A MelanieM Release Day Review:Gateway to Love by Sarah Hadley Brook


Rating: 3.5 Stars out of 5


Craig and Mitchell have been friends for years, but each of them reached a point where that camaraderie became… more. Mitchell’s kept his feelings close to his chest. So has Craig, but now that they’ve graduated from UMKC, he knows it’s his last chance to show Mitchell they’re meant to be before their careers take them to opposite sides of the country.

He insists they can’t leave Missouri behind without one last adventure. Mitchell agrees to a road trip to visit all the touristy spots and say goodbye to their home state.

As they spend their days and nights together, buried feelings rise to the surface and hope blossoms. When their journey ends with a dance beneath the Branson stars, will they find love and a future together at the end of the road?

I happen to love the States of Love Line of stories from Dreamspinner Press.  Each with a particular focus on a State, I’ve ventured into backroads, tasted  state wines and foods, and visited many state local attractions as couples met or as here in Gateway to Love by Sarah Hadley Brook, friends found their way to lovers and HEA.

Sometimes I was able to totally immerse myself in the romance and state of choice.  Other times, It was a lovely brief fling, a romance I  enjoyed but it went by swiftly without as much  depth as some of the others.  Gateway to Love falls into the second category.  This might be due to the short nature of the story, 98 pages in length.  It didn’t give the author much to work with in order to expand on the road trip,  and describing the venues the young men visited.  It’s that element that really adds to the flavor and personal essence of each couple, their background, and relationship.  Here it should have been deeply personal because it was  where they grew up and went to college, and yes, full of  memorable sites for their last road trip together.  The author even supplies the readers with a map of the trip and state.

So why didn’t it feel as epic as it was supposed to be?  And except for a couple of brief stops, I could have been on the road to anywhere.

I liked the fumbling road to romance better than the actual road trip.  Both Craig and Mitchell are crazy about each other and have been for years. The trip is overlaid by fears about the boys losing each others friendship, miscommunication, and more, before they get the gumption to step forward before it’s too late and they part for different coasts.

The characters, with their indecision and vulnerability, seem believable. I wish for more background on both.  And the inclusion of their friend was jarring, taking away from the flow of their relationship and the small time it had to develop.

Still, this was a sweet, friends to lovers story.  Quick to read and enjoy.  If you are a fan of the States of Love line, here is another addition you will want to check out.

Cover art:  Brooke Albrecht.  Lovely cover with the arch in the background.  Great job.

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Book Details:

ebook, 98 pages
Published October 19th 2018 by Dreamspinner Press
Original TitleGateway to Love
Edition LanguageEnglish

An Alisa Release Day Review: Mystic Man by E.J. Russell


Rating:  4 stars out of 5

When a series of personal crises prompt risk-averse research librarian Aaron Templeton to apply for a job on the other side of the country, nobody is more surprised than he is. He nearly runs home before the final interview except for one little problem: he has no home anymore. He put his condo on the market before he left California and it’s already sold. Only an encounter with free-spirited Connecticut native Cody Brown at the Mystic Seaport Museum staves off Aaron’s incipient panic attack.

Cody loves nothing better than introducing newcomers to the great features of his beloved home state, and when the newbie in question is a rumpled professorial type with the saddest blue eyes on the planet? Score! The attraction between the two men deepens as they explore Cody’s favorite spots, but when difficulties arise and Aaron’s insecurities threaten to overwhelm him, will Cody’s love be enough to keep him in Mystic?

This was a cute story.  Aaron has stepped so far outside of his comfort zone with his rash decision and Cody helps to take his mind off it.  Cody loves with his whole self and jumps in with his both feet but why does Aaron make him doubt he wants to travel again.

