A VVivacious Review: Breaking the Bonds (Cascade City Pack #2) by Rebecca James


Rating: 4.5 Stars out of 5

A year has passed since the events of “A New Beginning” and Jax finds himself deep undercover trying to find the root of evil that had infiltrated the Human-Shifter Congress.

A year in he finds himself closer to his goal but having to try harder to keep appearances, when he finds out that things are worse than he could have imagined.

Jax finds himself in the middle of an omega sex-trafficking ring where omegas are kept constantly in heat by the use of a compound that is causing a whole lot of side effects in the shifters who have been targeted with it.

It is time for everybody to work together as they break this vicious cycle and overcome the elements who have worked so hard and for so long to destroy any attempts at a peaceful existence between humans and shifters.

I really don’t know what to rate this book, it was a compelling follow-up to this saga but while it lacked the intensity of the first in the Cascade City Pack series that could be because this one was very different to its predecessor. This one is all about the human-shifter dynamics and about breaking the cycle and putting both species on an equal till. Personally, I was very satisfied but the ending felt like coming full cycle it made me feel like this was it and that we were saying goodbye to this series and its characters who we have known for almost five books now and that gave my feelings a very melancholy edge. Most of the times I come out of reading a book pretty sure of what I will be rating it, sometimes as I write the review my rating changes to a little extent as I realise more things I liked or didn’t as I process my thoughts but this one was not one of them. Sometimes and this is really rare because you can most assuredly rate the ones you really like as 5 stars and the ones you didn’t a single and the ones which you liked but not too much three but what do you rate a book that feels unrateable it’s like I can’t quantify the quality that the book has. This is shaping up to one of those books, so I’m just winging it when it comes to the rating. But thankfully reviews aren’t all about ratings and I do actually get to share my thoughts and try to relay in words what I couldn’t in numbers, about this book’s unquantifiable quality.

Like most books in these series (River Wolf Pack, Angel Hills Pack & Cascade City Pack) this book is also told from multiple POVs (I almost wrote all but then I realized that the first two books in the River Wolf Pack series only had dual POVs if even that, I can’t be very sure but I think those two books are told from the POV of both main characters in those books). I personally have been loving this way of storytelling especially as it pertains to this story because there are already a ton of characters I’m invested it and this way I get to know how they all are in a more intimate way as I get to spend some time in their head and see their troubles because not everyone’s involved in human-shifter politics and they have other worries which is immediately brought to fore as we start this book with Sam’s POV and how he isn’t feeling well and how he is worried about his alpha. It was kind of nice in hindsight to have some characters be more grounded. This story ultimately reveals the bigger scandal that was hinted at, at the end of the first book and everyone is distressed by it but not everyone can be directly involved so it was nice to have Sam be worried for other reasons. It was nice for Sid to world towards a human-shifter alliance but in a different way. It added gravity to the sex-trafficking that was happening unbeknownst to many.

I had a moment of epiphany in this book when I was reading Josiah’s POV and it was just the thought that I have known River and Josiah for so long and I still wanted to know more about them. I loved their dynamic in this one, it was more settled and not as explosive as in the previous book but still such a comfortable relationship. I loved how much both Josiah and River have grown thanks to their relationship, how it has opened River’s eyes to being more open-minded and not as entrenched in the past and how Josiah has realized that a bit of caution would be the better part of valour when it comes to jumping into a situation head first. There is still much ahead for these two but it is amazing to see River as the Alpha he is hands down the best Pack Alpha around, he is amazing and David is right when he says that it says something about River that he has not one but two prolific packs to his credit.

David has to be my favourite character. I love him so much and every relationship he has is a treasure to witness. I loved that we could focus on River and David for a bit in this one and see how close these two are and how open with one another. I always love David and Briar because I honest to god forget they are brothers but we didn’t get much of them in this one.

Though we finally got to see David and Jax and considering everything that has happened, these two deserve their happy ending. That scene where David just happens to come across Jax is so surreal, God! These two have such an intense chemistry it is hard to breathe at times.

We also get to see Jax’s POV in this one and it was much needed and I know I really wanted it and I am really happy that I got it. Jax has been in a very tough situation the past year working as a sort of double agent and when he comes across the omega sex-trafficking ring, he is right in the middle of that depravity forced to keep his cover. I really understand all his feelings and for a moment I was scared he would run away but I guess David can work miracles, all in all, the situation kind of forces Jax’s hand but I was so glad in the end, because David, Jax and Brooks deserve a happy ending after all they have been through.

We do also get the conclusion of Jaime and Mark’s storyline and I am happy with how things ended there. I had forgotten a lot of characters because it has been quite a while since I have read “A New Beginning” but the moment I was reintroduced to the characters that I had known but had forgotten somehow I felt as invested in them as if I had remembered them the whole time. I am really happy for these two.

So yeah as the book ended I was really wondering if Rebecca James was ending the series here but then I thought about it and I was like no there is so much more that I need to know especially, about Sid and Grier. Sid is a character that has been very interesting to me and I really want his story to have a happy ending and this twist in the form of Grier seems like a pretty innovative one and I want to see where these two end up.

I am so happy with this one, I love these characters so much and their individual struggles just make them even more endearing but somehow if for some reason this is actually an end I feel like we are leaving these characters at a very optimistic note with a whole world of possibilities in front of them. Until next time!

Cover Art by Written Ink Designs. Loved the cover.

