A Paul B Review: Alpha Coder (Geek Pack #1) by Kathryn Sparrow

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Alpha Coder coverWhen Liam Reed meets his very male mate who is interning at Soft Corp, his place of employment, will it add to the already high tensions that exist in his pack?

Liam Reed never wanted to be alpha. His brother Jason was groomed to take over for their father. When Jason and his family die in a single car accident, Liam agrees to take over, as the alternative, Bradley, is worse. Though Bradley never really challenges Liam directly but does everything he can to make Liam’s life miserable. When he tries to add his friend Thomas to the pack council, Bradley utters a homophobic comment under his breath just loud enough for Liam to hear. Frank, the pack beta, tells Liam that he needs to do something soon or else the pack will split apart.

Cody Jones is a student at MIT. He is the newest intern at Soft Corp. When he meets his supervisor, Liam Reed, things take a turn that neither man expects. They realize that they are mates, even though neither has had any feelings for a man before. Things are complicated on three fronts. First, Liam is dating a woman named Alice whom he has recently suggested that things were leading toward a marriage. Second, pursuing a relationship with each other is strictly against company policy and the director of human resources is fanatical about the policy. Third, they have to deal with Bradley and his friends who will not accept a gay alpha, let alone a gay member of the pack council.

I thought this first book in the new Geek Pack series was a decent novel but the amount of angst throughout the book was a bit much for my tastes. Liam is concerned he does not compare to his father or brother as alpha. Liam is worried about Alice’s feelings and whether or not she will turn them in for the office romance. Liam and Cody are concerned that Tiger Johnson, the human resource guy will figure out what is going on. They both worry about Bradley and his plans for the pack when it is known that they are now the alpha pair. Add in the fact that Cody and Thomas think that Jason and his family had help in their accident and one can go on overload quickly. I think one less subplot would have sharpened this book a bit.

The cover art by Mina Carter shows Liam and Cody shirtless with the full moon above them. They are over a keyboard that has a bullet on top of it. It is a decent cover but with a title of “Alpha Coder” I would think of something different would be in order.

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Book details
Ebook: 261 pages
ISBN: 978-1-62300-953-3
Edition: English
Published: July 2015 by Loose ID
Series: Geek Pack (first book)