I could feel Aaron’s fear when he would think about the situation he is in and how Cody’s ease seemed to seep into him and help him relax and take his mind off his worries but when it overwhelms him he hurts Cody and himself.  Cody loves his home but has been a bit of a wanderer and hasn’t ever doubted how he feels until he meets Aaron and it make him want to change his plans.  These two help to balance each other out and even hope that they can have a future together.  I loved seeing them navigate their feelings and work everything out.

The cover art by Brooke Albrecht is great and gives a nice view of Cody.

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Book Details:

ebook, 100 pages

Published: June 22, 2018 by Dreamspinner Press

ISBN-13: 978-1-64080-639-9

Edition Language: English

Elliot Joyce on Growing Up, Coming Out ‘In The Desert’ (author guest blog and new book release)


In the Desert (States of Love) by Elliot Joyce
Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Brooke Albrecht

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 Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words is happy to have Elliot Joyce here today talking about his latest novel In the Desert, a States of Love novel from Dreamspinner Press. Welcome, Elliot.



Hello, I’m Elliot Joyce, the proud author of the upcoming novella In The Desert. The book is about two queer young men who live in Arizona and how they face down their personal fears, whether it be about identity or societal expectations, in order to pursue something — or rather someone — that makes them happy.

Without giving too much away, Wren and Felipe come from opposite situations. While Wren is the oldest of his siblings and has a certain level of pressure to “perform” as the responsible one, Felipe is the darling of the family — and the youngest. Wren also has a very healthy and traditional family, while Felipe was raised by his grandmother ever since his parents lost custody.

That isn’t to say that his family life isn’t healthy. The amount of support Felipe has as he pursues his studies, hoping to go to college unlike his parents, is shown throughout the story. He is loved by his family and loves them back — which is why he’s so concerned as he starts to realize his romantic feelings for Wren.

Wren also comes from a much more liberal, secular family while Felipe is rather Catholic — seriously enough to cross himself when he passes under the cross hanging above his grandmother’s kitchen doorway for example. Religion doesn’t play a huge part directly in the book, but it provides a backdrop and more information as to who these people are.

Felipe also gets along better with his siblings — at least he does now — than Wren, who argues and fights with his two younger sisters and his younger brother. Wren is bitter that his siblings don’t understand him and doesn’t feel like they support him while Felipe relies on his older siblings to have his back. The two have different family lives and different pasts, which makes them meeting even more of an unusual event.

However, both Wren and Felipe are loved and supported in many ways, not only by their family but by their friends, and that’s really the crux of the story. In The Desert takes place in Arizona and it would have been easy to talk about homophobia or transphobia, both of which are unfortunately rampant in the state. But even though Arizona does have its faults — I lived there for over a decade so I feel pretty confident in my ability to assess its qualities — there are good people there.

I wanted In The Desert to look at those people but I also knew I wanted to look at what it is like to not know how you feel. Felipe’s never had romantic feelings towards another young man and his only interaction with queer people is with another Boy Scout, a transgender guy who barely talks to Felipe outside of meetings.

Realizing that you’re gay or bi or trans or whatever can be terrifying, especially when you aren’t sure how your family will react, and I wanted Felipe to capture that. Hopefully audiences can empathize with him regardless of their own personal experiences.

On the flip side — and continuing the contrasts between Felipe and Wren — there’s Wren who has already come out to pretty horrible consequences. We see the aftermath of him coming out as transgender, with him switching schools and practically friendless. He struggles, at points, with mental health which is unfortunately a very realistic and very normal thing for transgender folks.

He also feels like his parents — and by extension his younger siblings — are not as supportive as they could be. Wren in many ways captures that feeling of loss and lack of support, but the reality is that he does have support from his family even if it’s at their own pace. Coming to terms with that is important to Wren’s development outside his relationship with Felipe, where Wren fears that Felipe sees him as a girl.

Like I said above, I won’t spoil anything and there’s plenty in the story itself to be dissected and enjoyed. Thanks for reading this post and check out In The Desert, coming to an e-book shelf near you.

About In The Desert

Can a Navajo trans teen and a nerdy Catholic find the place they belong… and maybe themselves? In the desert, anything is possible….

