Bad Vocabulary

  • Here lie the dragons of vocabulary! I have picked up my trusty sword, mounted my flea bitten mare called Trouser Trout, and gone off to slay those ignominious terms, those pestilent pulsating paeans to purple prose, those hilarious phraseologies that have me in stitches and make me use exclamation points!!!  Join me in my journey.  The road to salvation or at least a good drinking game starts here ⇓:

When A Tit Should Be A Nip or Leave Those Orbs Alone, VGB #1  Here

Destination Anus or Where No Starfish Has Gone Before, VGB#2 Here

Win A Celery Stalks at Midnight Can a Balled Bare Bear Bee Far Behind? VGB#3  Here

When Talking Dirty Makes You Giggle or Spank Me Harder, Bunny Poo! VGB #4 Here

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