A Mika Review: All Man by Jay Northcote


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars   ★★★★

“You’re the sleek little sports car to my Land Rover.”

All Man coverFrom the moment Gareth walks through the door of the salon to fit some new sinks, Jules can’t take his eyes off him. Jules has always been attracted to men who are his polar opposite, so burly Gareth is Jules’s fantasy man.

At the weekend, Jules gets into a tough situation with another bloke in a gay club and Gareth comes to his aid. Gareth rejects Jules’s subsequent advances but leaves him with the hope that his attraction isn’t completely one-sided. Fantasy could become reality.

With Gareth’s work at the salon nearly done, he’ll soon disappear from Jules’s life for good. Time is running out. Jules needs to prove to Gareth that he’s tougher than he looks and that his feelings run deeper than gratitude.

I did not want it to end. Why??? Because it was really good. Jay Northcote knows how to write her guys. I love the contrast between the men that she puts together. I don’t like reading about the same type of men being attractive to each other. I like versatility in my guys. Plus I love a guy wearing make-up and loving themselves while wearing it. I’m so happy that Jules got his story. He was definitely a stand out character from [book:Top Me Maybe?|25548075]. He is this charismatic, flirty, guy who has a crush on the bear-like Gareth. That’s swoon like right there.

Up until this book we’ve only seen confident Jules, s0 just seeing him nervous and vulnerable about Garreth was really sweet. Gareth was a great guy, and I liked how he used his voice to state that anyone can go through something traumatic and look different. I think Jay Northcote did a good job with the assault scenes. She wrote it from a character who if we seen on the street most people wouldn’t think that they would be a victim. I really liked them together. It was some steamy and sweet scenes. I didn’t want it to end. I really like the author’s British writing voice.

Cover Art by Jay Northcote, spot on presentation of Jules. I really like seeing him on the cover with all his beauty.

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Book Details:

Published August 8th 2015 by Jaybird Press (first published August 6th 2015)
original title All Man