A Stella Release Day Review: Midnight in Berlin by JL Merrow

RATING 2,75 out of 5 stars

One bad decision can change your life forever.

It’s midnight in Berlin, and drifter Leon is hitchhiking home in the rain, covered in feathers after a wild festival in the city park. He can’t believe his luck when he’s picked up by a hot guy in a Porsche. That is, until he learns his driver is a creature from his worst nightmares—and plans to turn him into one too. He runs, but he can’t escape the werewolf’s bite.

Christoph made one mistake, but he’s paying for it plenty. He took Leon for a rogue werewolf on his way home from a hunt, and by the time he realizes the truth, it’s too late to do anything but make Leon a monster to save his life. That doesn’t save Christoph from the pack leader’s harsh punishment.

As Leon struggles to cope with his horrifying new reality—and his mixed feelings for the man who bit him—he’s desperate to discover not only what’s happened to Christoph, but the secrets their pack leader is hiding from them all.

Secrets the pack will kill to protect.

First Edition published by Samhain Publishing, Ltd., February 2012.

I’ll be honest. I struggled a lot with Midnight In Berlin. And at the beginning I didn’t even understand what was wrong. This is a second release and I missed it when it was first published. In the years the author has become a favorite, her works are always so great. That’s why, although I badly wanted to put this novel down and start reading something else, I had to force myself to finish it.

The plot is actually interesting, a little boring at the beginning because I didn’t get it what was going to happen.  But then when there was some action and mystery to solve, I was interested and curious about Leon and Cristoph characters and their HEA. The writing superb as always and the scenes so well done, I felt I was there with the couple.

There were some elements I didn’t enjoy and why I rated the novel so low. First of all I was so upset  with the resolution of the little mystery, I actually felt cheated, I don’t want to reveal anything but I thought it was too easy to just put things like that. There were quite a lot of secondary characters and I would have so loved to know more about them, but maybe there was no space for them. In fact to me the story felt rushed and ended too quickly, it surely deserved more pages, that way so many things would have been more explained and developed. Most of all the romance part, almost inexistent, should have had a more important role in the plot. And most likely that’s the main reason why I had trouble connecting with Leon and Christoph.

Midnight in Berlin is not the masterpiece I’m used to reading by JL Merrow, in my opinion the author last years’ releases are the best she has done.

The cover art by Tiferet Design is awesome, I adore it and find it eyecatching. I love the colours and it’s fitting. I couldn’t have asked for more from a cover. Well done.

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ebook, Second Edition, 200 pages

Expected publication: August 24th 2018 by Dreamspinner Press (first published February 21st 2012)

ISBN13 9781640801219

Edition Language English