A MelanieM Review: Euphoria by Jayne Lockwood


Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5


It might take the arrival of an alien being to remind an isolated man what it means to be human.

With a stressful job, his boss breathing down his neck for profitable results, and an estranged wife and daughter, scientist Kurt Lomax doesn’t think life can get much harder. Until a nonbinary extraterrestrial with an otherworldly beauty, captivating elegance, and a wicked sense of humor inconveniently shows up at his apartment.

Vardam watched the destruction of their own world, and they don’t want to see the same thing happen on Earth. They are lonely, and feelings soon develop between them and the supposedly straight scientist—feelings Kurt reciprocates, much to his confusion.

The arrival of cheery interpreter Tom Soames—whose Goth appearance belies a gentle heart—is like a ray of sunshine in the somber lab. He acts as matchmaker for man and tentacled extraterrestrial, unwittingly instigating a national crisis when the news breaks out.

But will a misunderstanding ruin Kurt and Vardam’s chances for happiness together—along with the hope for peace between humanity and the Var?

Euphoria by Jayne Lockwood is the first story I’ve read by this author but it won’t be the last.  It’s exceedingly well written, filled with layered, well-rounded characters and a suspenseful plot. Yes, I enjoyed it immensely even when my hands were clutching the Kindle in high anxiety for the characters well being and my heart was racing over the fate for all involved, Earth included.

That makes a great story.  Which is what this is.

I alway have a sort of skittering in my stomach when it  comes to scientists and aliens.  You know, labs, aliens (nice ones) and corporations are never a good combination no matter the author or director.  So I was hesitate to dive in here.   But Lockwood’s world building, great pace of story telling, and relationship dynamics pulled me and and kept me connected.  Even when I didn’t  even like the main character to start off with.  That would be Kurt, cold, emotionally dwarfed and isolated Kurt.  Tormented by his childhood, ruled by it actually, he’s as unpleasant a man as you would want to meet.  And yes, he’s our hero, or one of them.  What a growth he undergoes and how you learn to love him. From someone almost coldly untouchable to achingly vulnerable and a world saver….that’s quite the leap for one man to make. Yet he does and we follow him all the way.

There’s so many  people here you will get attached to including Kurt’s daughter and wife, yes, that’s correct too Daughter and wife, that’s a huge part of this  story, along with such an impressive “interstellar traveler” as Vardam prefers to be called.

I did want more of Vardam’s people.  Everything that Lockwood constructed for them sounded imaginative and appealing.  And I wanted to know so much more.  This  book makes you want more stories, more about what  happens  next…to them all. Even though part of that question is happily answered in the end.  Such a lovely, ending.

What can I say?  I loved this book.  Its amazing.  Heart stopping, sweet, action packed, laugh inducing (bubble scene and full of love.  I absolutely recommend Euphoria by Jayne Lockwood to all lovers of science fiction and even to those who just love fiction at its best.  Now to see what else this author has written.

Cover Art is eye-catching and perfect for the character and cover.   Great job.

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Book Details:

ebook, 310 pages
Published August 14th 2018 by DSP Publications
Original Title Euphoria
ISBN13 9781640807761
Edition Language English