Sales Link:   JMS Book LLC  |  Amazon

Book Details:Kindle Edition
Published August 18th 2018 by JMS Books LLC
Edition LanguageEnglish
SeriesCascade City Pack #2



A Lucy Review: The Pet Stylist and the Playboy (The Hedonist #2) by Rebecca James


Rating: 3 Stars out of 5

Told in alternating first person point of view this is the story of Swish, a man who has a traumatic past who has been staying with the Hedonist bike club for the past two years.  He shares a room with Dante, the biker who found him in a restroom and saved him. The fact that Swish is in love with Dante is incidental because Dante is a huge player and sleeps with everyone, male or female, usually where Swish knows what is happening.  Swish is starting to feel like a freeloader and needs to change.  He is developing a pet grooming following and he also works with Gus, an elderly man who runs an animal sanctuary.  It isn’t just a shelter because these men love and care for the animals they take in. “His generosity was one of the reasons I wanted to take him up on his offer for me to move into the shelter.  He was pretty old and didn’t have any help.”  Swish is a gentle, giving person.

Dante is another story.  I have to say, he was pretty disappointing all the way through.  He found Swish and saved him, yes, but he is really dismissive of Swish’s feelings for a lot of it.  I just couldn’t understand the whole family thing either.  Dante’s family is very wealthy and he is expected to work for his father’s companies when he turns thirty.  This is something he absolutely does not want to do.  His parents, especially his mother, don’t even seem to like him and he is a constant disappointment to them yet he is willing to hurt himself and people he cares about to try to win some kind of approval from them.

Swish moving out causes some angst for Dante and he gets a job working for Gus, fixing up the sanctuary, and starts to realize how little he actually knows about Swish and how little effort he’s ever put into getting to know him. 

“How come you never told me you real name’s Isaac?”

“Did you think it was Swish? You never asked.”

“I hadn’t and I didn’t know why.”

This is not, however, enough to make Dante actually do right by Swish and it was so frustrating.  I wanted Swish to find someone else – Hugh would have been awesome! He doesn’t bother to say goodbye to Swish the day Swish moves out and then is surprised when Swish is hurt by that.  “Dante had left without saying goodbye? Tears pricked my eyes and I wrapped my arms around my middle, reminding myself I was used to being thrown away.  But somehow it hurt way more coming from Dante.”

Dante starts to find out things about Isaac that he never bothered to before.  Like why Isaac was in that restroom.  What he wears under his clothes. “Hell, lately it feels like I never knew you at all.”  Well, he didn’t really.  “Swish frowned.  “You’ve never tried to get to know me.” 

“I didn’t want to admit to myself I’d been so dismissive of him, or that he might have been reluctant to ask me about myself.”  That is how things were, though. It got worse for me when Dante starts to date Felicity, a high society woman that his parents chose for him and yet continues to see Swish and sleep with him.  I wanted to cheer when Gus confronts Dante on it because Swish needed someone who’d care enough to want the best for him.  Gus, just loved him.  Swish has Ax as well, another member of the Hedonists who is a good friend and tries to shake some sense into Dante.  Who doesn’t listen of course.  Honestly, this book was a four star read for Gus, Axel, Caleb and Isaac, and a one star for Dante so I averaged it.  He just didn’t redeem himself for me at all. There was a feel of too little, too late, and I couldn’t help wondering if Dante hadn’t had the revelation about his parents what would have happened.

The supporting characters were great, even Felicity who I was prepared to hate.  I am seriously hoping that the next story will be Axel and Caleb.  Blaze needs one as well so we know what is up with him.  While this isn’t a book I would read again, I would definitely continue the series to see what happens.

Cover art by Reese Dante shows Swish and Dante.   While the image of Swish, long brown hair, cross earring and pretty face, is very close to how I thought he would be from the book, Dante is not, other than the long blonde hair. There is a leather jacket but he looks a little young and too soft to be Dante for me.

Sales Links:

AMAZON US: https://amzn.to/2KDP9w0

AMAZON UK: https://amzn.to/2ucScQz

Book Details:

Kindle Edition, 274 pages
Published July 7th 2018
Original TitleThe Pet Stylist and the Playboy (The Hendonist, #2)
Edition LanguageEnglish
SeriesThe Hedonist #2

Release Blitz for the The Pet Stylist and The Playboy (The Hedonist #2) by Rebecca James (excerpt)


 The PetStylist And The Playboy Blitz Banner


The Hedonist Book 2



RELEASE DATE: 07.07.18


Cover Design:   Reese Dante

AMAZON US: https://amzn.to/2KDP9w0

AMAZON UK: https://amzn.to/2ucScQz



Swish has been in love with Dante since the day the tough biker found him homeless and miserable in a gas station restroom, but Dante’s never shown the younger man anything more than brotherly affection. Deciding it’s time to move out of the MC’s clubhouse and away from Dante, Swish takes a live-in job working in a privately-owned animal shelter where he can continue his pet stylist business. What he doesn’t realize is he’s not going to be as far away from the object of his affection as he thinks.

Dante’s time of being a playboy biker is fast coming to a close. At summer’s end he turns 30, and that means fulfilling his promise to his parents and returning to high society in the Hamptons. That dim prospect should be all Dante can think about, only Swish is moving out, and suddenly Dante can’t do anything but obsess over the kid he’s always thought of as a younger brother. Telling himself he’s only making sure Swish is doing okay on his own, Dante takes a summer job landscaping at the animal shelter where Swish has taken a job. There he learns a few things about the young man he’s never bothered to find out before, including that Swish’s real name is Isaac, and he enjoys wearing a certain something under his jeans–something that Dante’s surprised to find he would really like to remove–preferably with his teeth.

