A Paul B Review: For a Dragon’s Persuasion (Highland Dragons, #7) by Charlie Richards


Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

For A Dragon's Persuasion coverThe seventh book in the Highland Dragons series opens as Kaiser and Perth, two members of the black dragon counterintelligence caste, are trying to meet with the chieftain of the MacDuffan clan.  As they wait for the chieftain’s return the next day, Kaiser decides to get some intelligence by bedding the son of the chieftain.  Perth meanwhile, refuses the advances of Hamish, one of the MacDuffan clan’s lead warriors.  Instead, Perth decides to go to the stables to check on his horse, which has a reputation of being aggressive to people whom she does not know.

Aodhan is an apprentice to the stable master.  When Master Doohan realizes that Aodhan is more talented at handling the horses than he is, he makes Aodhan’s life miserable.  However badly Doohan treats him, Aodhan puts up with it since his father bartered his services to the stable master and feels he cannot let his family down.

When Perth gets to the stables, he sees a young man skillfully handling his horse.  As he approaches Aodhan, Perth realizes that the young man is an asda, or human compatible to mate with a dragon.  As the rules of courting asdas have recently been changing, Perth decides to try his luck in wooing the young man.  After having a late dinner with Aodhan, Perth homes his caste leader will back his claim of Aodhan as his mate.  Now he has to hope that the apprentice will accept the world of dragons.

Perth’s plans of a normal courtship are cut short when Kaiser informs him that Hamish has told the chieftain that Perth was seen near the entrance of the chieftain’s daughter’s room late last night.  Even though false, Kaiser suggests that Perth leave the area.  Not wanting to leave his potential mate with the abusive stable master, Perth convinces Aodhan to run away with him.  When Perth is forced to reveal his true form to Aodhan, the young man says dragons are only tales.  Can Perth calm Aodhan’s fears and show him that life with him would be better than the existence he now has?

While I usually enjoy the books in this series, I thought there was something missing with this one.  The romance between Perth and Aodhan was as usual for this series well done.   Readers new to the series are caught up in the author’s world building through Perth’s answers to Aodhan’s questions about dragons.  However, unlike previous books, the conflict (Hamish’s allegations) just did not seem equal to dragon fights or potential clashes between dragons and humans.  In light of the times though, Perth’s concern about Aodhan’s reputation in the clan regarding same sex couples does make sense.

The cover art by Angela Waters once again delivers.  In the foreground is young Aodhan shirtless.  In the background is Perth’s dragon.  Ms. Waters never fails to deliver gorgeous covers for this series.

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Book Details:

ebook, 78 pages
Published October 1st 2015 by eXtasy Books
edition language English

Series:  Highland Dragons

  • For a Dragons Touch (Highland Dragons #1)
  • For a Dragon’s Protection (Highland Dragons #2)
  • For a Dragon’s Treasure (Highland Dragons #3)
  • For a Dragon’s Protection (Highland Dragons #4)
  • For a Dragon’s Redemption (Highland Dragons #5)
  • For a Dragon’s Healing (Highland Dragons #6)
  • For a Dragon’s Persuasion (Highland Dragons #7)

A BJ Review: Burn the Sky by Jaye McKenna


Rating:   4.5 stars out of 5

Burn The Sky coverTwenty year-old Prince Garrick is eldest son and heir presumptive of the Kingdom of Altan, but he can’t be crowned until his latent Wytch power awakens. Pressure comes to bear on his father, the Wytch King, when the much younger Prince Jaire’s Wytch power awakens instead. But Jaire, a bookish dreamer, is completely unsuited for the role of king. With his father becoming impatient, Garrick agrees to allow his Wytch power to be forced awake by the Wytch Master Tevari in order to protect Jaire. But secrets have been kept about the history and powers that lurk within the family line. When the power of the dragon within Garrick is forced awake, he’s painfully torn apart and unable to control his rage and urge to burn the sky.

Wytch Master Ilya is a century old dragon shifter and the only one with the power to try and help Garrick learn to control his own dragon. And if Ilya cannot teach Garrick to harness the beast within him before it destroys the whole kingdom, it will fall upon his shoulders him to destroy him instead. But when the two men meet, the sparks begin to fly in more ways than one. 

Prince Garrick grew so much during this story from the rebellious youth goofing off from his studies & getting off in the corridors with his friend to a strong leader fighting to control his dragon power and take on the mantle of responsibility for an entire Kingdom. Excellent characterizations throughout. Kian was sweet, down-to-earth, and witty almost despite himself. Poor young Jaire, frail and not suited to rule, disliked by his father for reasons outside his control, yet he shows both courage and strength.

