A Paul B Review: The Otto Digmore Difference (The Otto Digmore Series #1) by Brent Hartinger


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Successful television shows usually spin off characters into their own show.  This time, it is a successful series of books that have spun off a character into a new series.  And The Otto Digmore Difference seems to be heading in the same direction as the Russel Middlebrook series.

Otto Digmore is getting used to his notoriety as an actor on the television sitcom Hammered.  People are starting to recognize him.  However, he is never sure if part of the reason all the people are staring at him is his newly found fame or the fact that half of his face is covered by burn scars he suffered when he was seven years old.  He has to deal with hatred from those who hate him for his looks and consider him a freak.  He tries to rationalize that all people in public have to put up with the hate but it feels more personal to him

After returning from Russel’s wedding to Kevin, Otto gets a call from his agent telling him to see her on Monday.  Knowing that is it was good news they would tell him over the phone, he guesses that his sitcom has been cancelled.  Fiona, his agent, tells him that the producers of the revival of the Freddie Kruger series would be interested in interviewing him for the part of Freddie.  Otto feels that the role which uses burn scars to scare children is not right for him and passes on the opportunity.  Fiona states that three probably won’t be many roles for him due to his disfigurement. 

As he leaves, Fiona’s assistant Greg tells Otto of a new screenplay he received that Otto would be perfect for with a couple of tweaks to the plot.  All he has to do is test for the part.  After a couple of near misses, Otto must get to New Orleans for the test.  Unable to get a flight out, he asks Russel if he would drive across the country with him for the interview.  Thus begins the great American road trip with all the movie clichés thrown in to boot.

While Otto is the star of this book, Russel has a large supporting role.  Otto comes across best when he describes how he decided he wanted to become an actor.  He found a role during a high school production of a Shakespeare play that he found was perfect for him.  For the next few years he’s been trying to do the same thing.  However, due to his disfigurement he has had to take roles that are not satisfying.  The movie that he is auditioning for is a summary of the basic plot of this book.  I have a feeling that Otto may find what he is looking for in future books in the series.

Cover art is simple yet works for the story.

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Book Details

EBook, 174 pages

Edition Language:  English

Published:  February 21, 2017 by BK Books

ISBN:  9781370036920

Series:  The Otto Digmore Series

DSP GUEST POST: Julia Talbot on Writing Families and her new release ‘Wolfmanny’



Wolfmanny by Julia Talbot
reamspinner Press

Release Date: February 6, 2017

Cover Artist: Christine Griffin

Available for Purchase at




Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words is happy to welcome Julia Talbot here today to talk about her latest release Wolfmanny.  Welcome, Julia!


Hey y’all!

I’m Julia Talbot, and I’m here to talk about my newest release, Wolfmanny!

I’m so in love with this book. It’s my first paranormal for Dreamspinner, which was a little nerve wracking I tend to write novellas with my paranormal books. I go for over the top sex and lots of biting.

Wofmanny is kind of a departure for me on this. Oh, there’s some hot Alpha smoochies, no doubt, but there’s a lovely mmm menage, some unfinished mating, and a family of inherited kids.

It made my heart happy to write it, and I hope it makes people just as happy to read it.

I know some folks don’t like to read books about couples with kids, but I love the Manny trope, and I’ll tell you why. So often our only clues to what our two (or three) heroes’ motivations are is in their interactions with one another. Well, sure, you say. It’s a romance. Why wouldn’t that be the case?

Well, because we want to know how that romance will settle out when these men who already have this huge responsibility in their lives. They don’t just have themselves to worry about. When they’re choosing a partner, they have to consider their kids and how the family would be affected by allowing that person into their life.

Then you add the paranormal aspect. With a wolf alpha like Kenneth, you have to ponder how mating with Jack and Miles will affect the family, and the broader pack, or extended family. Kenneth has a lot of weight on his shoulders that way, so it’s no wonder he tries to put off sealing the deal. He loves both his men, though, so it’s also tough not to just accept their love.

I hope y’all will read Wolfmanny with the joy I took in writing it for you! I hope you give this unruly pack of kids a chance.


Julia Talbot

About Wolfmanny

Three hot werewolves, sexual tension thick enough to cut with a knife, an impending Colorado winter, and a rambunctious pack of werewolf pups. Stand back and watch the fur fly.