When Dante gives in to his need for Isaac, the playboy biker quickly finds that disentangling himself from the man he once thought of as a kid brother proves harder than expected, and that perhaps after years of one-night-stands and partying, his priorities need to change. Only not in the way his wealthy and controlling parents want them to.




I’d never seen Swish so…undressed. Despite sharing a room for two years, he’d never taken his clothes off in front of me. And those tiny bathing briefs weren’t covering up much. First there was Swish’s cute bubble butt I’d always tried to pretend I didn’t notice, then that package in front that the wet briefs did a poor job of concealing. I swear I’d seen it harden.

Realizing Swish was getting a boner, I’d met his deep, dark gaze.

“See something you like?” he’d asked me in that flirtatious manner that he fucking never directed at me. My balls had tightened, and time had stilled for who knows how long. I didn’t even comprehend what he’d called to me over his shoulder before disappearing into the house. Even then, I’d just stood there until reality had slowly started seeping in, and I’d realized I was staring at the house like an idiot.

I swung around and got to work, hammering like a fiend, but my mind kept going back to Swish in his swim briefs, and I missed the nail and hit my thumb with the hammer instead.

“Mother fucker!” Goddamn, that hurt!

Deirdre stuck her head out the door.

“You okay?” she asked.

I wanted to rail at her that no, I wasn’t fucking okay, but she was only trying to help, and it wasn’t her fault I had been daydreaming instead of watching what I was doing. Stuffing my thumb into my mouth, I nodded and gave her a rueful smile.

I hadn’t been back at it ten minutes when Swish sashayed out the front door wearing a pair of jeans and a tight T-shirt with a unicorn on it. He’d braided his long, thick hair over his shoulder, and I suddenly wanted to grab it like a rope and pull him close. I watched out of the corner of my eye as he bent to pick up a piece of wood. His shirt rode up, exposing smooth skin and a thin piece of lace just above the low waist of his jeans. This time, I caught myself before I pounded my thumb. Fumbling the hammer, I dropped it on the ground, just missing my foot.

My brain faltered, thoughts slamming into one another before backing up and restarting the flow.

Holy shit, was Swish wearing a lace thong?

Swish turned around and caught me staring. But, hell, I couldn’t look away. I was sure I’d never seen him with anything like that on his body before. Or had I ever really paid attention? Had I spent so much time trying to compartmentalize Swish, like Zeke had said, while I fucked away thoughts of a dismal future? No. There was no way I wouldn’t have noticed the single most sexy thing I’d ever seen in my life.

“What’s the matter?” Swish’s voice cut into my self-assessment.

I licked my lips, trying to get a grip on myself. I could lie, turn around and resume working, and bang my thumb all over again; or I could address the issue.

Swish had always been one to speak his mind, maybe I’d take a page out of his book and go for it. Besides, my hand couldn’t take much more abuse.

“Are you—” Frustrated at how shaking my voice sounded, I cleared my throat and blurted, “What the fuck are you wearing?”

Swish’s face shuttered, and I immediately wished I hadn’t said anything. But there was no going back now, and I couldn’t leave him with the impression I was judging him.

“I mean, uh, are those…are you wearing…” I could feel blood rushing to my face as I tried and failed to make it seem like a casual question.

“A lace thong? Yes.” Swish turned his back to me again and got to work.

I was having trouble breathing because I could see it—that thin strip of lace crossing Swish’s lower back.

I swallowed hard before attempting to speak again. “I didn’t know you liked that kind of thing.”

Swish turned on me so fast, I almost toppled over the stack of wood behind me.

“That kind of thing? You mean wearing women’s underwear? Why, yes, Dante, I do enjoy that kind of thing. I always have. Do you have a problem with that?”

An angry Swish was almost as captivating as a Swish wearing ladies’ underwear. His cheeks got red, his dark eyes sparked fire, and that quirky mouth rearranged itself into a hot sneer. He didn’t get worked up that often, but when he did, the sight never failed to raise my heart rate.

“No, of course not. I’d just never known…that about you.”

“And why would you know that? You’ve never shown an interest in my underwear before.”

I straightened and carefully stepped aside to avoid the planks of wood. “I’m not showing an interest—I was just surprised, that’s all.” I ran my hand over my hair. “Hell, lately it feels like I never knew you at all.”

Swish frowned. “You’ve never tried to get to know me.”

“We’ve talked a lot,” I objected.

“Not about anything important,” Swish mumbled, looking away. “Not until recently, when you asked about my past.”

I stood transfixed, thinking about it. We’d joked around and watched movies, but had we really never touched on anything personal? Ever, in the entire two years? I didn’t want to admit to myself I’d been so dismissive of him, or that he might have been reluctant to ask me about myself. He seemed to know just about everything about the other guys. And come to think of it, I really didn’t know a hell of a lot about them either.

“Maybe I’ve been a little self-involved,” I said. I could tell I’d surprised him. I turned away and picked up the hammer I had dropped, very aware of Swish’s eyes on me. My phone buzzed in my pocket, and for the first time ever, I was relieved to see my father’s name on the screen.

Rebecca James Logo

I’ve always loved to write and have written since I was a child, usually to entertain my family. I enjoy writing m/m romance because there’s nothing hotter than two men in a loving relationship. I write contemporary romance but am not limited to that. I enjoy writing alpha/omega and vampire stories, and I wouldn’t rule other things out. I’m very prolific, so look for a lot of things to come!