But beautiful Ilya with his tragic past and wounded heart steals the spotlight for me, since I’m a huge sucker for wounded men.

Intricate and quite nuanced world-building. Interesting power struggle between the Wytch Council and Wytch King, because even though the Wytch Kings governed their kingdoms, the Wytch Council seemed to hold power over who was allowed to take the throne. Individual intrigue also comes into play in this fast-paced story.

I thoroughly enjoyed this. It had wit, heat, angst, intrigue, and lots of long-haired men! And I love the contrast between Ilya’s ice dragon and Garrick’s more traditional fire-breathing dragon. I’d easily recommend this well-written fantasy! It’s my new favorite dragon shifter story.

Cover Artist: Chinchbug created a stunning depiction of dragons in flight that grabbed my attention with color contrast and captured motion.

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Book Details:

195 pages, eBook
Published January 12, 2015

Mythe Weaver Press

A Paul B Review: For a Dragon’s Redemption (Highland Dragons #5) by Charlie Richards


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

For A Dragon's Redemption coverWhen Chieftain Goth offers Ross McCord’s sister as a bride for an alliance with another clan, the shepherd must find a way to keep his family together. Will the sexy man he meets trying to fulfill the Chieftain’s alternative be able to help him out of his situation?

Ross McCord is a shepherd at the edge of Chieftain Goth’s territory. When summoned to the castle, Ross finds out that the Chieftain has promised his sister to a member of a neighboring clan to form an alliance between the two clans. Having promised his dying mother he would keep the family together, and knowing the fuss his sister would create, Ross asks the Chieftain if there was another way to help the clan, The Chieftain tells Ross that if he is able to find a way to get to the village where the wayward son is living, the betrothal would be called off and Ross’s duty to the clan fulfilled.

Ziethmann is a dragon of the warrior class. However, he tires of the constant drill that the warrior class must undertake to prepare for a future battle. As such he has a tendency to goof off or act up. As punishment for his misbehavior, Ziethmann is assigned additional tasks to help the dragon community. Returning home from one such task, Ziethmann spots a human trying to climb the cliffs to the dragon valley. Recognizing the human as an asda, or human who can mate with a dragon, he investigates.

Ross is attracted to the sexy redhead. Having never been with a man before, he finds that curious. After trying to lie about the reason he is trying to enter the dragon territory, Ziethmann convinces Ross to have some fun. After their encounter, Ziethmann once again asks what Ross is doing trying to get into the valley. Ross tells him about his sister and that he was sent to find the Chieftain’s son, who is another asda.

Things begin to get complicated when two young dragons show up to challenge Ziethmann’s right to Ross as an asda. To make matters worse, when Ziethmann goes to the elder council to get approval for his relationship with Ross, his grand-sire states that he is not worthy of an asda. While this is going on, Ross must make his way back to his clan to try to save his sister from an unwanted marriage and process the existence of dragons in this world. The two new lovers must resolve these challenges before they are able to make their happily ever after.

I enjoy Charlie Richard’s Highland Dragons series and this book is no exception. The dialogue is written partly in a brogue style to emphasize the fact that the series is set in medieval Scotland. The characters of Ross and Ziethmann seem to be perfectly tailored for each other. Ross is the consummate family man who will protect them no matter what. Ziethmann, while mischievous when getting bored about doing the same thing repeatedly, is nonetheless a man of honor who will protect his asda and those he loves. The meeting at the elder council provided something new for Ziethmann, which should alleviate the boredom he has experienced in the past.

This is the fifth book in the Highland Dragons series. As with most of Ms Richard’s series books, it can be read as a standalone but in order to get some of the back story it is best if you read the series in order.

The cover art by Angela Waters is gorgeous. In the foreground you see the muscular shepherd carrying his sword looking at the red dragon of Ziethmann in the background.

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Book Details:

ebook, 76 pages
Published March 1st 2015 by eXtasy Books Inc
edition languageEnglish
seriesHighland Dragons #5
Series: Highland Dragons
For a Dragon’s Touch (Highland Dragons #1)
For a Dragon’s Protection (Highland Dragons #2)
For a Dragon’s Treasure (Highland Dragons #3)
For a Dragon’s Forgiveness (Highland Dragons #4)
For a Dragon’s Redemption (Highland Dragons # 5)