Spoiler Page for Kai’s Review: One plus one by P.A. Friday (Maths #2)

Actually, James had a huge interaction with Al, his best friend. They were close and loved each other and …[spoiler ALERT] they slept together, James and Al, I mean, a lot. And they felt a connection in those moments. Those moments were described as physical and emotional moments so I was jumping for James and Al. I was really excited for that change in the plot. After all, they had a huge bond and were cute and sweet and funny together… and had feelings for each other. But no, they were just fuck-buddies for almost the entire book, just that…  and then Laurie come out of the blue saying he wanted James and goodbye Al… urgh!

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LITTLE SPOILER ALERT] I cried! Really ugly cry. Maybe was just me that cry for everything. But just in case, keep the tissues close by.  [END LITTLE SPOILER ALERT]

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