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pg/rebeccajamesgayromance/about/?ref=page_internal

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A Barb the Zany Old Lady Review: The Ballerino and the Biker (The Hedonist #1) by Rebecca James


Rating: 3 stars out of 5

Morgan Wentworth has a dream of becoming a principal dancer with the Manhattan Ballet Company. He’s worked for it all his life, sacrificing friends, living away from family as he studied in Milan and now that he’s serving an apprenticeship with the famed company, his goal is near. His parents were killed two years before and though he’s the principal stockholder and sole beneficiary of the Wentworth Corporation, he delegates the day to day operations to a friend of his father’s. He’s not ready to give up the company but he’s also definitely not ready to give up his chance at ballet.

In the meantime, his only brother is killed. Rafe was in a motorcycle club and was killed in a bike accident while riding with the girlfriend of the rival club leader, a nasty guy who now is out for revenge. Since Rafe is dead, he’ll happily take out Rafe’s little brother, Morgan, instead. Rafe’s club sends Zeke to protect Morgan and get him to their stronghold where they can all watch over him. And for some reason, Zeke is attracted to the gorgeous ballet dancer—to his body, his personality, his intellect, his ambition, and his general sweetness. It takes some time, but eventually, Zeke realizes that the homophobic names his father called him when he was young weren’t so far from the mark. He’s bisexual and he’s happy to learn that it’s a real thing. He also realizes what a despicable fool his father was. 

In the interim, while their attraction is blooming, and sometimes taking a few steps backward, the rival motorcycle club has finally been blackmailed into forgetting about Morgan but now there’s someone else leaving scary notes and hang-up calls and following Morgan late at night in a dark-windowed SUV. And that’s not all—Zeke’s father comes back into his life and another older man, who seems to have a crush on Morgan, steps into his life as a friend and father figure. To be honest, there were a lot of subplots all floating around waiting to be wrapped up that were still unresolved at the 90% mark of the story. For me, the resolution of all these issues was a bit too pat, too rushed, and too unrealistic to warrant a high rating.

On the other hand, I enjoyed the characters themselves. The author did a great job with character development and laid a good foundation for this story and any future stories that involve this motorcycle club. Ultimately, I’m happy that Zeke and Morgan ended up together and I’m happy with the decision Morgan made about his ballet career and his role in the Wentworth Corp. There were a few too many issues left unaddressed in Zeke’s father’s subplot to suit me and the Morgan’s mentor storyline turned quite bizarre so that was not satisfying to me either. Overall, I liked the book, mostly due to the MCs, and I would recommend it to those who enjoy a sexy biker boy who has finally accepted his attraction to men, and to those like me who love stories about male dancers. Their form and grace and pure physicality are a definite plus and always something I enjoy reading.


Cover art by Reese Dante depicts a handsome man in an open leather jacket, showing a chest tattoo, and a background figure of a ballerina leaping into the air. It’s attractive and beautifully depicts the MCs of the story.

Sales Links:  Amazon

Book Details:

Kindle Edition, 1 edition, 186 pages
Published March 10th 2018 by Amazon Digital Services
Original TitleThe Ballerino and the Biker
Edition LanguageEnglish
SeriesThe Hedonist #1

The Ballerino and The Biker by Rebecca James Release Day Blitz (excerpt and giveaway)


The Ballerino and The Biker RDB Banner

The Ballerino and The Biker

Rebecca James

M/M Romance

Release Date: 03.10.18


Cover Design: Reese Dante

Amazon US: http://amzn.to/2FcjM4E

Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2Fl642Y


Most of his young life, Morgan Wentworth has dreamed of becoming a principal dancer in a prestigious corps de ballet. After years studying the art in Milan, Morgan comes home to New York City to apprentice with the Manhattan Ballet Company only to be hit by the unexpected death of his older brother, Jake. The grieving dancer learns his life is threatened by a dangerous rival motorcycle gang and that pierced, tattooed, HOT biker Zeke Ivers has been assigned by Jake’s MC to guard him. Saddled with the constant presence of the infuriating man, Morgan juggles the demands of an exhausting dance schedule as well as his new responsibilities as CEO of his family’s multi-million-dollar company. He never expects to develop an attraction for the straight, obnoxious biker, but that’s exactly what happens.

Estranged from an abusive family, Zeke Ivers has lived at the Sentinel’s club house and worked on cars since he was a teen. When fellow club member Jake Wentworth and a rival club president’s girl are killed on Jake’s bike, the Sentinel’s president delegates the protection of Jake’s little brother, Morgan, to Zeke. Zeke would do anything for the club that pulled him off the streets, but Morgan’s a ballet dancer, for Christ’s sake, as well as annoying as hell. Still, Zeke finds himself inexplicably drawn to the young man. The more attracted Zeke becomes to Morgan, the more the biker is forced to examine his sexuality and decide whether two people from opposite sides of the tracks could possibly have a future together, or if Zeke should do what is fast becoming too painful to consider: let Morgan go.

The Ballerino and The Biker Teaser 2

The Ballerino and The Biker Teaser 3


For another week after the shooting, I continued escorting Morgan to his long-ass rehearsals where he didn’t rehearse, just watched intensely, and his classes where he danced until he was slick with sweat and breathing hard. And I continued studying him, memorizing every expression that crossed his face. His high cheekbones, full lips, and expressive eyes captivated me, and I’d quit asking myself why. Scared I was letting him distract me too much, I renewed my efforts to watch the exits. I’d learned the face of every person who was supposed to be around and kept a watch for those who weren’t.

