An Alisa Review: Anticipating Temptation (Anticipation #3) by Silvia Violet


Rating:  4 stars out of 5

Marty doesn’t want to need a Daddy, but he’s still anticipating temptation…

Marty’s new boss pushes all his buttons. He’s confident, capable, and he expects to get his way.

But Marty’s past experience has made him wary of dominant men and determined to establish his independence. Even if deep down he knows Rob will treat him right, he can’t put his new job at risk. Everyone knows sleeping with your boss is a terrible idea.

Rob is the CEO of a company he built himself. He’s wealthy and successful, but he’s also lonely.

While he’d never admit it, he longs for a place to call home and a man to love.

Before he met Marty, Rob never felt such a protective urge toward anyone. When he hires Marty to be the housekeeper for his new ranch, Rob doesn’t just want Marty to work for him. He wants to be Marty’s Daddy. Rob is a man who always goes after what he wants, even if he has to break some rules.

This was so sweet.  Marty and Rob click from the beginning it’s the logistics and technicalities that throw everything for a loop.

I was glad that Marty was able to finally find the happiness and care he has always wanted after everything that he has had to deal with.  Rob knows what he wants but has to be strong enough to let everyone know.  I love how sweet and protective Rob was from their very first meeting and you could just see how Marty brought the Daddy in him out.  Marty just flourished under the attention and all the care that Rob gave him.

This story just pulled me in and kept me engaged the whole time.  This has been a very nice series and I enjoy each new couple and love that we get to see the previous couples too.

The cover art by Amai Designs Continues to follow the same style as the other books and I like the field in the background that’s similar to one on Rob’s farm.

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Book Details:

ebook, 234 pages

Published: June 26, 2019 by Silvia Violet Books

Edition Language: English

Series: Anticipation #3

An Alisa Review: Anticipating Disaster (Anticipation #1) by Silvia Violet


Rating:  4 stars out of 5

Del is now a single dad, and for the sake of his young daughter, he’s moving back to his parents’ ranch. Returning to Anticipation means seeing Noah again—the man who was his best friend and then so much more. Del enjoyed surrendering control to Noah, but fear of what their relationship would mean sent him running. Will Noah even speak to him again, much less give him a second chance?

Noah has resigned himself to a quiet life improving his baking skills and running his family’s café. When his mom volunteers him to pick up Del at the airport despite an incoming blizzard, he braces himself to be stranded overnight while trying to pretend he hasn’t missed the man who broke his heart.

The moment they see each other, heat flares between them, and all Noah’s dominant urges come to life again. He wants Del as badly as he always has, but he can’t trust Del to stay around long enough for their relationship to develop. Is there any chance of a future for these two men who are both anticipating rejection?

This was another nice story in this series.  Noah has lived behind the bakery for years and suddenly the one person that could disrupt his calm is coming home.  Del made a lot of mistakes when he was younger but even now has kept a secret from everyone but it might just be the one thing to break down Noah’s walls the fasted.

Okay, first off Clarice is adorable and I can see why she is the catalyst for Del to finally stop running away.  Other than the few timeline issues and editing errors (which I am only pointing out as I was given a final proof) my only frustration was that Del and Noah did a LOT of assuming and not a lot of real talking.  They would talk around a subject great but never flat out said anything to the other until the very end and then everything was suddenly hunky dory, not my favorite trope.

I like the cover art by Amai Designs and how it follows the same style as the first book.

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Book Details:

ebook, 236 pages

Published: June 23, 2019 by Silvia Violet Books

Edition Language: English

Series: Anticipation #2