A Lucy Review: Stay Awhile by Kassandra Lea


Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

The holidays are usually a whirlwind of busy activity for Anson—decorating, baking for friends—but this year, his heart isn’t in it. He’d hoped coming out to Daly as asexual would be the right thing to do. Since then, he hasn’t heard a word from the handsome photographer.

Now Daly’s suddenly shown up at his front door, asking Anson to trust him, to come with him. He doesn’t dare hope in case this is just another build up to a bigger heartbreak.

The story starts with Anson, drinking hot cocoa and feeling heartsick.  His cat, Noodles, is his only company right now. He’s been waiting for some kind of message from his boyfriend, Daly, and so far hasn’t received one, until Daly shows up at the door.  Apparently, it’s been weeks since he heard anything from Daly and now Daly starts out by enthusing about the pie Anson made.  That was a little odd, but Daly wants to show Anson something. 

I was excited to see this holiday book featuring an asexual MC and I was curious to see how the sex aspect would be handled.   It is a short story at 33 pages and so there isn’t time to fit everything in.  We get the flashback of Anson and Daly’s about-to-be first kiss, which is followed by “And that was the moment he chose to blurt it out, the words popping out of his mouth.  “I’m asexual.”  So that was how Daly finds out, except I can’t help but think he had to have some idea when you’ve been with a guy for months and haven’t even shared a kiss.

While I liked what was here, I felt like I had been dropped into the middle of a chapter.  We are told Daly needed time but we aren’t shown that, or what his actual reaction was, or how that conversation went after Anson’s blurt out.  I needed that to better connect with these guys.  The end also seemed a little too easy, needing more of a conversation.

So it’s a very short, sweet scene of Anson and Daly.

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Book Details:

Kindle Edition, 1, 33 pages
Expected publication: November 28th 2018 by Mischief Corner Books, LLC
Edition Language English