for more. Of them, their battered relationship, and of their journey. It’s epic.

And because it’s 2019 and Chinese tolerance for any LGBT+ romance is slim to none, the love is reduced to subtle gestures and looks that sear into the viewer still. And has produced some of the most beautiful fan art I’ve ever seen.

It also sent me on a journey, one that soon became a very typical pattern . That was seeking out the source material because oddly enough there’s quite a few movies and films coming out of China that use BL, explicit BL book and web novels, as sources.

For The Untamed it’s the now well known Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation, a full novel found here in translation on Wattpad .

Mo Dao Zu Shi – look that up on Pinterest for some of the most gorgeous artists and their fan art ever.

The novel, which is worth a thesis on Chinese perspectives on mm marriage, heteronormative stereotypes when applied to sexual roles within a mm marriage etc.

But, and it’s a big one. The translation itself makes you wonder if those English words were the only ones that could be applied, was it translator choice, am I missing some cultural significance in the words as formatted.

All of which makes it even more impressive that the novel loses none of its emotional impact. There is so much that will hit you here within this story.

Including some triggers as there are some possible non con sex scenes depending , again, on your POV of them. Within the context of Chinese society, is it felt to be really non con? Again something for discussion.

However the best and biggest reason for reading this? The men ( Spoiler alert) have a long lasting, happy wedded life together. Something the Chinese government

Was unwilling to allow in films or tv series at that time. Even now it’s barely mentioned.

Time and again, literally in case of the series Guardian by Priest the forever love between two men is reduced to a love of brothers or friends. Not the passionate one of the book.

But somehow the actors, who read the story, elevated the script and direction, and made the relationship clear, far past what the censorship toned down. That novel along with a great many of Priest’s other stories are also found on Wattpad and even Amazon.

Love surpasses even the censors and translation to another media. It makes the jump from the minds and hearts of authors to the actors who embrace their roles and on through to the viewers who love them yet so sweetly , fanatically, thoroughly.

It started with words, a need to share. The Untamed ( Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation) or Mo Dao Zu Shi by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu continues to do just that. Look it up. Netflix. YouTube . It’s found many places.

Then start a journey of discovery of your own . Mine is still leading me to so many unexpected places..

Don’t forget the OST, another must journey to go along with the books and series. It’s how I found the splendid Xueran Chen.

It’s Been A While….

As you may have noticed, I disappeared for a while. Scarpered off , took a break, reassessed the whole “do I need to run a multi reviewer blog that’s not a job but feels like one” slog. Hung out a sign that said gone fishing, back soon and tip toed away.

Wasn’t back soon, even soonish. Thing called a pandemic intervened. I then Went full on gamer 24/7 but that’s another story.

Then found the world of C and K-drama! Ok, why did no one ever tell me about the ability of K-dramas to rip the heart right out of you from the first episode. And alternatively make you fall on the ground howling, holding your sides because you’re watching one of their melos aka melodramas where a woman playing a grandma literally spends episodes doing nothing but rolling her eyes around laying in a bed. Godamnit I’m choking. More on that later.

But eventually all things lead me back to my iPad, ebooks, and reviews. I just can’t help myself. I’m just fucking opinionated.

First a tiny one. Then a tad larger. If you haven’t read the Magic Emporium series of 12 books, do so now! They are from various authors and fabulous.

Magic Emporium (12 books)Kindle Edition

Magic Emporium

From Book 1: 

Theodore Knight has a curious nature. Ever since he was a child, he’s loved books that are full of danger and adventure. In real life, he’s a simple bookstore owner. But in his imagination, he’s a hero who goes on great quests to save the princess, or in his case, the prince, from evil dragons.

Until one day, real life starts to look a lot like his imaginary world. . . and the fate of an entire kingdom rests on his shoulders. The world is more magical than he ever thought, and he will have to learn to accept the impossible as possible, if he and Samuel are to succeed.

Samuel Day had never journeyed to the human realm, and he sure didn’t mean to get stuck there. That said, he’s found it all incredibly fascinating. Especially Theodore, the adorable human who holds a piece of the puzzle necessary to stop an evil immortal and save the magic realm known as Evorea. His loyalty is to his king, but it doesn’t take long for Theodore to become equally important.

They come from different realms and are as different as night and day, but together they have everything they need to save Evorea from ruin. They just have to find their way back there.

Knight and Day is part of the Magic Emporium Series. Each book stands alone, but each one features an appearance by Marden’s Magic Emporium, a shop that can appear anywhere, but only once and only when someone’s in dire need. This book contains a magic realm, a handsome guardian, one clueless human, and a guaranteed HEA.Read more

So there’s that.

But as I said, along with discovering K-drama, I found that recently there’s been some just lovely, by that I mean sweet and romantic, gay Korean romance series and movies that 😱 end very happily for our gay couples. Usually that is saved for Thai BL stories. But nope, South Korea is coming on strong and it’s wonderful and worth reviewing. As I will here.

So timing. Probably irregular to start while I figure things out. Maybe a new format as it’s just me now. But let’s have fun. I’ll ramble on, throwing my scattered thoughts out there for anyone to read.

Chime in if you’re still around. Let me know if books kept you sane through the Pandemic, what you’re watching, what’s new !

Oh! And Happy Pride Month!

Now I believe I have a new chapter and episodes calling my name…..