Review: Demolished by Astrid Amara

Rating:  4 stars out of 5 When Calvin Quarry meets up with his anonymous hookup, he is startled and upset to find out that the man is none other than Felix Bracks.  Felix Bracks was responsible for the death of Calvin’s closest friend in high school and several of their classmates.  Calvin flees from the encounter, horrified.… Continue reading Review: Demolished by Astrid Amara

Review: In Search of a Story by Andrew Grey

Rating: 3.25 stars Reporter Brad Torrence is worried about his job. Brad hasn’t been able to write the stories he knows is inside of him, and he is stuck proofreading and fact checking other  reporters stories.  When his boss tells him that the stories he submitted are boring and to try and find one in… Continue reading Review: In Search of a Story by Andrew Grey