When Wren came out as transgender before his senior year, it cost him most of his friends. His father hopes joining a Boy Scout troop might help Wren meet other young men his age and be accepted for who he is.

Felipe Nieves wants the new guy in the troop to feel comfortable, and he reaches out to Wren. They become fast friends… with something more beneath the surface. Those feelings confuse Felipe, since his religion considers this a sin—and he’s always assumed he was straight—but he can’t help pining for Wren. Asking him out will take courage, and getting together won’t be easy… but through their friendship, both young men might find their identities… and learn to embrace them in a unique coming-of-age story set against the beauty of the American Southwest.   

Buy: https://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/books/in-the-desert-by-elliot-joyce-9571-b

About the Author

Elliot Joyce is a social-media obsessed, selfie-taking millennial and he’s proud of it. He can usually be found in his room playing D&D or in a theater lurking on the catwalks. Sometimes he even writes.

Other notable facts include the fact that he’s bisexual, he cannot juggle, and he regularly trips over thin air. Catch him on tumblr or really any social media, he spends enough time on it.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/eleldelmots

Tumblr: http://theonewiththewords.tumblr.com/

A MelanieM Release Day Review: Home is Where You Are ( States of Love ) by Emjay Haze


Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

For a chance at a future filled with love, he’ll have to face a painful past.

Eric, recently dumped by his boyfriend, is summoned home after his dad suffers a stroke. His family farm in rural Vermont holds memories he’d rather forget, but he—with his degree in agricultural business—is needed to clear up a predicament with the bank. In trying to forget the bad, Eric has also lost sight of the good: green meadows dotted with grass-fed dairy cows and the sugar maples that once produced the area’s finest maple syrup. With Eric’s help, they will again.

A captivating farmhand named Phil tempts Eric to give the countryside another chance, but before they can consider being together, Eric must move past more than his feelings for his ex-boyfriend—he’ll need to stand up to the ghosts that sent him running from the farm in the first place….

Home is Where You Are ( States of Love ) by Emjay Haze is a sweet friends to lovers romance.  It has as a framework one of my favorite subjects, maple sugaring’ and orchards, a subject I actually know quite a bit about as I used to give demonstrations to the public and tap  trees myself.  So I’m always keen to read stories wrapped around this topic in one way or another.

Here it’s a man, just come to the realization that the relationship he thought he’s been in has been one side all this time and his “roommate” is leaving him.  Combine that with a family emergency and it’s time to return home to the farm and town he thought he’d left behind for good.

Haze has Eric returning to the farm and small town he left after high school because of the bullying and more he endured during high school.  We later  find out what the “and more” entailed and why Eric has stayed away from family and farm.  I’ll say parts of this aspect of the story never added up for me, especially the father’s role.  And because it felt a little fragmented, so did that event.

Phil, the younger boy, and now a man, waits for Eric at the farm upon Eric’s return.  Phil has always had a crush on Eric, one that flares right up when they meet again.  They meet and the attraction is hot, even if Eric is a little resentful over the inclusion of Phil into his family.

I wish I could have gotten into the Phil/Eric romance more.  I didn’t really feel the spark the author intended me to.  Perhaps because it felt more of being talked at…there’s a lot of that here…than actual connecting.  Anyhow for me…I was far more invested in the farm’s future than theirs.

Home is Where You Are is but 95 pages and the author has a lot to fit in.  If you are just looking for a sweet romance, than this one filled with mapley goodness is one for you.  However, if you want more of character development and relationship dynamics, search for a longer story that’s able to go into the depths this one is not given the length.

Haze did a great job with the maple sugaring element .  Kudos!

Cover Artist: Brooke Albrecht. Love the cover with all the sugar maples and the character of Phil on the cover.  Great job.