The list of people wanting me to fix their cars was growing, but I never had any time. Several of the guys offered to take a day or two watching Morgan for me, but I didn’t trust the kid in anyone else’s care, and besides, there was my cover to consider. I was supposed to be a reporter doing a story on Morgan. Why would someone else show up in my place? Anyway, I knew the layout of the building, knew the corps de ballet’s schedule, and I knew Morgan. I would take care of him.

Saturday came around, and I once again thanked God the fucking masochist ballet company let the dancers have Sunday off. I planned to spend mine sleeping, unless Morgan got other ideas. The kid looked exhausted, so I doubted it. Halfway through the day, the big guy, chief of the ballet or something, announced some chick named Katie had had to leave and called Morgan in to dance her part during rehearsal. My gut twisted. How was the kid supposed to dance a part he’d only watched a few times, and a female part, at that?

But Morgan did it. He filled in for the girl like he’d been dancing the part himself every day since he got there, and I was in awe. I could tell the chief guy was impressed, too, or at least satisfied. I got the feeling he’d been testing Morgan, otherwise why the fuck hadn’t he asked one of the female apprentices to fill in? At the end of the night, like a proud daddy, I tossed Morgan a candy bar from the machine in the hall.

Morgan looked at the Hershey bar like he didn’t know what to do with it.

“For doing so great at the spur of the moment,” I told him. A smile lit up his tired face that made the embarrassing moment worth it, and he unwrapped the candy bar. He broke it down the middle and handed half to me.

“For putting up with all this,” Morgan said. Our eyes met. The whole thing felt so goddamn cheesy, I grumbled and didn’t speak again until we were pulling out of the Arts Center.

I hated the scared look Morgan had every time we walked outside the building since the shooting. I wanted to rip Spoons’s face off for putting it there, and I would if I got a chance.

“If it makes you feel any better, he ain’t gonna try the same thing twice,” I said to Morgan as he inched closer to me on the walk to the car.

He looked at me. “You mean he’ll devise another way to kill me?”

“Well, yeah.” We climbed in, and I headed for the Midtown Tunnel. I’d been changing up our route, even if it took longer to get home going a different way.

Morgan sank down in the seat and fiddled with the edge of his sweatshirt. “I can’t go on like this. I’m so fucking stressed out.”

“The way I see it, you ain’t got much choice,” I said. “You wanna be a dancer, so you gotta go to school. You wanna stay alive, so you gotta have me with you. Thing is, you gotta trust I’ll take care of you and relax.”

Morgan brought up his knees to his chin. He was like a fucking bendable toy. I bet he could put both feet behind his head. His face was broody.

“It’s gonna be okay, kid,” I said. “I got you. Concentrate on spinning around and looking pretty.”

Morgan groaned. “Shut up.”

I laughed, feeling suddenly light.

Rebecca James Logo

I’ve always loved to write and have written since I was a child, usually to entertain my family. I enjoy writing m/m romance because there’s nothing hotter than two men in a loving relationship. I write contemporary romance but am not limited to that. I enjoy writing alpha/omega and vampire stories, and I wouldn’t rule other things out. I’m very prolific, so look for a lot of things to come!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/rebeccajamesgayromance/about/?ref=page_internal

Twitter: https://twitter.com/rjamesromance1

Website: https://rebeccajamesgayromance.wordpress.com/


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RELEASE BLITZ for Teresias Bound by Rebecca James (excerpt and giveaway)

Title:  Teresias Bound
Author: Rebecca James
Publisher:  Rebecca James
Release Date: July 29
Heat Level: 4 – Lots of Sex
Pairing: Male/Male
Length: approximately 81k
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Science Fiction, mpreg

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Aiden is a man in a woman’s body. His dream is to fly to Aquarix where the elusive Fluens–the only species capable of changing his life record and physically making him a man–reside, and for years he’s been working at a seedy brothel in Solarias to save enough money to make that dream a reality.

Lydo, the prince of Teresias, has spent his youth leading his father’s army and avoiding his responsibilities on his home planet. On brief leave during a dangerous mission, he stops at a brothel and acquires the services of a feisty young prostitute who insists Lydo refer to her as a boy. Amused by the girl, the prince pays her way to Aquarix.

Aiden is euphoric at his transformation, but Lydo is more than a little disconcerted by the fact he is attracted to Aiden as a man. When it’s time to part ways, Aiden fulfills his second dream by taking a job on a spaceship. Resigned to step into his expected role on Teresias, the prince returns to his homophobic planet. But as the king parades princesses before his son in hopes of a betrothal, Lydo finds his heart remains with a certain adventurous boy somewhere out in space.



