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Bryan was interviewed and sent his interview in to us at Scattered Thoughts & Rogue Words.

Bryan writes M/M Romance with an emphasis on moral dilemma. His multicultural characters and riveting plots embody real life, filled with challenges, personal growth, and, of course, what we all desire—love.

1. Let’s start with some easy questions before I hit you with the tough ones. Dog or Cat?

OMG… I love kittens! However, I’m allergic to them. I found that out the hard way. I was once given a stray kitten that was nearly starved to death. I kept that cat for twenty-one years before her passing. Therefore, I guess, out of default, I’m a dog person.

2. Do you believe in soulmates?

No. I believe there is someone for everyone. I have seen that over and over and said many times, “I can’t believe he or she found a boyfriend.” Soulmates, to me, sounds like you were always meant to be together, until death do you part. I’m not buying that. You have to work in a relationship, pay attention to the other person’s needs, and when those needs change for whatever reason, you have to be willing to adapt.

3. You are kind of a deep person, aren’t you?

I don’t think of myself as deep. But I do know that I have many complicated layers to me. Stuff I’m still learning. I feel that this personal growth influences my writing.

4. Let’s talk for a minute about your latest release, Escaping Camp Roosevelt. Why is Dancer’s story so important for you to tell?

LGBTQ young people ages 13 to 25 are 120% more likely to become homeless than their straight peers, according to a national survey. Frequently, they have great difficulty finding shelters that accept and respect them. LGBTQ individuals experiencing homelessness are often at a heightened risk of violence, abuse, and exploitation compared with their heterosexual peers. Transgender people are particularly at physical risk due to a lack of acceptance and are often turned away from shelters; in some cases, signs have been posted barring their entrance.

4. Is it true that you are donating the royalties from this book to a Homeless Shelter?

Yes. My publishing company, Cornbread Publishing, has pledged to donated 100 % of the royalties from the first year of the book. We’ve teamed up with Larkin Street Youth Services in San Francisco to ensure the money is used to provide direct services to the young people in their program and not to support administrative or operational costs. They provide comprehensive services such as food, clothing, medical assistance, shelter, case management and referrals for young people in need and on the streets throughout San Francisco. Specifically, our donations will go directly to their shelter, Castro Youth Housing Initiative, a two-year housing program for young people who identify as LGBTQ.

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Length: 87,000 words approx.
Cover Design: Karrie Jax

“He’s a bad boy—cocky and damaged. So, why can’t I stop thinking about him?”

Broken Dreams
Sociable and unselfish, eighteen-year-old Tucker Graves loves two things—his darling little sister and the thrill of playing baseball. He never dreamed that he’d be homeless, but after a series of misfortunes, his life is nothing like he could have possibly imagined. Shocked and shattered, Tucker, his mother, and his baby sister now must brave the dangers of a dilapidated homeless encampment called Camp Roosevelt.

A Wounded Heart
Homeless since the age of fourteen, Dancer has mastered the tricks of living on the streets as a sex worker. The quiet, reclusive, and calculating ways of this twenty-year-old, green-eyed Adonis help him to survive. He hides his emotional scars from the world by interacting only with his clients, whose occasional bizarre requests he reluctantly fulfills. Dancer’s past has taught him to trust no one.

A Second Chance
When Tucker and Dancer come face to face on a stormy night, having been thrown together under the same roof, Tucker brings out a feeling in Dancer that he didn’t know still existed in him—desire. Neither man can deny the attraction he feels for the other. But some scars run deep, causing both Tucker and Dancer to question whether falling in love is even possible, especially when survival is on the line.

Bryan T. Clark is a multi-published, Rainbow Award-winning author and LAMBDA finalist.

*** One hundred percent of the royalties from the first year of this novel’s publication is being donated to the Larkin Street Youth Services/Castro Youth Housing Initiative. The CYHI provides transitional housing in the city of San Francisco, California, for LGBTQ youth experiencing homelessness. Fear of being raped, abused, or murdered should not be a part of anyone’s youth.



Bryan T. Clark is a Lambda Literary finalist and Rainbow Award winning author of gay romance, and contemporary books. He is also a funny, loving, family-oriented, and proud member of the LGBT community. Behind his computer, working on his next novel, Bryan writes romance with an emphasis on moral dilemma. His multicultural characters and riveting plots embody real life, filled with challenges, personal growth, and, of course, what we all desire—love.

In his work, he is known to push the boundaries with brilliantly crafted stories of friendship, love, complicated relationships, and challenges all woven into a hard-earned happily-ever-after.

When Bryan is not writing, he enjoys reading a great book, traveling, lying by a body of water soaking up the sun, and watching a good movie while snuggled up with his husband on the couch with their loyal companion Nettie, the Sheepadoodle.

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Bryan has made his home and life in the Central Valley of California.

Author’s website:
Twitter: @BryanTClarkx2

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