A Jeri Review: After the Fire (Through Hell and Back #2) by Felice Stevens


Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Wow. I knew my heart would break even more for Jordan, but I didn’t think it would be that heart breaking. After he fiancé died (in book 1) Jordan is despondent. He blows off his friends, does minimal for his job and completely ignores his volunteer work. He is waiting to die of a broken heart.

It takes a letter threatening to remove him from the foundation his fiancé began for him to get out of the house. He is ready for a fight, but not for Lucas.

Felice Stevens writes such convincingly real characters. With real flaws, real lives and jobs and friends. All of those things are part of her stories and they make you really care for the characters. You can feel Lucas’ pain. You can feel Jordan’s heartbreak.

The characters from book one play a major part in this book, but at the same time they don’t detract at all from the story of Lucas and Jordan- they only enhance it. If you are lucky enough to have friends like them, you are lucky enough indeed.

Lucas and Jordan have a slow burn smoldering heat. So much denial from both of them- but it is completely warranted. I can get annoyed with the ploy of a main character putting up emotional walls because of something in their past. But not here. Because even though those walls were there, they were well founded.

And even after the walls started crumbling, it wasn’t insta love. It grew slowly between the two of them. So beautifully done.

A lot happens in this book- and yet nothing seemed gratuitous or like page filler. And now I am practically salivating for book three!

Cover art is lovely and works for the story and characters.

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Book Details:

245 pages
Published January 2017 (first published February 23rd 2015)
Original TitleAfter the Fire
SeriesThrough Hell and Back #2