When Kenneth Marcon loses his nanny to a bite from one of his inherited kids, he knows he needs someone strong to contain five werewolf children. What he finds isn’t a stalwart nanny, but a werewolf manny named Jack. Kenneth and his assistant, Miles, aren’t sure if Jack is what they need, but he’s what they have to work with.

Jack’s got what it takes to keep the kids busy—and attract both Miles’s and Kenneth’s attention. The two old friends have been circling each other for years, but with Jack as the final piece to the puzzle, it’s time to finally act on those urges. When Kenneth is forced to travel instead of solidifying the bond with his new mates, Jack and Miles take desperate measures to get him back, even as they save the kids from one disaster after another. Amidst the chaos, they have to learn how to become not just a pack, but a family.

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About the Author

 Stories that leave a mark. Julia Talbot loves romance across all the genders and genres, and loves to write about people working to see past the skin they’re in to love what lies beneath. Julia Talbot lives in the great mountain and high desert Southwest, where there is hot and cold running rodeo, cowboys, and everything from meat and potatoes to the best Tex-Mex. A full time author, Julia has been published by Dreamspinner, Samhain, and Changeling Press. She believes that everyone deserves a happy ending, so she writes about love without limits, where boys love boys, girls love girls, and boys and girls get together to get wild, especially when her crazy paranormal characters are involved. She also writes BDSM and erotic romance as Minerva Howe. Find Julia at @juliatalbot on Twitter, or at http://www.juliatalbot.com “The mountains are calling, and I must go”

Julia Talbot: http://www.juliatalbot.com

Minerva Howe: http://www.minervahowe.com

Julia’s Blog: http://juliatalbot.blogspot.com/

@juliatalbot on Twitter


A Paul B Release Day Review: Wolfmanny by Julia Talbot


Rating: 4 stars out of 5

wolfmannyJack McMillian is about to get away to Mexico for a vacation when his boss summons him to his office.  When the boss, a lion shifter, asks Jack to do him a favor, you know it must be big.  He wants Jack to go to Colorado to take on the job of manny to five wolf shifter pups ranging from age fifteen to twin three year olds.  It appears the young fifteen year old she-wolf bit their previous nanny, an ostrich shifter.  The head of the household, the children’s uncle, is CEO of a major computer company and known as a good alpha.  Deciding Vail was an alternative to Mexico, Jack decides to take the job, at least temporarily.

Kenneth Marcon has been raising his sister’s children for the past couple of years.  The children’s father dropped them off shortly after his wife’s death, unable to cope with the five children, two of which were infant twins.  He has help running both his company and his household from Miles.  Miles has had a thing for Ken but never acted upon it as Ken was both his boss and his alpha.  Things start to change when the new manny arrives.  When Jack begins to take interest in Miles, Ken starts to assert his feelings not only for his assistant but for the new manny as well.  Just as the three are forming their bond, Ken is called away to London to complete a business deal for his software company.  While Ken skypes with his family, it’s not enough for Jack or Miles and they see that Ken is not dealing well with being away either.  Can the men convince Ken to balance his work and home life better as seven people need him also?

This was a slightly different take on a shifter story for me.  When Ken is introduced as an alpha, I thought that there would be a big pack under his control.  Instead it seems that the pack is actually his family and those he employs for his household and company.  There is talk about sentries patrolling but I was not sure if it was just his estate or pack lands they were patrolling.  The mink shifters were a unique twist to what one would think would make a good bodyguard for the children.  Each of the children had their own personalities.  Simone is just beginning to shift again and doesn’t understand why she is different than her friends.  Tommy yearns for a male role model.  Ginny is the tom boy who is beginning to get interested in more feminine things.  And twins Jim and Joe just changed from wolf pups to their human form so they are exploring the world in their other form.  Personally, I thought the last couple of chapters would have been better as the start of a sequel to this book.  And I’m sure it will be a jumping off point for any such book.  I am waiting for more adventures of this family.

I absolutely adore the cover by Christine Griffin.  It has three wolf paw prints within a heart on a wood surface.  This is perfect for the book.

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Book Details

ebook, 216 pages
Expected publication: February 6th 2017 by Dreamspinner Press
ISBN 1635332877 (ISBN13: 9781635332872)
Edition LanguageEnglish

A Paul B Review: The Last Dragonet (Dragon Prophecies #1) by Shannon West and Susan E. Scott


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

the-last-dragonetLuca Wessex is a dragon spawn.  Born of a Red dragon and human mother who died in childbirth, Luca belongs to the lowest class of dragon society.  Keeping away from the gangs that most of the spawn seem to form, Luca just wants to get by in life.  He works a few hours a week at a corner market run by an elderly man who has been more of a father to him than his own abusive one.   His troubles begin when a couple of Golden dragons, the ruling class of dragons, ask him about the local gang leader.  Full blooded dragons look down on spawn so it looks like he is screwed no matter what happens.