“Good to know now you’re not a man of
your word, before I start to trust you in any way,” Lydo said, face tight.
Aiden feigned ignorance. “What’s that
supposed to mean?”
“We had a deal.”
Aiden crossed his arms over his chest,
still a little surprised at the feel of the taut, muscular pectorals rather than
the soft breasts he’d lived with for so long. “You never believed me in the
first place.”
Lydo bent close to Aiden’s face, and
Aiden straightened his spine, refusing to be cowed. Tilting his head back, he
looked at the big man face-to-face, heart rocketing into overdrive on multiple
levels. Lydo was threatening, sexy, and unreadable, and if Aiden wasn’t
careful, he was going to do something incredibly stupid like allow his crush to
deepen into something much more dangerous.
“Are you able to get me out of here?”
Lydo’s warm breath brushed Aiden’s face. “Or was it all a lie to get into my
“Answer me.”
Aiden sighed. “I could do it. The
question is, is leaving what you really should do?” He put his hand on Lydo’s
arm and touched the corded muscle of bulging bicep before snatching his fingers
away again.
“There’s so much you could do here if
you ruled as king. You saw those people, Lydo. The Konnics. They live a
miserable existence on a barren wasteland because they have no other choice. If
you were king, you could fix all that.”
Lydo’s eyes burned into Aiden’s for a
long moment before the prince stepped away, putting some space between them.
Inwardly, Aiden sagged with relief.
“You don’t know what you’re talking
about,” Lydo grumbled.
Aiden considered that perhaps Lydo
didn’t have it in him to be a good ruler. Remembering the sharp disappointment
not an hour earlier when he’d realized it wasn’t Lydo giving him pleasure,
followed by the twist of the knife when the Pusari female reported Lydo had
been the one to send her, Aiden reminded himself only an acute sense of
self-preservation had gotten him this far in life, and right then that sense
was flashing a red light of warning.
Aiden’s desire for Lydo was blooming
into something that threatened to throw him off course. The demanding, arrogant
man who had come into the brothel had turned out to be more complicated than
Aiden had at first thought. After managing to crawl beneath Aiden’s defenses,
Lydo continually ran hot and cold. He seemed perfectly willing to give his body
in payment for the favor he desired, yet he obviously had a problem with the
concept of sleeping with a man.



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Meet the Author

Best-selling author of contemporary and paranormal gay romance, Rebecca James is an English major with a life-long love of reading and writing who found her niche in M/M romance.
Rebecca will be a supporting author at GayRomList 2017 this October in Denver.  Let her know if you’ll be there and if you’re one of her newsletter subscribers, she’ll have a special gift set aside for you!


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A VVivacious Review: A New Beginning (Cascade City Pack #1) by Rebecca James

Rating: 5 Stars out of 5
River and his group of werewolves find themselves in Cascade City after wandering about trying to find a new place for themselves. But things are far from pleasant, for one, they have no place to stay and River’s refusal to accept help from humans could very well spell their downfall.
Meanwhile Josiah wants to help rogues once again though he is aware that his mate might be less then open to the idea given how the last time they took in rogues, it ended with them being ousted from their own pack.
While Jax, David and Brooks are battling all new problems… Brooks is pregnant and no one knows for sure if the baby is David’s or Jax’s but if that didn’t make things complicated enough, David’s wolf is being obsessively protective of Brooks during his pregnancy to the extent that he perceives Jax as a threat. What will these new developments mean for these three, will they manage to make it through together or will the strain of things make something give way?
This book just about killed me with the roller-coaster of emotions it had me on. This book is sooooo good. I mean books in this series truly just seem to get better with each new book. Hats off to the author for doing an excellent job.
This book is a sequel to the Third Mate which is the third book in the River Wolf Pack series and you can read this book even if you haven’t read Omega Arrival though that is also one awesome book.
The moment I finished this book I wished I could read it again for the first time. It was just so good and gave me the worst book hangover in recent times and urgh… just can’t wait for the next one. I read this book in a single sitting and I think what I loved the most about this book was that it was lengthier than its predecessors which meant that I was going to get extra time with all my favourite characters.
This book mostly follows David, Jax, Brooks, River, Josiah and Foster and is also told from the perspective of five of these six characters. I truly believe that the multiple POVs really work for this book because people have different priorities. Particularly in this book River is more concerned with getting the pack on track and David is concerned with Brooks’ pregnancy so when the perspective shift it’s just a new way of looking at the problem while simultaneously giving you another POV and storyline. Also the fact that you get to see all the important things happening in your beloved characters’ life is a definite plus point. There are two scenes in this book where the conversation between Jax and David happens off page and that really irked me out because those conversations were just something that I wanted to know so badly but since the book was at that time being told from River’s perspective I was out of luck, but this also drove home the point that had this book been from a single perspective I would have missed out on so much that was happening in other characters’ lives.
This book just has an amazing story to tell. The pack is finding it hard to adjust to the city but just when everything seems down in the dumps, River comes through for his pack. River and Josiah’s storyline in this book is focused on restoring the pack to its former glory. Someone makes this observation about River and Josiah in the book that while they might fight they always find a way to make things right. Also I loved how the author approached the problem of River worrying about the fact that his mate had too much of a sway over his decisions, I mean this was the best way to solve the problem by making River see the truth and realizing that in a way it is awesome that there is someone there to help him and find a way through problems even ones where you wonder if he might be one. I loved how Josiah comes through for River in this book, it was amazing. Their relationship was a bit worrying at the starting of the book given the pressure they were both under but by the end I was simply amazed.
Foster has a short story line in this book which wraps up very quickly when he finds his true mate. I really don’t know what the author plans to do with Foster’s character in the future but I for one didn’t mind him being gone all that much for one because that meant he was with his true mate, though I loved how the author handled the goodbyes.
Now coming to the very best part of this book which is undoubtedly the relationship between David, Jax and Brooks. I love how the author writes these three and their relationship as something effortless. I loved the implication that Brooks was scared of loving Jax because he knew that while David would never leave him Jax could, which made him guard his heart a little around Jax which made me wonder if that is what Jax did with Brooks as well because the whole reason he wanted David to mate was so that David wouldn’t be alone when Jax left but this isn’t something explicitly stated in this book and that is because this book doesn’t offer Jax’s perspective. I really want a book from his perspective; in fact I need it, considering everything that happens in Jax’s life in this book I really wish the next book in this series would feature him in a starring role. For all I care it could be entirely from his perspective. But while Brooks and Jax are guarding their hearts around each other, David and Jax have kind of already committed to misery when they fell in love with each other fully well knowing that it may someday lead to a world of hurt. I simply loved David and Jax and their relationship in this book. There are two scenes that particularly stand out for me and these were two such amazing scenes, that they took my breath away and then that fact that was revealed in the epilogue seems to promising much more, hopefully. I just can’t wait for the next book because I can’t wait to know where David and Jax’s story is going to go from here.
Amazing amazing book. If you have been loving this series this book is one to be devoured and for people who haven’t gotten on the bandwagon yet this series is simply amazing.
Cover Art by Written Ink Designs. Love the cover.
Sales Links:  JMS Books LLC | Amazon
Book Details:
ebook, 257 pages
Published April 29th 2017 by JMS Books LLC
Original TitleA New Beginning
Edition LanguageEnglish
SeriesCascade City Pack #1