Sales Links:  Dreamspinner Press | Amazon

Book Details:

ebook, 95 pages
Published January 26th 2018 by Dreamspinner Press
Edition LanguageEnglish
Series States of Love Vermont

A MelanieM Release Day Review: Somewhere on Mackinac (States of Love) by Jeff Adams


Rating: 4 stars out of 5

How far would you go for the man of your dreams?

Now that he’s single, Chicago businessman Jordan Monroe can finally take his long-desired trip to Mackinac Island for the Somewhere In Time fan celebration weekend. On the first day, Jordan finds himself attracted to Miles Colter, a handsome local stable owner who is giving horseback tours of film locations.

Jordan is surprised and charmed that Miles pursues him. When Jordan learns the stable is in trouble, he wants to help despite Miles’s resistance. As their relationship grows personally and professionally, Jordan dreads the issues that face them—an ex who won’t let him go, the complications of a long-distance relationship, and a secret he knows he shouldn’t be keeping.

Can Jordan and Miles find a way to forge a love as timeless as the romance in their favorite film?

Several things drew me immediately to this story.  One, I’m a huge fan of the film Somewhere In Time, just like the main character Jordan Monroe.  We can both spout the dialogue and scenes from the movie float in our heads.  And both of us have always wanted to visit the very place where it was filmed and the story took  place…The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island.  Now thanks to Jeff Adams and his novel, Somewhere on Mackinac, I now know that The Grand Hotel has a special Somewhere In Time weekend so I’m busy looking at dates but back to this wonderful story. Yes, it’s a sweet, romantic and heartwarming story!

Jordan is finally taking this trip, one he always wanted, although not in the way he expected.  It should have been for two, but now that he’s single again, he’s moving forward and that includes taking this much anticipated vacation.  I liked everything about this character from the start and then he got better. Jordan just quietly grows in depth and charm as the story progresses and you get to know and understand the man more completely.  Observant, he takes everything in, but isn’t reserved that it keeps him from stepping out and experiencing new things.  That includes Miles Colter, the handsome stable owner who brought him to The Grand Hotel and then kept his attention afterward.

Miles is from one of the island’s established old families so you get a sense of history from him. Miles is grounded in his love for his business and the island. His family and business helps provide the drama but the interaction between Miles and Jordan is sexy, promising and romantic.  Just as you would expect from this setting.  There are obstacles to overcome, including some misconceptions but Jeff Adams makes the dynamics between the men hot and believable, so you get it when they work to achieve a future together.

Adams’ writing flowed smoothly, his characters easily connected the reader to themselves and their romance, plus they had a lovely and engaging secondary cast that I loved reading about as well.  Then there was that movie, Somewhere in Time and The Grand Hotel herself, both gifts to the story and readers.  Of course, I had to go and rewatch the movie immediately, tissues in hand, and wish that I had made the trip that Jordan had.  At least I had Somewhere on Mackinac by Jeff Adams.

Cover Artist: Alexandria Corza.  The cover is perfect with The Grand Hotel is the background and Jordan and Miles in the foreground.

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Book Details:

ebook, 113 pages
Expected publication: May 3rd 2017 by Dreamspinner Press
ISBN 1635334128 (ISBN13: 9781635334128)
Edition LanguageEnglish
Series States of Love
setting Mackinac Island, Michigan (United States)

Tali Spencer on Sex and the Ice Shanty and her release ‘Breaking the Ice’ (guest post)


Breaking the Ice (States of Love) by Tali Spencer
reamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Anne Cain

Available for Purchase at


Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words is happy to have Tali Spencer here today talking about her latest story Breaking the Ice and Sex and the Ice Shanty. Welcome, Tali!


Sex and the Ice Shanty

by Tali Spencer

When I lived in Wisconsin, I would drive past lakes in the winter and see them dotted with ice shanties. So of course I wondered… did people have sex in ice shanties? Because, let’s face it, any time a human sees an interesting looking, reasonably habitable, place—like a cave, or a canoe, or even a space capsule—one of the first thoughts to come to mind is whether it might be a good place for sex.

