Spoilers for Panther Queen (Morrighan House Witches #3) by Amir Lane

At the end of the story Lenna take the place of her beloved dead cousin Valente and head to take his job and identity in Canada, something that goes immediately awry btw, because hey she has a scar and he didn’t.  The parents and another favorite cousin, Cruz, it turns out (12 years later when she returns home) think they both died) and  had a burial service.  OK but see, she’s been sending them money to keep the ranch going and looking great.  So who’s been doing that?  Ghosts?  Big old narrative hole there.

Plus we have no idea how she gets  on during those 12 years, they just fly by…lazy, lazy, lazy.  No one notice my jaquar or my scar or that I’m not really my cousin and that I don’t have his engineering degree! Duoh!  Don’t get me started…I have bigger fish here to fry up.  And isn’t that a concern.

Two characters pop up for two seconds (narratively speaking) and then never appear again until a couple of sentences at the end.  That’s it.  No context to nothing.  Turns out each has a book in the Trilogy which is really four books but if you don’t know that and it doesn’t really seem connected here to anything that goes on why  even bring them in:  And nothing beats a 4 book Trilogy (the author’s words, not mine.

A zookeeper with her own lion spirit appears, they hookup as does their animals for an immediate HEA in all of 5 seconds.  Where the hell did she come from and the lion?  And the mythology…etc.

But the worst?  The villain who happens to have his own supernatural powers via tattoos…. well she lets him go.  Yep because he said , after killing lots of people including her cousin, he wouldn’t do it again.  She destroys his current tattoos but he has the ability to recreate more and clearly loves having power and being a major badass.  So yes, totally believable he will behave.  Uh huh and that given her actions before she’d let him go.  Not.  But it’s the last 20 percent of the book so yes, why  not.  Yes, my jaw dropped.

I could go on but why?  I think I’ve made my point here.  Book done, ratings in the basement.

You know if I keep thinking about it, I’m going to keep coming back and updating this page.  I need to stop now.

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