A MelanieM Release Day Review:Come Back Around (Leaning N #4) by B.A. Tortuga

Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Can two divorced dads get a second chance at a redneck wedding?

When Reid Porter agrees to be his best friend’s man of honor, he never considers that his ex, Mateo, will be there too. Which is ridiculous, because Jennifer is marrying Mat’s brother. Reid would never let Jen down, though, so he finds himself at the Leaning N Ranch with his two daughters and a whole lot of baggage about seeing Mat again.

Mat loves his baby brother and would do anything for him, including face the love of his life, whom he’s sure has moved on. When he and Reid come face-to-face after more than two years apart, they realize they’ve never let go. Now they have to do what they never could before—balance work, home, and children, while finding a way to come back around to each other’s love.

The Leaning N series is a sweet, heartwarming series of contemporary  romances centered around a family ranch that caters to events, especially weddings.   There is a core couple and ranch “family” we have come to love, including chef Geoff that started with the first story, and they form a firm foundation for every book that follows.  That would be when an event pulls together what will become the couple of the story.  It’s usually a wedding (Mason the wedding planner is another recurring character).

And that’s the format here.  A brother and a best friend are getting married at the Leaning N and that’s pulling back together the exs of a bitter divorce , along with their kids. And Inlaws.  One is the brother of the man getting married, the other the best friend of the bride.  And neither has seen the other for years.

BA Tortuga does hurt and miscommunication really well and both are on the main stage here with Reid and Mateo.  It wasn’t cheating that drove them apart but pride, insecurity, and lack of time together when Mateo spent 24/7 at his office, neglecting his family and his health.  Now they have a second chance, another great staple in BA Tortuga’s stories, and it works beautifully.

Mostly because the author is able to let us see that the men care deeply about each other and their family.  That it’s fear, insecurity, and miscommunication that tore them apart and holding them there now.  And like adults, it’s talking that starts to bring them back together.  They acknowledge that sex, now and then is great and never the issue, but they need to work out more.

It wonderful and often entertaining if potentially (and realistically painful) to see what it take to bring all the family back on board.  That’s all the inlaws who had taken sides here.

A funny and favorite element here?  That would be the kids and their interaction with Geoff, the chef.  He has been a consistent love of mine among the men of the Leaning N and I’m still hoping for him to get his own HEA.  While staying at the Leaning N of course!

Looking for your next heartwarmer of a love story?  I recommend Come Back Around (Leaning N #4) by B.A. Tortuga.  And the entire series.  Check them all out today.

Cover Artist: Alexandria Corza.  I guest that sort of works.  But i would have preferred more of the Leaning N backdrop as well.

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Book Details;

ebook, 218 pages
Published July 2nd 2019 by Dreamspinner Press
Edition LanguageEnglish
SeriesLeaning N #4

Leaning N Series

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Come Back Around