Dmitri and his brother have been sent to get information from Luca.  Trying to convince the little spawn to cooperate is not easy.  Even being attacked by the gang of spawn is not enough to convince Luca that Dmitri is his best option.  The one thing he does know is that Luca does not know the true secret to his heritage and just how valuable he is to dragon society.  And one thing that a dragon knows about is treasure.  Dmitri knows that he must move quickly if he wants to have Luca not only as part of his horde but also in his life.

Dmitri takes Luca to his home in remote Russia.  If he thought fighting spawn in the United States was bad, Dmitri runs into more problems at home.  Dmitri’s parents are not thrilled to have the half breed staying in the mansion.  Dmitri’s neighbor, who happens to be Luca’s grandfather, wants Luca to stay with him, no matter what it takes.  And Dmitri must also convince Luca that he is not just part of his horde but wants something meaningful with him. 

This is a great start to the new Dragon Prophecies series by West and Scott.  Poor Luca has had a rough life and things in the beginning do not seem to improve for him.  Being attacked and then virtually kidnapped for his own protection, he doesn’t really trust anybody.  He falls for Dmitri but only wants to pursue things if he is more than just a treasure to be hoarded.  The prophecy at the end of the book needs to be explored more in future books in this series.  I cannot wait for the next book to come out.

E Connor’s cover design is gorgeous.  A built man with his shirt open stands in front of a Russian mountain with a dragon circling the mountain.  It fits the book perfectly. 

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Book Details

Ebook, 147 pages

Edition Language:  English

Published:  December 20, 2016 by Dark Hollows Press

ISBN:  978-1-946379-03-0

Series:  Dragon Prophecies

The Last Dragonet (Dragon Prophecies #1)

A Paul B Release Day Review: Running Blind by Kim Fielding and Verona Keyes


Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

running-blind-by-kim-fielding-and-venona-keysKyle Green is a successful voice actor with a partner of ten years.  Finishing up the latest season of the hit anime Ecos, Kyle feels a bit tired.  He wakes up in the hospital having suffered a stroke at forty.  His motor functions seem to be fine but he finds out that he is blind.  This will make it impossible for his to continue his work with the animated series.  When his partner Matt informs him that he just received a grant to work on Native American ruins for the next five years, Kyle insists that he go.  Kyle reasons that the spark in the relationship was lost years ago and he should not stand in the way of Matt’s research. 

With the help of his sister Lily, Kyle starts to learn how to live as a blind man.  When Kyle sees spots of light while moving, Matt arranges for Kyle to see a neurologist.  Kyle is experiencing Riddoch syndrome, where previously sighted people can see some things when in motion.  He decides to try running.  As he runs, he begins to see things in motion but is tripped up by a child’s tricycle.  He is helped by Seth Caplan, a man who recently moved by to Chicago to help his mother.  Seth offers to help Kyle home.  He suggests Kyle finding a volunteer to run with.  Kyle contacts the local advocacy agency who sets things up.  Who should call Kyle but Seth?  The men are definitely attracted to each other but each has what they consider baggage that they carry into the possible relationship. 

I really enjoyed this book.  Kyle seems to have everything at the beginning and loses it all within the first couple of chapters.  Kyle, while upset he may never be able to anime again, he rebounds by doing audiobooks and commercials, which do not require synchronization with video.  Seth is a lawyer who quit a large firm to work with a tech company which develops apps for adaptive technology.  He came back to Chicago to help out with his mother who is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s.  Kyle does not want to be a burden due to his blindness while Seth has something in his past he feels guilty about and has not been in a relationship in a while.  The end is definitely a foreseeable happily ever after.

The cover by Anna Sikorska is perfect for this book.  It has what appear to be two runners, bound by tether at the wrist.  It could be from a scene right out of the book. 

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Book Details

ebook, 200 pages
Expected publication: November 7th 2016 by Dreamspinner Press
ISBN 1634778928 (ISBN13: 9781634778923)
Edition LanguageEnglish

A Paul B Review: Wooing the Lighthouse Keeper (Tales of the Briny Nyx) by Charlie Richards


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Wooing the LIghthouse KeeperCharlie Richards has begun a new paranormal series.  This time, her focus is on briny nix, or mermen.  The first book is Wooing the Lighthouse Keeper.