To no one’s surprise, ice shanties are used for sex. Often.

What does an ice shanty look like? Picture a garden shed with a flat roof. On ice. Some look more like an outhouse, but not Matt Wasko’s.

There was never a question about whether Matt’s ice shanty in Breaking the Ice would be a romantic setting. For one thing, Matt wants to have sex in his ice shanty. His shanty is his refuge, his happy place., and nothing would make him happier than to share his shanty with another man for something other than fishing.

Upper Great Lakes ice shanties run the gamut from strictly utilitarian to ridiculously plush. When shanties get big enough to sleep four, have a shower, and feature big screen TVs, they cross over into the realm of ice houses and are generally found at resorts where they get rented out for lots of money. Matt’s ice shanty is more typical: it measures he made it himself and its comforts are cozy, not luxurious. He has a satellite dish for TV, a heater, a small stove for cooking, a little booth for eating, and a comfy built-in bed for sleeping. There’s a gingham curtain on the single window and warm blankets and a comforter on the bed.

And there are two nice-sized ice-fishing holes in the black rubber floor at the shanty’s business end. An ice shanty is meant for fishing, after all.

That isn’t to say it can’t be romantic, too. Ice shanties go dark for fishing… and if it’s daylight outside, the ice holes glow. Soft. Blue. Magical. Matt’s always wondered what it would be like to kiss someone by ice light.

So do I. The closest I’ve come is talking with someone who has.

Close quarters. Soft lighting. Warm enough to maybe strip out of those winter clothes… that sure sounds like a recipe for some loving to me!


For Matt Wasko, February in Wisconsin is the best time of the year, and ice fishing on Lake Winnebago is his idea of heaven. With shanty villages cropping up, barbeques on the ice, monster sturgeon to spear, and plenty of booze to keep everybody warm, things couldn’t be better—until a surprise storm hits and an uninvited guest shows up at his frozen doorstep.

Matt’s not happy to see John Lutz, a coworker who cracks lame gay jokes at Matt’s expense. But John’s flimsy new ice shelter got blown across the lake, and it wouldn’t be right to leave even a jerk outside to freeze. Would it?

In the close quarters of Matt’s fabulous ice shanty, between stripping off wet clothes, misadventures with bait, and a fighting trophy-sized walleye, the two men discover creative ways to keep the cold at bay. And when John confesses his long-running attraction, Matt must decide if he can believe in John’s change of heart—and crack the ice for a chance at finding love.

Release Date: April 19

About Tali Spencer

Tali Spencer delights in erotic fantasy and adventure, creating worlds where she can explore the heights and shadows of sexual passion. A hopeful romantic and lover of all things exotic, she also writes high fantasy and science fiction. If you would like to see inspiration pictures for her characters, or glimpse how she envisions her worlds, including works in progress, check out her Pinterest boards.

Visit Tali’s blog at http://talismania-brilliantdisguise.blogspot.com
E-mail: tali.spencer1@gmail.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/tali.spencer

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/talispencer/

A MelanieM Release Day Review: Rainbow Sprinkles (States of Love) by Anna Martin


Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Cooper Reed has a fairly relaxed life for someone who lives in LA. He’s no celebrity—just the guy who makes sundaes at the Dreamy Creamery, and that’s the way he likes it. The highlight of every week is the beautiful guy who turns up and orders a sundae with rainbow sprinkles. Cooper still isn’t sure if that’s a code, because he has a huge crush and the hot guy is terrible at flirting.

Drew Tanner, it turns out, is an original California dreamer. He’s as wholesome as apple pie and twice as sweet, a real-life Disney Prince at Disneyland. But while Drew’s head is in the clouds, Cooper’s feet are firmly on the ground, and their different outlooks might be more than their new relationship can take.

