A VVivacious Review: Who I am When I’m with You by Tamryn Eradani

Rating – 3.75 Stars out of 5
Daniel and Ryan are ready to take their arrangement to the next level. For the first time they are meeting up for scenes during weekdays. But when a bad day at work carries over to a scene, Daniel is distraught. Will he be able to keep his work and sex life separate or will this spanner in the works make Daniel re-evaluate what he wants from this relationship?
This time around I liked where this story is heading. This one was definitely better than its predecessor because their was finally some growth in Daniel and Ryan’s relationship. But at the same time it couldn’t quite capture the charm of the first one.
I am excited with the direction this story is headed and it is great to see some development in their relationship. We catch Ryan and Daniel experimenting with scenes during weekdays and it finally feels like their relationship is heading somewhere. But at the same time the slow pace of these stories is getting me a little frustrated.
Personally I think what I loved about this book was Daniel’s perspective. I love his unique personality. It is an absolute treat to see the world through Daniel’s eyes and that realization at the end was very well done. I am very excited to read the next one after reading that ending.
All in all I am enjoying this story but I really wish this story could progress at a faster clip.
Cover Art by Natasha Snow. It is a very well done cover in sync with all the previous covers for this series.

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Book Details:
ebook, 51 pages
Published April 3rd 2017 by NineStar Press
Edition LanguageEnglish
SeriesDaniel and Ryan #3

An Alisa Review: Chinese Morning (Dragons Schooled #3) by Emily Carrington


Rating:  3 stars out of 5


chinese-morning-dragons-schooled-3-by-emily-carringtonTravis longs to remain in the magical world which has given him so much pleasure. The only problem: he’s terrible at his job, and without his job he cannot stay. To distract himself, he seeks out the challenge of sexually dominating a dragon.


Chen enjoys being submissive in bed but cannot admit this. Such would mean shame and disgrace. But as he falls for Travis’s mouth and hands and mind, he is forced to accept the truth: submission is where he’s meant to be.


Chen and Travis face off against Chen’s heritage and powerful mother. Will their attraction, bordering on love, be enough to rescue them?


This was a nice story.  Chen is dealing with demands to come home from his mother while trying to figure out his feelings for Travis.  Travis tries to keep an emotional distance from Chen knowing that he will have to leave even if he doesn’t want to.  In the end will Travis has to decide if he is willing to change everything to be with Chen.


We get to see both characters’ points of view in the story and it helps understand their struggles and what they are feeling.  Chen is fighting with himself because he longs to be Travis’s, but he has always been taught that he has to be the dominate one.  While Travis loves the challenge of dominating a dragon, he can’t help but be pulled in by Chen’s quiet openness.  I loved how Chen was willing to give up his honor and place so he could be with the man he loved.


Cover art by Fiona Jayde is nice and works well for this story.


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Book Details:

ebook, 113 pages

Published: January 30, 2017 by Loose Id

ISBN: 9781682522349

Edition Language: English

Series: Dragons Schooled #3