Meet VVivacious



VVivacious’ Bio:-
“I am a 21 year old girl studying in college and if there is one thing you should know about me it is that I love reading and I love sleeping, a fact that everyone around me can attest to.
As such I can’t attribute my love of reading to either of my parents, even though my father does read a lot, it was never something that was actively encouraged in me but I am almost glad it wasn’t because if I am this bad without any encouragement then God forbid what I would have become with a little bit of encouragement.
I remember vaguely that the first book I read was about a ragpicker – it was an older children’s book and it opened a whole new world for me, the door to which was pushed wide open with the influx of the Harry Potter series in my life. And just like that once I started I never stopped.
Romance is a bit of a later discovery for me but the whole assurance of a happy ending thing had me hooked on and on this whole wave of discovering romance and erotica. I came across Armed & Dangerous which was my first ever MM romance and I can’t think of anyone better than Ty & Zane to have ushered me into this world.
The only problem now that I have read so many MM romances is that, I find it hard to read anything else…”
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