A Paul B Review: Breeding Stations (Alliances #1) by Chris T. Kat


Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Breeding Stations coverWhen a first contact mission led by Berit Turner goes horribly wrong, he turns to Tom the Nasdic for comfort. They must return to the scene of the disaster to prevent a future alien takeover of Earth.

Berit Turner is known for two things– his ability to make first contact with new planets and being the playboy of the galaxy. When his team arrives at the planet Ligador, nothing would indicate that this would be changing. Ligador is a peaceful earth like planet with lush forests, oceans and no known advanced civilization on the planet surface. His team’s mission is simple. Collect plant and soil samples and search for intelligent life.

Tom is a Nasdic warrior. His race is know for their fighting skills but also their insatiable sexual appetites. His people, along with Earth have faced the Tash’Ba for several years. Upon meeting Berit, Tom (the name he gives to humans as his Nasdic name is unpronounceable for them) decides that he is his mate. Berit is of the opinion that a night or two of fun with the sexy alien would be quite enjoyable but a full time commitment is not in the cards.

When Berit takes his team along with Tom and his crew to the Ligador surface, things become FUBAR rather quickly. Breaking up into two teams that explore plus a third team to watch the spacecraft, they soon realize that the sensor readings on the planet are horribly wrong and the planet is actually being used by the Tash”Ba as a breeding stations for monsters that they use to destroy the population of planets they plan on invading. Their next target planet from Nasdic intelligence says it is Earth. After losing most of his crew, Berit and Tom along with two others return to the main spaceship to recover and mourn the death of the colleagues. While recovering, Berit comes to the realization that maybe his existence is a lonely one without someone to share it with and agrees to mate with Tom. The Alliance decide that the breeding station on Ligador must be destroyed and Berit, Tom and their friends Connor and Ni must once again go to the surface and battle these genetically modified creatures. Will the quartet survive a second trip t the surface?

I really enjoyed this romance action adventure start of this new series. It had me thinking of a cross between Star Trek (first contact, science missions), Star Trek:TNG (the Tash”Ba have a lot of similarities to the Borg without being an outright copy of them) and Jurassic Park series (with the genetically modified creatures running amok on Ligador). The pairing of two alpha males has enough spark to make their pairing interesting. Neither wants to back down when they are on the surface and puts them both in danger at times. The character that steals the later portions of the book is the Ligador native (or is she) Fleur. I look forward to see where the author will take this series.

The cover art by Anne Cain shows are two heroes in the foreground with the Ligaorian landscape below. Berit is facing toward the audience with Tom having his back to it. It’s a nice cover for the book.

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Book Details
Ebook: 204 pages, also in paperback
ISBN: 978-1-6476-175-8
Published; July 2015 by Dreamspinner Press
Edition: English
Series: Alliances
Breeding Station (Alliances #1)