A Stella Review: Stone and Shell by Lloyd A. Meeker


RATING 4 out of 5 stars

stoneandshell-f500Eight-year-old Howie Evinger is convinced that his dad would be happier if he found a new husband. Howie would be happier, too. And somewhere out there in the city of Vancouver, there’s the right man for his dad to love. But how to find him? That’s a problem, especially if you’re just a kid and your dad says he doesn’t want another husband.

With the help of his quirky aunt, Shanna, who calls herself a Buddhist Wiccan, Howie builds his very own solstice altar with cool symbols to support his search. It has a candle, a feather, and a twisty stick, plus an agate for his dad, and a scallop shell for his new husband. Share Howie’s solstice adventure as he learns how real magic requires courage and patience as well as symbols.

Howie is eight years old and has a big desire, to find a new husband to his dad. To make his wish come truth, with the help of his awesome aunt Shanna, he built a solstice altar where a shell and a stone will start a dance until Howie finally sees in Mike the right candidate.

Stone and Shell was my first book by Lloyd A. Meeker and it was a success. It wasn’t the first story I read told entirely by a child and not an adult part of the MCs’ couple. Since I adore books with children in the plot, I really liked Stone and Shell.Although it’s only 26 pages long, it was well done, the story is sweet and fast paced. A quick story perfect to brighten my Christmas mood and leave me with a smile. I’m a fan of Howie, he’s very cute and lovely how he is so serious and certain in his actions, he is a smart boy and has around a great family, now complete with a new dad.

The cover art by Natasha Snow caught my attention before I read the blurb, I love it cause it’s beautiful and it fits the story, every time I watch it reminds me of a specific scene in the book.

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Ebook 26 pages

Expected publication: November 28th 2016 by NineStar Press

ISBN: 978-1-945952-21-0

Edition Language English