Wayne Thorpe has enjoyed being a high school teacher.  He is shocked when he is accused of inappropriate behavior with an ex-lover.  While the allegations are being looked into by the school board, Wayne decides to get away from the controversy.  He decides to fill in for a friend’s father who happens to be a lighthouse keeper, who is attending his daughter’s wedding.   

Zarek Rudiman is about to celebrate his birthday.  With this birthday, he can petition the nix court to change how relations with the human world are dealt with.  However, someone does not want this to happen.  The royal guard has come to arrest Zarek for treason to the crown, even though he is a distant relative of the king.  With the help of his valet, Zarek narrowly avoids arrest at the house but he is followed by the guards.  Through the help of a friend in the guard, Zarek escapes through a cave.  As he escapes though, one of the guards strikes his tail with a trident, severely injuring him.  As he swims out the other side, he must avoid the sharks that will sense blood in the water.  Exhausted, Zarek finally washes ashore beneath a steep cliff.

Wayne and a friend have just finished dinner one night when they notice a naked man below on the beach, obviously injured.  Wayne feels an instant attraction to this man, who is bleeding from both legs.  When the man wakes up, Zarek recognizes that Wayne is his Adelfi Psychi, his soul mate.  However, Wayne is not buying his story of how he landed up naked on the beach.  Zarek must convince Wayne that not only is he not in danger but also not to call the police.  Zarek is worried about undercover nixes who serve as spies in the human world, reporting to the court on the current condition of the human world.  Will Zarek be able to convince Wayne that mermen exist and that he is Zarek’s mate?

I feel that this new series is off to a good start.  Unlike the author’s other paranormal series, which featured scientists as the primary antagonist, this series starts off with internal turmoil within the briny nix.  It will be interesting to see how Zarek is able to return to the world of the nix.  Meanwhile, he bides his time with Wayne on shore.  Tran and Easton’s unintended initiation to the world of the nix set up future mating for this series.  This sets up what looks like another enjoyable series from Ms. Richards.

The cover art by Angela Waters shows a shirtless Zarek coming out of the surf with a lighthouse in the background.  It is a perfect cover for this book.

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Book Details

EBook, 76 pages

Edition Language:  English

Published:  May 15, 2016 by eXtasy Books

ISBN:  978-1-4874-0709-4

Series:  Tales of the Briny Nix

Wooing the Lighthouse Keeper (Tales of the Briny Nix #1)

A Paul B Review: Druids Lodge by Kelly Clemmons


Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

DRuids LodgeLuke Devlin’s surrogate father Henry Darcy has died from a massive heart attack.  The consequences of this event may be even more devastating.  He faces the loss of the home he has had for the last few years.  And he must face Henry’s wayward son, Finn, whom Luke hasn’t seen since he returned to England at age 16.  Luke does not understand how Finn has not visited his father all these years.

Finn Darcy has a reason for not visiting and it has nothing to do with his father.  Finn, his father, and half the people who live and work at the lodge that the family runs are werecats.  During his first shift when he was thirteen, a frightened Luke watched as Finn’s panther hunts and kills a deer.  Seeing this, Luke runs away which triggers Finn’s hunter instincts.  Finn’s panther then marks Luke as his mate by scratching his chest.  Ever since that time, Finn has worried about losing control over his panther whenever he is near Luke.

The passion between the two heats up when the two meet again, even if Luke still resents Finn for staying away so long.  Thinking that it would be a one night stand as Finn is bound to take off soon after his father’s funeral, Luke agrees to sleep with Finn.  However, things turn on him after he agrees that he belongs to Finn and receives Finn’s mating bite.  When Luke finds out the significance of this and the fact that he has been living with a werecat clan for the last several years, Luke is upset.  Finn now must work to get back Luke’s trust that they had as children or face the loneliness that their fathers had while they were growing up.  To make matters worse, young werecat alphas and their mates have been disappearing around the world.  Finn must make sure the same fate does not befall them.

