A Lucy Review : The Accidental Baker by Clare London


Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

Donnie Watson’s baking disasters are legendary, but this Easter, his mismatched chocolate eggs bring accidental but astonishing results to four downhearted gay men. The chocolate sweets spill onto the pavement of a small parade of local shops—and go on a matchmaking tour like no other! From a bankrupt and betrayed baker, to a homeless but hopeful man, to a conceited bar owner in need of a reality check, and finally to the hapless but caring Donnie himself. 
After all, Love means you can have chocolate too! 

This is a pretty short story, 64 pages, involving four separate couples who are brought together by the incredibly delicious, if somewhat mangled looking, chocolate eggs made by Donnie Watson.  The stories are all interwoven in some way and focus on the meet-cutes of the four couples.  Donnie, the baker, is kind and lovely and I wanted to slap Henry, his so-called friend, for his awful attitude. 

When Henry has his moment with Abi, who is sweet and caring,  we get to see a little of the softer person but because there is no follow up to the four couples I didn’t get to see him be kind to Donnie, which is what I needed!

We get the meeting of a new bakery owner, a former bakery owner, a bar owner, bar worker, a homeless man and so on.  The only thing is, we really only get the meeting, so there isn’t a lot of story for each one.  They are wonderful beginnings, to be sure, but I wanted so much more.

Sweet as an chocolate bunny.

Cover art shows a chocolate bunny with a bite from the ears and it’s perfect for the story.

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Book Details:

Kindle Edition, 64 pages
Published April 20th 2019