Review: Flare (Style #1) by Jay Hogan

Rating: 4.5🌈 Flare is a very intense contemporary romance set in Auckland’s high fashion world. The first of a new series that will incorporate , at least from looking at the description of Strut, the second novel, high fashion, models, a certain circle of friends that starts with this fashion line, and, unfortunately, a element… Continue reading Review: Flare (Style #1) by Jay Hogan

Review: Unhinged (Necessary Evil #1) by Onley James

Rating: 5🌈 Lately, I felt I wanted another sort of story to read, and possibly, another author to hoard. Found it in the dark, contemporary fiction, Unhinged (Necessary Evil #1) by Onley James . Exactly the changeup I was looking for. Gritty, dark, this series and stories revolve around a group of children traumatized so… Continue reading Review: Unhinged (Necessary Evil #1) by Onley James