An Alisa Review: Omega Teacher’s Secret (Men of Meadowfall #5) by Anna Wineheart


Rating:  4 stars out of 5

Saddled with debt and a crippling self-esteem, Professor Ian McMillan has struggled for decades with his demons. But that isn’t his biggest secret–seven years ago, he spent his heat with an alpha he shouldn’t have… his student.

Nothing should’ve come out of it. Except Ian conceived, and his baby’s father… is also the department head’s son. Under the threat of losing his job, Ian made a choice: keep his child, and sever all contact with Brad.

With no inkling of the baby he left, Brad Saxon graduated from college and joined the Meadowfall fire department, making mistakes along the way. Lives have been lost at his hands, and the guilt he carries is suffocating. How can he protect an omega, when he’s failed others before?

But Brad can’t forget about the omega from years ago–Ian, with his soft smiles and yearning eyes. When Brad enrolls in a Master’s course hoping to see his professor again, he finds something he doesn’t expect: Ian’s in heat. This time, there’s a child with him… a little girl with Brad’s eyes.

When Brad reaches out and Ian conceives again, the embers between them kindle back to life. Brad makes the decision to stay. As the sparks between them grow, will Ian and Brad heal each other, or will their pasts come to tear them apart?

This was another great book in this series.  Ian has been running himself ragged keeping up with his job and taking care of his daughter and her health problems.  Brad has never moved on from the one older Omega from years earlier and when he finds him again he finds even more reasons to stay.

Both of these guys have crappy family lives.  Brad’s dad is a jerk and is the one who kept these two apart and pushes them apart again.  Ian’s mom essentially hated him while doting on his brothers, I just has trouble understanding how they and his dad allowed him to be treated that way though it doesn’t seem he has any relationship with any of them.

I felt for both of them and neither seemed to really have any support, a friend or two but nothing to keep them going.  I loved Gwen and how dedicated they are to her.  I loved watching Brad work hard to show Ian how wonderful he is.

I love the cover art, how well it works for the story and the visuals of the characters.

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Book Details:

ebook, 402 pages

Publication: October 30, 2018

Edition Language: English

Series: Men of Meadowfall #5

Review Tour and Giveaway for Heat For Sale by Blake Moreno



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Length: 192 pages
Cover Design: Dar Albert @ Wicked Smart Design

Heat can be sold but love is earned.

In a world where omegas sell their heats for profit, Adrien is a university student in need of funding. With no family to fall back on, he reluctantly allows the university’s matcher to offer his virgin heat for auction online. Anxious, but aware this is the reality of life for all omegas, Adrien hopes whoever wins his heat will be kind.

Heath—a wealthy, older alpha—is rocked by the young man’s resemblance to his dead lover, Nathan. When Heath discovers Adrien is Nathan’s lost son from his first heat years before they met, he becomes obsessed with the idea of reclaiming a piece of Nathan.

Heath buys Adrien’s heat with only one motivation: to impregnate Adrien, claim the child, and move on. But their undeniable passion shocks him. Adrien doesn’t know what to make of the handsome, mysterious stranger he’s pledged his body to, but he’s soon swept away in the heat of the moment and surrenders to Heath entirely.

Once Adrien is pregnant, Heath secrets him away to his immense and secluded home. As the birth draws near, Heath grows to love Adrien for the man he is, not just for his connection to Nathan. Unaware of Heath’s past with his omega parent and coming to depend on him heart and soul, Adrien begins to fall as well.

But as their love blossoms, Nathan’s shadow looms. Can Heath keep his new love and the child they’ve made together once Adrien discovers his secrets?

Heat for Sale is a stand-alone m/m erotic romance by Leta Blake, writing as Blake Moreno. Infused with a du Maurier Rebecca-style secret, it features a well-realized omegaverse, an age-gap, dominance and submission, heats, knotting, and scorching hot scenes.

Author Bio

Blake Moreno explores the darker side of erotic romance. Married to a hot tech nerd, educated in BDSM, and attracted to twinks and twunks alike, Moreno embraces taboo explorations. Come along on a quest for intensity and deep emotion. Don’t fear the dark.

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Blake Moreno is an alternate pen name of the author Leta Blake.


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An Alisa Review: Expecting (Pine Wood Falls #1) by Sarah Havan


Rating:  4 stars out of 5

Conrad Mayfair is finally becoming comfortable in his own skin, so he wants to tell his best friend Mason that he’s gay and in love with him. He can’t seem to get the words out, though. But soon the flirting starts, followed by a weekend of marathon sex, and the shocking news a few months later that Conrad is going to be a father.

Something’s going on with nineteen-year-old Mason Donnelly. He seems to be developing breasts, has felt sick for months, and is constantly tired. After a doctor’s appointment to try to figure things out, his life flips upside down. He learns not only is he intersex, but he’s also pregnant, a condition only made possible because Mason is an omega and Conrad is his alpha.

Conrad and Mason are introduced to a new way of life they knew nothing about. While Conrad is willing to jump in and accept it, Mason isn’t so sure. Together, they have to decide if it’s a life they truly want.

This was a very sweet story and I loved the concept of this taking place in the real world.  Mason isn’t sure about the changes that are happening to his body but he definitely appreciates how Conrad reacts to them.  Conrad has been trying to figure out how to tell Mason how he feels and their hormones seem to get the best of them which pushes them both in the right direction.

Mason has always been thought of as a “late bloomer” but finds out he is so much more and isn’t quite sure how he feels about that.  Now that Conrad has come around to his feelings he is ready to grab Mason and not let go forever.

These two were just so cute, we get to see them coming to terms with themselves and learning more about themselves and each other that bring them even closer together.  I could feel Mason’s confusion and frustration at learning something new that made him doubt how he had felt his whole life but how wonderful it was once he accepted the changes that were happening in his life.  I loved Conrad’s unwavering support and his ability to go with the flow that counteracted Mason’s nerves.  This was a wonderful start to a new series and I can’t wait to read more stories what they come out, I hope we get to see Thomas find his HEA.

The cover art by Melissa Liban is absolutely adorable and perfect for this story.

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Book Details:

ebook, 262 pages

Expected Publication: June 21, 2018

Edition Language: English

Series: Pine Wood Falls #1