A Paul Review: The Wolves of Daos 5 by Rebecca James


Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

the-wolves-of-daos-5-by-rebecca-james“As difficult as it was to wrap his mind around, Michael couldn’t deny that it all felt like the truth.  He was half-alien, living in an alien civilization, mated to an alien, had an alien inside of him, and evidently other aliens were trying to kill them.  In other words, his life was now a bad sci-fi movie”

Luckily for us readers, The Wolves of Daos 5 is a well-crafted science fiction novel.  Let’s start with the main characters.  Michael has believed he was human all his life.  His mother died in childbirth.  His father left when he was six.  He was raised by his maternal grandmother according to his mother’s wishes.  Through his life, he has suffered from social anxiety.  At his grandmother’s insistence, Michael goes to college but lives outside the city in a cabin in the woods so he does not have to deal with the other students in a dorm. 

Quinn is an alpha werewolf out on a run with a couple of his betas.  He smells what he knows is his mate on the wind.  He goes to investigate.  He sees a young man trying to repair a roof in a driving rain storm.  He howls at his mate, who is startled and falls off the roof.  Quinn goes to check on the man and bring him in the cabin.  When the man wakes up, Quinn tells him that not only is Michael his mate, but also an omega werewolf.  Michael disbelieves the story he has been told as a symptom of a concussion.  That is until Quinn morphs into his wolf.  Michael asks for time to process this and Quinn agrees.  Thus begins Michael’s journey into what he terms a bad sci-fi movie. 

I found Michael charming as he navigates into this alien world into which he is brought into by Quinn.  As with anyone new to a society, he makes occasional social faux pas.  The whole checking out another man’s crotch as a way of greeting just puzzles Michael.  Michael is also introduced to Ezzy, another omega who must be somehow related to Lucy Ricardo.  The schemes that he drags Michael into makes him comment that he shouldn’t be his Ethel.  Author Rebecca James builds an interesting world where Daos 5 is actually superimposed on Earth’s reality through magic.  One of the more interesting beings in the book is that of the doctor that is taking care of Michael.  People who are averse to slimy things will know where Michael’s apprehension with the doctor comes from.  This is an excellent start to what I hope will be a long series of books.

The cover by Brandyjo Newton is gorgeous.  It fits the book well.

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Book Details

EBook, 195 pages

Edition Language:  English

Published:  September 24, 2016 by Rebecca James


A Paul B Review: Third Mate (River Wolf Pack #3) by Rebecca James


Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Third MateThe third book in the River Wolf series is crafted into a well written episode of what could be a popular soap opera.  Ms. James has expanded the role of minor characters from her previous books while still weaving in the major characters from them as well.  If you are looking for romance, jealousy, triangle romances, office politics and strong family ties, this book has it for you.

The main focus of the book is the romance and friendships between Leo, an alpha wolf shifter trying to get ahead in pack hierarchy, Sam, a rogue omega wolf who lost his pack due to hunters, and Foster, a coyote shifter who has gotten separated from his pack.  Leo really does not want to be bothered with taking on an omega as a mate.  However, his hormones seem to be telling him otherwise when he is around Sam, the rogue omega he has been assigned to assimilate into the pack.  Sam meanwhile enjoys his friendship with Foster while secretly wanting Leo.  But Sam thinks Leo is into Foster.  Foster is under the assumption that Leo lusts after Sam and is trying to do everything to get Sam to realize it.  If he cannot have the hunky alpha wolf, he wants his best friend to have a shot at him. 

Meanwhile Stone is causing all sorts of trouble in the pack, as usual.  He is trying to mate as many pack members as possible and has his eyes set on Sam.  Jax is beginning to realize that he will never want to convert to a werewolf and fears his time with the pack second David is coming to an end.  Elsewhere, pack members are grumbling that First Alpha River and his half werewolf First Omega Josiah had twin girls six months ago, the first girls to be born to werewolves at least in recent memory.  River ignoring the complaints have only made the matter worse.  While the main antagonist in the werewolf-human congress is gone, relations between the two species are still tenuous at best.  Can River keep his new family and his pack from forces both inside and outside the pack?

