An Alisa Review: Where Song Replaces Silence by Layla Dorine


Rating:  2 stars out of 5

Raze halts his midnight joy ride to give chase to twinkling lights that appear in the road before him and then lead him deep into a forest, where he falls into another world. There, magic is real, wishes are granted, and no one is considered odd or out of place.

Raze has never fit in anywhere in his own world and uses his angry attitude to keep others at bay and mask his anxieties and fears in this new place. A dangerous combination in Loas, where rudeness is frowned upon and foul language can land him in a dungeon.

Rurin, an inhabitant of Loas, tries to teach Raze about their world, its magic and its residents, but he faces Raze’s stubborn resistance at every turn. Bitter about his past, pessimistic about his future, Raze sees what could be, but he struggles to accept it. In the meantime, his encounters with the Fae range from hostile sarcasm to potential danger. While he attempts to keep the promises he’s made to Rurin and follow the rules laid out for him, Raze grows more and more curious about the place where he’s landed. It’s too bad he keeps making poor choices.

As the connection between them grows, Rurin works to keep Raze from being banished, but Raze may be cast out of the Loas before he has the opportunity to discover the true reason he was led there in the first place.

This was not a story for me.  While it was well written the world that Raze ended up in and his and the others actions just caused me to get upset during most of the story.  I also couldn’t help but feel the teeny bit of romance was forced and did absolutely nothing for what was happening.

I will admit from the beginning Raze is a jerk but at the same time this wonderful, accepting and peaceful group is sure quick to judge and look down on him even when he is trying.  Mostly we see Raze getting let around by Rurin to learn about the world he has found himself in while at the same time Rurin expecting him to just know how it works down there.  I felt that Raze’s sudden acceptance and change of heart when he found his magic was just too little too late for all around.

The cover art by Natasha Snow is a beautiful picture but doesn’t do anything for the story.

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Book Details:

ebook, 33,300 words

Published: April 22, 2019 by Nine Star Press

ISBN: 978-1-950412-49-5

Edition Language: English