A Barb the Zany Old Lady Review: Be Still My Heart (Four Kings Security Book 2) by Charlie Cochet


Rating: 3 stars out of 5

This is the second in a series that features a sexy group of security men, each of whom have a nickname related of a suite of cards. This story highlights Red, a former Special Forces medical sergeant who suffers from PTSD after the loss of half of his group of brothers-in-arms while still on active duty. We first met Red in book one when he saved Laz, the equally sexy fashion photographer, who fell into Colton’s pool when his ex shoved him and he hit his head.

Bryan, the ex, is still causing trouble in this story. First, his taunts are still playing in Laz’s mind, leaving him feeling unworthy of Red, and second, the ex is involved with Paolo, the husband of the fashion designer Laz has contracted to work with. This is the same man who Laz found out about when he was still with Bryan so there’s no love lost when it appears that Bryan or Paolo might be the person who seems to be trying to kill Laz now.

Sound crazy? It is. All of this drama fits in with a lot of sexy times between Laz and Red and tons of backstory fill. In fact, about halfway through the story I realized that the author spends more time in this book “telling” and less time “showing” us what is going on. There are many pages of lengthy paragraphs outlining what happened yesterday, today, and several years ago. But there are much less pages filled with dialogue, something I happen to like as it generally carries me along with a story “showing” me what’s happening. That might be why I kept losing interest as I was reading. I’d put the book down and forget about it for a while.

One minor point that bugged me—at the beginning of the story Laz stated he had no idea why he never heard from Red after he got out of the hospital 3 months before. He thought they’d gotten along well so couldn’t figure out why there was no communication. Of course, his self-esteem had been knocked so low by Bryan he wouldn’t try to call Red himself. At any rate, when he and Red finally meet again, they immediately hook up and never again mention that time apart. In fact, they often refer to how they got together when Laz fell into the pool, so it seemed odd to me that they acted as if they’d been together all along.

Overall, the plot was okay, but not complex, and there was so much time spent between Laz and Red trying to establish their relationship, and then doubting it, and then jumping into bed, and then declaring their love for one another, I felt as if I was reading an old Harlequin romance. It felt gratuitous and quickly put together with a simple storyline that heavily relied on the full cast of characters—the former band of brothers who now work for King Security. So, although I liked it, I didn’t love it. Someone looking for sexy men, light plot, lots of sex, and a host of characters should like this one.

The cover by Reese Dante features a good-looking man with a full back tattoo and a Florida city skyline, likely Miami. It is an attractive cover and represents Red, the MC from this story.

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