Reviewer – Chaos Moondrawn

Chaos Moondrawn

I grew up reading my father’s science fiction, fantasy, suspense, mystery, horror, and western books and my mother’s romance novels. As an adult, it made sense for me to like books that merged romance and erotica into the story. Once I went from reading m/f to m/f/m and m/m/f…it is surprising that m/m never occurred to me until I joined a vampire reading group at the local library . I have never looked back and now read the full spectrum of LGBTQIA+. I like to read about people, places, and cultures different from my own.

After a career in retail, I went back to school. College as a returning adult was interesting. I will say it took me many years to regain my love of reading! Ha. After I was done, I worked in higher education administration for many years. I then had a business making jewelry, but now it’s just a hobby. I have as many beads as books–more than I will use or read before I die. I have lived in six states and a foreign country. I have had birds, rabbits, and cats. I currently live in Virginia with my Mate and have one dog (a Daddy’s girl so maybe dogs are a bust for me) and one cat (my precious).

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