I found this to be a decent shifter story overall.  The first part of the book deals with the reunion of childhood friends Luke and Finn to deal with the death of Finn’s father who has become a father figure to Luke after his dad’s passing.  I am always leery of either forced matings or matings done under false pretenses and this book has a combination of both.  Finn must mate to become alpha but does not tell Luke the implications of it until after Finn basically tricks Luke into agreeing to mate.  The theme of trust in a relationship runs throughout the book.  I like that Luke does not make it easy for Finn and that lingering sense of mistrust is a current throughout the book.  It is especially important when Luke’s ex Max enters the picture.

The cover art features Finn’s panther above the hunting lodge that the panther clan owns.  Cover designer Ann Cain has done well to represent the novel with her work.

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Book Details:

EBook, 214 pages
Published:  May 2, 2016 by Dreamspinner Press
ISBN:  978-1-63477-277-8
Edition Language:  English

A Paul B Review: First Omega (River Wolf Pack #1) by Rebecca James


Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

First OmegaJosiah Kimbrel has always been fascinated with the werewolf tales that the uncle that raise him told as Josiah was growing up.  Uncle Horace had always promised Josiah a visit to werewolf territory when he was older but had died before he got the chance.  Now, as the first ambassador from the Human Werewolf Congress, Josiah is finally getting his chance.

River is the pack alpha of the River wolf pack.  While not totally trusting humans, he believes that communication with them is necessary in order to prevent a war among the species.  Somewhat reluctantly, River agrees to accept a human into his territory in order to foster this communication.

As Josiah is beginning to gather information he feels he needs to take back to the Congress, he notices a secretion that is coming out of his ass.  Annoyed that it has dampened his underwear, he goes out for a walk.  All of a sudden, River is on him and asks Josiah why he never told River that he was an omega wolf.  This surprises Josiah as his parents have long been dead and his uncle never mentioned to him about being a werewolf.  River claims that not only is Josiah an omega, but HIS omega.

Josiah must now deal with the implications of this new information.  Already looked down upon by some members of the wolf pack because he is human, Josiah now must face the fact that he will be looked down upon by the human world for being half werewolf.  There are also implications of his being River’s mate and assuming the role of First Omega within the pack.  There are also forces both from the pack and the human world that seem to want to do Josiah harm.  This mating is off to a rocky start to say the least.

Author Rebecca James has created a fascinating new werewolf world in the first book in her new River Wolf Pack series.  The houses that the werewolves have built blend into the landscape of the forest that they inhabit.  While they shun most technology as they do not want to deal with human interaction for the most part, they do have running water.  The idea of more than one alpha in a pack was also surprising.  The fact that neither the humans nor weres trust each other sets the stage for plot lines in further books.  It looks like the Human-Werewolf Congress might a good idea that those behind the scenes are using for their own purposes.  I am looking forward to following books in the series.

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Book Details

EBook, 151 pages
Published:  January 10, 2016 by JMS Books
ISBN:  9781634860215
Edition Language:  English

Series:  River Wolf Pack

  • First Omega (River Wolf Pack #1)
  • Second Alpha (River Wolf Pack #2)

A Paul B Review: Amended Soul (Mated Heart and Soul #2) by Kate Steele


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Amended SoulJamie Hardin is looking to repair his relationship with his oldest son Rio.   He blames himself partially for the abuse Rio suffered from his step-mother.  So Jamie and his six year old son Jack head to visit Rio and his mate Mick.  Fortunately for Jamie, Rio is eager for a reunion with his family.  In fact Rio is happy that his family is moving into the area to stay.  Jamie just has to get comfortable around a pack of werewolves.  The one that is most worrisome is the sexy brother of his son’s mate.

Jed Matranga is Mick’s younger brother.  He is happy that his brother has found his mate and considers Rio to be a younger brother.  At the family get together held to celebrate Rio reuniting with his father, Jed takes notice of Rio’s father.  He tries as best as he can to turn on the charm to attract the Jamie.  When Jamie states that he needs some work done with his new office, Jed volunteers to do the work himself.  He figures out it is the best way to try to win over this man who is bitter over his ex-wife’s betrayal.

As Jamie settles into his new surroundings and meeting the new neighbors, Jed is busy making changes to Jamie’s optometry office.  The two’s attraction to each other begins to strengthen as they spend more time with each other.  As Jamie knows some about werewolf culture, he begins to question whether or not he is Jed’s mate.  However, Jed has not stated such.  Jed meanwhile does not want to push the issue with Jamie as he has been married twice before.  Would Jamie accept a same sex mating for himself, even if he approves of his son’s mating.  When Jamie returns from a welcoming party that a neighbor holds, Jed smells a female on Jamie and flies off the handle.  Has Jamie already rejected their mating before it has even really started?