Rainbow Sprinkles by Anna Martin is a delightful fluffy romantic confection.  I breezed through it, easily absorbed in this lighthearted tale of love, adorable men and the California sun.  Oh, and ice cream of course!

Another story in the wonderful States of Love series from Dreamspinner Press, at 77 pages, Martin still captures a full romance and love story between two sweet, handsome men.  Its pretty much angst free but the author does manage to make me take another more serious look at a profession I would and have been too easy to write off in the past as just another seasonal job.  No, I’m not talking about ice cream making.  That another neat twist here in Rainbow Sprinkles, Drew’s profession.

Martin delivers here, her secondary characters are believable, she brings that Dreamy Creamery to life including behind the scenes drudgery, and what it takes to make ends meet in Los Angeles on a tight budget and still date.  The author does all that within 77 pages.  Then gave me an Epilogue that still has me smiling. Yes, this is a story I love and will love to recommend.

Want a lighthearted, delightful romance?  Pickup Rainbow Sprinkles!  I guarantee it will fill your order for a sweet love story.


Cover Artist: Garrett Leigh.  Cover art is just as adorable as the story and characters within. Perfect!

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Book Details:

ebook, 77 pages
Expected publication: March 29th 2017 by Dreamspinner Press
Original TitleRainbow Sprinkles
ISBN 1634778626 (ISBN13: 9781634778626)
Edition LanguageEnglish
Series States of Love settingCalifornia (United States)

An Alisa Release Day Review: A Coal Miner’s Son (States of Love) by T.A. Chase


Rating:  5 stars out of 5


a-coal-miners-son-by-ta-chaseJames Callahan is the only son of Nicholas Callahan, owner of the Willow Hollow mine in West Virginia—but he’s never considered himself any better than the miners. He’s best friends with Owain Rees, one of the miners’ kids, and he’s been attracted to Cai, Owain’s older brother, for years. James gets the feeling he might not be the only one sensing the tension between them, but Cai avoids him religiously.


Cai has been working the mine since he was sixteen. He acknowledges James is cute, but he’s grown up privileged while Cai’s family has always been working class, and Cai fears that chasm is too wide to cross. When family drama pushes them together, will Cai and James see they’re more alike than they realized?


Take a leap of faith as two men from different worlds, employer and employee, rich and poor, discover that love transcends social barriers.


This was a wonderful feel good story.  James has worked hard to not be like his father and appreciates the people who work for him.  He has always been attracted to Cai, but knows that Cai doesn’t like him, no matter how he acts.


Cai acknowledges that James is making things better for the miners, but figures he is still like his father deep down.  When he actually gets to see him away from the mine and “in real life” he can see that everything Owain has said about James is true.  Seeing James care for his family and the community make Cai doubt what he has always believed.


This story gives us both characters’ views which goes a long way to help know them better.  James is fighting what feels like a losing battle with the board to make things better for the miners, I could just feel how passionate and caring he is in his actions and words.  I could see Cai’s stubbornness and also how much he cares for this family, he becomes conflicted with what he has always known and James helps him to understand his feelings.  I loved seeing them stand up together for their love to grow.


Cover art by Jennifer Vance is great works well for that characters in this story.


Sales Links: Dreamspinner Press | Amazon 


Book Details:

ebook, 107 pages

Published: January 4, 2017 by Dreamspinner Press

ISBN-13: 9781635332278

Edition Language: English

Series: A States of Love Story

A Lex Chase YouTube Interview and The Unlikely Prospect (States of Love) by Lex Chase (author guest blog and book release)



The Unlikely Prospect (States of Love) by Lex Chase
reamspinner Press
Cover art by Reese Dante

Available for Purchase at


Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words has a first here today.  A YouTube Author Interview with Lex Chase!  And don’t forget to check out this States of Love release.  Its one of our highly recommended stories.  Do I love this interview?  Why yes I do!!! Its outstanding! 

