A MelanieM Review: The Lonely Dragon by Anna Lee


Rating: 2.75 stars out of 5


Banished by his cruel father, Rowan has been trapped on an enchanted mountain for over two hundred years. Unable to leave unless he gives up his magic, Rowan fears he will be alone his entire existence.

Gideon, a pilot, has been on the run after his mother was murdered and her attackers tried to kill him as well. He soon finds out his life is full of secrets and lies.
Fate and prophecy have much in store for them though they don’t know it yet. Can the two of them overcome it all and find love together?

The Lonely Dragon by Anna Lee delivers on plot and a substantial cast of characters.  I enjoyed the story of an imprisoned dragon waiting for his mate to arrive.  Of course, it also involves evil fathers, a kingdom to win, mates, a rebellion and so much more.

There’s action, betrayal, more action, mating.  And while I thought the book was well plotted out, I remained curiously detached from it all.

Characters died, were snatched away and I felt nothing.

And that’s the issue here.  While I thought the book and plot had promise, the characterizations showed little spark or depth to them.  Didn’t matter whether they were professing their love (so darn quickly) or mourning the deaths of those they loved, I just never felt connected to them because they never came across as believable or more than one-dimensional.

All the flaws in this is story are represented in the scenes with Gideon upon his crashing down on the mountain. Nothing there made sense.  Including his amazing recovery.  Unfortunately that entire episode leans towards the ludicrous.

Which is too bad because so much of the plot and other elements show such promise.  Loved the elder dragon at the end.

Cover art by Winterheart Designs does contain many of the elements one might expect.

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Book Details:

Published April 19th 2018 by MLR Press
Original TitleThe Lonely Dragon
Edition LanguageEnglish