I enjoyed this second book in Kate Steele’s Mated Heart and Soul series.  I missed the first book in the series but want to go back and read it.  A reader gets enough of the backstory in the first book to not feel lost in this one. I found the playfulness of Jamie and Jed delightful especially Jed’s generous use of double entendres.  Rio’s reaction to his father’s relationship with Jed is a bit puzzling considering matings are sacrosanct in werewolf culture.  However, this was explained toward the end of the book to my satisfaction.  This series has been added to my list of to be read books.

The cover by Valerie Tibbs is fairly standard for werewolf shifter books.  The top portion shows two shirtless torsos while the bottom half depicts a wolf howling at a full moon.  It is nothing spectacular but does fit the book.

Sales Links:  Loose id | ARe | Amazon

Book Details:

ebook, 176 pages
Published March 15th 2016 by Loose Id
Edition LanguageEnglish

Series:  Mated Heart and Soul

  • Altered Heart (Mated Heart and Soul #1)
  • Amended Soul (Mated Heart and Soul #2)

A Paul B Review: Stealing Dragon’s Heart (Lifting the Veil #6) by Susan Laine


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Stealing Dragon's HeartTen years after the Unveiling, Finn Greyson knows all about mythical creatures.  It has also made his life as a master thief a bit more difficult as security has increased with the new times.  When his fence offers him a job of breaking into a master collector’s suite and stealing the Earth Shard, Finn is reluctant to take the job.  New Shanghai has become a walled city with few if any escape routes.  Finn is already a wanted man in the city anyway.  Add in the fact that his fence only says that Finn would know the object when he sees it, the job seems almost impossible.  Considering the amount of money that could come his way, Finn decides that this could be his last job and agrees to the mission.

Cameron Feilong has possession of the Earth Shard.  It is one of five pieces of the Elemental Crystal, along with ones representing wood, water, metal, and fire.  Each shard is protected by a guardian.  If the five shards are reformed into one crystal, then dangerous things could happen.  The last time the elven race got an evolutionary advance while others devolved into more basic creatures.  Cameron is one of the five charged to make sure these objects are never together again.

Finn breaks into Cameron’s suite and is amazed at all the priceless objects that are stored on the multi-level apartment.  Pushing away ideas of stealing a couple of the priceless art pieces that he sees, Finn searches out for his bounty.  Strange things begin to happen to him after he passes a small dragon statue in one of the hallways.  When he starts dancing an Irish sword dance and singing nonsensical rhymes, Finn realizes that he has wandered into a dragon’s lair and his horde.  When confronted by Cameron in his dragon form, Finn tells Cameron the reason that he is there.  Cameron is alarmed and immediately goes to where he stores the Shard.  Noting that it is gone, Finn realizes that he has been set up.  When the New Shanghai police arrive asking about a murder in Cam’s suite, Cam also realizes that he is being set up to take the fall for Finn’s murder.  Together the pair must solve who is willing to kill both of them and prevent the mastermind from retrieving all five shards before it is too late.  But in the end will Finn be able to steal something even more precious than the shards of the elemental crystal?

This is the first Lifting the Veil book that I have read from Susan Laine, but I have read several of her other books.  As with the other books that I have read by hear, I totally enjoyed it.  What I really liked was the different settings that she built within her mythical world.  From the barren tundra home of the first lycan to the underwater world of the Undine, her descriptions gives the reader a sense of the worlds that these people live in.  Each of the four settings where we find a new guardian is brought to life.

I also liked how Finn, while seemingly the weakest of those searching for the shards, might actually be the strongest.  His persistent optimism might annoy Cam somewhat but it is what is needed to accomplish their mission.  When he has to make a couple of decisions that test his moral system, you can feel the pain he goes through as he is weighing his options.  Because of his actions, he lashes out at the guardians for not being there when he thought he needed them most.    At the end, he realizes that he might have been a bit harsh and hopes it is not too late to make things right.  I look forward to reading more in this series.

The cover art by Anne Cain is a pretty drawing of what I think is Cameron’s mountain retreat.  While it is a gorgeous cover, I wish the cover had more to do with either the elemental shards or the characters themselves.

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Book Details

ebook, 240 pages
Expected publication: March 2nd 2016 by Dreamspinner Press
Edition LanguageEnglish

Series:  Lifting the Veil