~Lex Chase Author Interview~


In Prospect Harbor, Maine, lobsterman Harper Cook has always loved the sea. He and his two brothers work the harbor waters, in a fishing village of one thousand where everybody knows everybody else’s business and nobody wants to be different.

When it’s time for the annual Men of Maine pinup calendar, Harper’s brothers eagerly volunteer him. Harper isn’t thrilled to bare it all to raise money for an elementary school playground—until he meets out-and-proud Los Angeles out-a-statah Sean Blackburn: the highly available first-grade teacher with Hollywood heartthrob looks.

Harper has no desire to ever stand out from the crowd, but Sean persists and earns Harper’s friendship. Through Sean, Harper opens up to new possibilities. Things get steamy, but Harper still protects his heart. Though   the right pressure in the right place might crack even a loner lobsterman out of his shell.


Author Bio:

Lex Chase once heard Stephen King say in a commercial, “We’re all going to die, I’m just trying to make it a little more interesting.” Now, she’s on a mission to make the world a hell of a lot more interesting.

Weaving tales of cinematic, sweeping adventure—and depending on how she feels that day—Lex sprinkles in high-speed chases, shower scenes, and more explosions than a Hollywood blockbuster. Her pride is in telling stories of men who kiss as much as they kick ass. If you’re going to march into the depths of hell, it better be beside the one you love.

Lex is a pop culture diva, her DVR is constantly backlogged, she has intense emotions about Hannibal’s Hannigram, and unapologetically loved the ending of Lost. She wouldn’t last five minutes without technology in the event of the apocalypse and has nightmares about refusing to leave her cats behind.

You can find her in the Intarwebz here:

Official Site
Dreamspinner Press
DSP Publications

A Stella Release Day Review: Where We Belong (States of Love) by Tia Fielding


RATING 5 out of 5 stars

where-we-belong-by-tia-fieldingIt all starts at a concert at the Red Rock Amphitheater in 2004. Blake just finished high school, Dusty is a college sophomore, and as soon as they meet, they know—they belong together. With Blake living in Nebraska and Dusty in Colorado, distance does its best to keep them apart.

For two years, it succeeds.

Then Blake flees his bigoted—and even dangerous—hometown.

Two years later, Blake and Dusty are getting their lives off the ground, with Blake trying to grow his computer repair business and Dusty working with kindergarteners. Dusty thinks there’s room in their hearts and their lives for their family to grow… he just has to figure out how to express that to Blake.

States of Love: Stories of romance that span every corner of the United States.

Where We Belong was perfect to me, it fits in it every little thing I love to find in my books. I’m a fan of these kind of stories, where the author bring me along in a beautiful journey through the  MCs lives during a long timeframe. In this new release by Tia Fielding, I followed Dusty and Blake throught twelve years and I learned to love them and their faimily year after year a little more.

Plus I love stories with children.

I saw Dusty the first time he laid eyes on the shy Blake, when both of them were forced to accompain one his best friend Holly, the other his wonderful mum Julia, to an Incubus concert.

The same day they took a hike together and discovered they had the same fierce passion for nature. That same day they discovered they were made for each other.

I saw Julia being forced to throw out of her home his own son, begging him among the tears to leave her, just to save Blake from the homophobic town they were living in. I saw Blake found a new home in Dusty arms with a simplicity lovely to watch.

And then I saw Dusty and Blake slowly working on building a future together, a real one, because there wasn’t a moment when they just for an instant doubted of having a future together. And later the idea of having a child became reality in the little and too smart Molly.

To me Where We Belong was a huge success, it’s exactly what I like to read, there was no drama, no mistakes to amend, everything went smoothly and I’d like to believe sometimes life can be easy and beautiful  like that.

The cover art by Garrett Leigh is perfect, adorable and cute as the book.

Sales Links





ebook, 77 pages

Publication Date: November 30th 2016 by Dreamspinner Press

ISBN 1634777972 (ISBN13: 9781634777971)

Edition Language English