Spoilers to The Case of the Wandering Wolves (Trickster’s Eye #1) by Mell Eight

The second pair I’m talking about here is between children.  York’s little girl and the little boy of the local Alpha of a werewolf pack.  She, a human child is expected to adjust to the fact that she’s a mate of a future Alpha werewolf.  Her Uncle Jack, aka Latrans, takes that in stride, even though he gave up York knowing humans don’t feel as weres do.  But he  expects a tiny human child to understand?  While I thought the idea of a werebond being recognized as a pup being interesting, Mell Eight negates that at the end of her book when she has Latrans think that York can’t (doesn’t) recognize their own mate bond as his own “wolf” is too young.  Made no sense at all.  The mate bond is so strong a tiny child can feel and act on it, yet an adult, even newly turned after some time, can’t?  Too many holes here, even with interesting ideas.    Plus the idea of the trauma to a kidnapped child is totally overlooked in every respect.




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