Spoiler for Stella’s Review for Daddy’s Boy by Vicktor Alexander


SPOILERDaddy's Boy cover

I want now talk a little about the only issues I had with ‘Daddy’s Boy’ and I’d like to include that I’m going to mention it just cause I need to be honest in my reviews. I put this part under the spoiler tag cause Tyler being a trans man is nowhere mentioned yet so I don’t want to spoil it if you decide to read it. It isn’t soon revealed and even if it was easily understood, I admit I was so caught in the story that I didn’t think of Tyler as a trans man in the sex scenes. One in particular was very detailed, and I know I’m not well “trans educated” but I think I know the basic of the Female to Male physical transition and what I know doesn’t reflect what I read. I don’t want to give the little details and I’m ready to be educated and correct, still this dissonance gave the book an unrealistic trait in some parts and I can understand it can be hard to believe the story. SPOILER END  Return to review.