A Free Dreamer Release Day Review: Angels Rising (Heaven Corp #3) by CC Bridges


Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Better to reign in hell….

Uriel 3019 has been a cybernetically altered angel since he volunteered for the program fifteen years ago. His devotion to the floating city of Heaven is fierce, and he’ll follow any command he’s given. But Uriel’s orderly world is crumbling. Angels are going mad, even hurting people. Some are rebelling, and the noble families are vying for control—by any means necessary.

Uriel’s latest assignment brings him into a secret society, where his partner, Raphael, is working for freedom and equality for all angels. Could their group be responsible for the angels’ recent erratic behavior? Uriel is determined to find out—and report on his findings. But he doesn’t count on Raphael’s confession—that he has feelings for Uriel—or the memories slowly starting to return from the time before he became an angel.

Is he on the right side? Does he dare to stand against Heaven, even if doing so will save his fellow angels from becoming soulless automatons? Uriel has to decide if his loyalty belongs to his superiors… or to the angel who’s stolen his heart.Angels Rising is the third (and final?) installment of the Heaven Corp series. As such, it doesn’t work as a stand-alone. A lot has happened and you really do need the previous books to understand this one.

In this book, we learn even more about Heaven and how the people live up there. This time, the focus is on the angels and their day to day lives. How their halos influence their personality and what happens if they malfunction. It was fascinating to explore just what happens when you turn a perfectly normal human into a cybernetically engineered being with no real emotions other than unquestioning obedience.

The romance is rather slow and our two protagonists have a lot of obstacles to overcome. Especially Raphael is very new to the whole relationship business. But when they finally do get around to do more than just lust after each other, it’s damn hot. Unlike in book two, there are no BDSM elements between these two. But the author definitely knows how to write great sex scenes.

While the sex was scenes were great, I did struggle a bit to actually feel the love between them. Maybe it was because there was so much else going on and all the secrets they kept from each other and everybody around them, there simply wasn’t all that much space left for the romance.

This book is packed full with action. We have spying and double agents and betrayal and lots and lots of secrets and ominous things going on. And then of course there are Uriel’s returning memories and the guilt he now has to face because of what he did as an angel. It’s addicting, really.

The ending was very unexpected with quite a twist. I really didn’t expect that.

If you liked the previous two books, I’m sure you’ll like this one too. I really enjoyed the whole series and “Angels Rising” is a great final installment. Read it!

I’m not a huge fan of the cover by L.C. Chase, tbh. The wing is gorgeous but otherwise it’s a bit generic. The colours are gorgeous, though.

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Book details: ebook, 200 pages

Published May 22nd 2018 by Dreamspinner Press