Rating Scale & Review Info

  • Book Rating and Rating Scale: Here is some quick background on my book reviews. I track all the books I read and rank them 1-5 with mid range points in between. And while I decry the use of any rating scale for books, sites such as Goodreads and Amazon only allow rated reviews to be posts. So until they accept non rated reviews, I will continue that unfortunate format.

Here is the general ratings scale used:

5 – Outstanding, loved it on many levels, a comfort read
4 – Excellent book, I really enjoyed it and would read it again
3 – Nice read, average -won’t read it again
2 -While the book failed, there were some redeeming features
1 – No Redeeming Feature Whatsoever-I Have Never Given Out a 1, Can A Book be this Dreadful?

I am always willing to consider requests for reviews, so feel free to get in touch with me at melaniem54@msn.com

  •  FTC Disclaimer:

In compliance with FTC regulations, I am stating that I receive most of the books I review  (ARC) at no charge from publishers, authors, publicists, and other sources including NetGalley in exchange for my honest review of the book. I receive NO monetary compensation for my opinions or my time. The opinions expressed in my reviews are my own.

I provide purchase links to the books I review as a courtesy to my blog readers. I receive NO compensation for any purchases made from any of the links I provide.

ARC is a reviewer copy.

If you wish to write reviews for ScatteredThoughtsandRogueWords, either on a guest basis or full time,  visit this page for Potential Reviewer Q & A.


  1. Saw your review of my book David’s Dilemma on Amazon. Thank you for the critique. I’ve only been writing for a short time and I appreciate the feedback. I don’t have a critique partner or beta readers yet so I really liked hearing such a detailed review. Now I know some areas where I need work. If you liked the Walking Bear Family, they are introduced in book 1 Cody’s Nine Lives. – Rae Brewer


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