I love the characters in this series.  Josiah being half were and new to the pack leads to his continued insecurity.  His focus as lead omega, his mate and his young girls are the only things that ground him.  But they also feed his insecurity because of the looks he gets.  Sam and Foster are trying to make new starts for themselves but some inside the pack do not like strangers, whether were or human.  Foster still longs to find his true mate.  This affects his relationship to not only Sam and Leo but also to the pack as a whole.  The decisions made at the end of the book serve as a conclusion and a new beginning for the men (and girls) of River Wolf pack.  I highly recommend this book and the previous books as well. 

The cover by Written Ink Designs serves the book well.  It has three shirtless men on the top half while a pack of wolves dominates the bottom half.  The only quibble I have with the cover is that one of the main characters in the book is a coyote shifter.  I know wolves and coyotes probably would not peacefully coexist in the real world, but there might have been a way to represent Foster’s other half.

Sales LinksJMS Books | ARe | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords |Bookstrand | Kobo | iTunes

Book Details:

ebook, 176 pages
Published July 16th 2016 by JMS Books
Edition LanguageEnglish

Series:  River Wolf Pack

First Omega (River Wolf Pack #1)

The River Wolf Pack is Back with Third Mate by Rebecca James (Excerpt and Giveaway)


Third Mate Banner

Title: Third Mate

Author: Rebecca James

Series Title and Number: River Wolf Pack Series, 3

Publisher: JMS_Books

Cover Artist: Written Ink Designs

Release Date: July 16th

Heat Level: 5

Pairing: Male/Male and Male/Male/Male

Length: 176 pages

Genre/Tags: poly, contemporary, paranormal (wolf-shifters), M/M and M/M/M romance, paranormal romance

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After the birth of River and Josiah’s twin girls, pack tensions increase. The presence of rogue wolves, females, and humans have many pack members uncomfortable. In exchange for Leo’s help, Stone offers Leo the position of second alpha should Stone succeed in usurping River. Leo’s conflicted between his desire to rise in the pack, his dislike for Stone, and his increasing feelings for both Sam and Foster. Sam and Foster are best friends, but as a coyote shifter, Foster yearns for his true mate and doesn’t believe he will find him if he stays with the werewolves. Jax knows he must make a difficult decision before he’s turned out of the compound. When David finds out Brooks is considering mating Stone, he determines to stop it. The Angel Hills pack offer a deal in exchange for omegas for their pack.


Stone’s sharp, deep voice cut into Leo’s thoughts, and he turned his attention to the front where the contentious alpha had already begun arguing his points.

“…no place for females. Do they even have any werewolf in them?”

“Of course they do; they’re mine. They are developing as quickly as any werewolf child.” River said more calmly than Leo would have under the scrutiny of so many condemning eyes.

“But have they shifted?” someone asked.

“Not yet. You know as well as I do that they could be a year old before they shift.”

If they shift,” Stone muttered. “And most do by seven months.”

“If they don’t shift,” someone else said, “they aren’t werewolves. They’ll have to leave.”

“They don’t belong here.” Stone stood, feet apart and hands on hips. Justin, Stone’s pregnant omega, cowered in submission at the sound of Stone’s displeased voice. His three beta mates sat with eyes downcast, although Leo saw Canaan glance up more than once. There was something shrewd and calculating about Canaan, and although Leo felt sorry for him after his son was killed, it didn’t make it any easier to like him.

“As my children, they certainly do belong here, as yours do, and the progeny of everyone else present,” River said, tone brooking no argument.

Stone made a frustrated sound and looked around, eyes landing on Griffin, an alpha of Stone’s age.

Griffin stood. “Your own father drove your mate’s father from the pack for having relations with a human female.”

“My father did not drive him out. Derrick was punished—told he couldn’t leave the compound. But he ran away.”

“This is true,” Old Ben called out.

“The fact remains that Thorn did not approve of the boy’s actions,” Griffin argued. “He didn’t invite Derrick to bring his female lover into the pack because females don’t belong with werewolves.”

“I don’t know what you’re getting at,” River said with a sigh. “I am not attempting to bring a female among us. My daughters were born to me, and are therefore a part of this pack.”

Before Griffin could speak again, Stone interrupted. “Which wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t mated with the half-human, which you did without consulting the pack.”

“Josiah is a werewolf,” River said. “And I do not need to consult my pack before mating.”

Half-werewolf,” Stone corrected. “Unlike someone who willingly takes the bite and transforms, your mate will always be part human. Which is why he spawned twin abominations—”

In two steps, River crossed the room and had Stone’s neck between his hands, thumbs cutting off the alpha’s air flow. Leo glanced at the humans. Several flinched, and others looked horrified.

“Don’t you ever,” River breathed heavily into Stone’s purpling face, “ever speak of my mate or children in that manner again. Am I clear?”

Stone’s eyes bulged and his mouth gaped as he tried to dislodge River’s grip. Leo stood, along with the other alphas in the room. As pack alpha, River had the right to kill Stone for such an insult, and Leo found himself almost hoping River would. He got the feeling Stone’s mates felt similarly.


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River Wolf Pack Square

Meet the Author

logoRebecca James has written all her life, mostly to entertain herself and friends. An English major, she currently writes as a second job but would love to do it full-time. Her first book came out in October of 2015. Since then, she’s written both contemporary and paranormal and hopes to put out a sci-fi book soon.

She’s fortunate to have a husband who supports her in her writing career, three wonderful children, and a rat-terrier.

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