A Paul B Review: The Last Dragonet (Dragon Prophecies #1) by Shannon West and Susan E. Scott


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

the-last-dragonetLuca Wessex is a dragon spawn.  Born of a Red dragon and human mother who died in childbirth, Luca belongs to the lowest class of dragon society.  Keeping away from the gangs that most of the spawn seem to form, Luca just wants to get by in life.  He works a few hours a week at a corner market run by an elderly man who has been more of a father to him than his own abusive one.   His troubles begin when a couple of Golden dragons, the ruling class of dragons, ask him about the local gang leader.  Full blooded dragons look down on spawn so it looks like he is screwed no matter what happens.

Dmitri and his brother have been sent to get information from Luca.  Trying to convince the little spawn to cooperate is not easy.  Even being attacked by the gang of spawn is not enough to convince Luca that Dmitri is his best option.  The one thing he does know is that Luca does not know the true secret to his heritage and just how valuable he is to dragon society.  And one thing that a dragon knows about is treasure.  Dmitri knows that he must move quickly if he wants to have Luca not only as part of his horde but also in his life.

Dmitri takes Luca to his home in remote Russia.  If he thought fighting spawn in the United States was bad, Dmitri runs into more problems at home.  Dmitri’s parents are not thrilled to have the half breed staying in the mansion.  Dmitri’s neighbor, who happens to be Luca’s grandfather, wants Luca to stay with him, no matter what it takes.  And Dmitri must also convince Luca that he is not just part of his horde but wants something meaningful with him. 

This is a great start to the new Dragon Prophecies series by West and Scott.  Poor Luca has had a rough life and things in the beginning do not seem to improve for him.  Being attacked and then virtually kidnapped for his own protection, he doesn’t really trust anybody.  He falls for Dmitri but only wants to pursue things if he is more than just a treasure to be hoarded.  The prophecy at the end of the book needs to be explored more in future books in this series.  I cannot wait for the next book to come out.

E Connor’s cover design is gorgeous.  A built man with his shirt open stands in front of a Russian mountain with a dragon circling the mountain.  It fits the book perfectly. 

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Book Details

Ebook, 147 pages

Edition Language:  English

Published:  December 20, 2016 by Dark Hollows Press

ISBN:  978-1-946379-03-0

Series:  Dragon Prophecies

The Last Dragonet (Dragon Prophecies #1)

Cover Reveal for The Last Dragonet by Shannon West and Susan E. Scott



The Last Dragonet by Shannon West and Susan E. Scott

Series: Dragon Prophecies
Dark Hollows Press

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The Last Dragonet

Luca Wessex is  Dragon Spawn. Son of a human mother and a Red Dragon father, he has been trying his best all his life just to survive and get by. His father is abusive, his mother is dead and most recently, a vicious and dangerous group of neighborhood Spawn have begun trying to recruit him as a member of their gang. When a pushy and gorgeous Golden Dragon named Dmitri appears, full of questions about the gang and his role in it, Luca tries to cooperate, but he’s no snitch.  Suspicious, the gang attacks Luca one evening while he’s working, and he’s rescued by Dmitri, who then kidnaps him and—for his own safety, he claims—takes him to his home in what some say is the most remote spot on Earth, an area of Russia called the Kamchatka Peninsula.

Dmitri has come home with a treasure, because what Luca doesn’t know is that he isn’t a Spawn at all but a species called a dragonet and the very last one of his kind. Because of a mysterious prophecy, Dmitri has discovered the beautiful boy’s life is in danger and he wants desperately to save him. But Dmitri is up against not only another Dragon, but also a powerful mage. Dmitri takes Luca under his wing—literally—and they begin to navigate a minefield of love and dangerous ancient prophecy. For the first time in Dmitri’s life, something is becoming more important to him than treasure, if only he can hold onto it.

About the Authors

Shannon West

Shannon West lives with her husband and two crazy dogs in the south. She likes to travel and read and write pretty much constantly. Shannon loves writing M/M erotic romance and loves to hear from her readers.  She is a 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 Rainbow Awards finalist, as well as an Allromance.com Top 10 Author of the Year for 2015, and a BookStrand Top 20 author for the last three years running.  Her books have also been published in the French and Italian language, and she recently had one of her books translated into Japanese!

Susan E. Scott

Susan Scott lives with her husband in a small town in north Georgia. They’re both owned by their Yorkie, Sophie, who is the undisputed queen of the household. Susan enjoys scrapbooking, traveling, and reading and writing romance. Susan writes M/F and M/M erotic romance.