An Alisa Review : Already Home (Finding Home #4) by Carly Marie


Rating:  5 stars out of 5

By leaving Nashville, Harrison wanted to escape. What he found at home in Oklahoma was better than anything he’d ever had before. Harrison is happier with Greg and Jasper than he’s ever been. When Harrison can no longer avoid his ex and has to go back to Tennessee, he has Jasper and Greg by his side. But being back in Nashville also means facing Neil and Derek. The trio knew the trip would be challenging before they left Oklahoma, but will they manage to get through the trip unscathed?

Greg’s daughter told him to do something crazy. What she meant was for him to find a boyfriend. Well, he found two. Introducing his kids to not one but two men could be a tricky situation to navigate. Will Greg’s kids prove to be open-minded and accepting of their dad’s unconventional relationship?

Jasper still isn’t out, and now he’s dating two men. Jasper, Greg, and Harrison are committed to one another and making their relationship work long term and they know that means Jasper will have to come out to the rest of his family. The Scott family has always been accepting of anything thrown their way, but will Jasper’s relationship with Greg and Harrison be the one thing the rest of the Scotts can’t handle?

As tempers flare and feelings are hurt, can Jasper, Greg, and Harrison navigate the bumps in the road? Or will the reactions of friends and family be too much for the threesome to handle?

I am so sorry to see this series end but this book was the perfect way.  It pulled at my heartstrings from the very beginning, I swear I had tears in my eye throughout most of the story.  This starts right where the last book left off and is mostly about Jasper coming out but also the family coming back together even stronger than ever.

I know some have said that the coming out was repetitive but I think that is more realistic, how often will you have everyone in the room at one time and get it all out then.  However, I think the individual conversations were important to the brothers’ reconnecting again because it gave Jasper the opportunity to have individual conversations with them.  I think the biggest surprise was Jasper’s dad, Brice, all the kids have been wary of his reactions and it seems is really is just as accepting as the others but he just worries for his family like any good dad would.

Once again my heart went out to all of these characters.  I was glad of the easy acceptance of Greg’s kids because it helped to offset the drama of the Scott family.  Having to hear how hurt Jasper was even more in depth than the last book was so heartbreaking and I know it killed him having to explain multiple times but helped him get it off his chest.  I loved the unending support of Harrison and Greg and also how Jasper is willing to give up everything for them.  I loved that they all continue to come together to support each other in their times of need or in celebration.  I will miss these guys but hopefully Carly will write short stories about them every once in a while.

The cover art by Soxational Cover Art is great, I love how they are all similar but different.

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Book Details:

ebook, 206 pages

Publication: July 25, 2019

Edition Language: English

Series: Finding Home #4

An Alisa Review: At Home (Finding Home #1) by Carly Marie


Rating:  5 stars out of 5

As the lead vocalist for country music’s hottest band, Derek Edwards knows that coming out as gay could mean the end of his career. With his life in the spotlight and too much on the line, Derek won’t let himself think about finding a boyfriend, much less the Daddy he desperately desires.

Sheriff Colt Westfield has better things to do than following Hollywood heartthrobs or the latest singing sensations. So when one drink turns into a mind-blowing one-night stand, he has no idea who he was with. That is, until he’s dragged to a concert and sees his sexy one night stand strutting around on stage.

With a record label, management team, and fans watching, will they be able to find what they both need?

I do love me some kinky stuff, especially age play and this book hit the spot.  Derek and Colt hit it off right off the bat and are so great together.

Derek has been struggling since coming out to his family and his father’s distance since and the record label’s demand that he stay in the closet.  It’s been a long time since Colt has had a boy to take care of and he jumps in with both feet from the beginning.

It was easy to connect with these characters and great to see the story from both of their view points.  I loved how their needs complemented each other and how much support Colt was to Derek when he needed it.  I felt for Derek when the stress and schedule was overwhelming him but it was amazing how just one day of letting it all go helped him to center and be ready to face the problems the next day, we all have something that does it but Colt did it for him.  It was also heartwarming that Colt was able to help Derek’s father clear the air and get their relationship back on track.

I look forward to more of these books and can’t wait to see what other kinks the author brings out.

The cover art by Soxational Cover Art is great and I think it is perfect for the story.

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Book Details:

ebook, 199 pages

Publication: December 10, 2018

Edition Language: English

Series: Finding Home #1