A Stella Review: Love Beneath the Lake by L Summers


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Evan Massie has always been drawn to the water. So when he discovers his ex-boyfriend’s cheating and manipulations, the first safe place that comes to mind is his family’s old cabin on the lake. It’s remote, completely off the grid, and offers Evan the one thing he needs most: solitude.

Except Evan may not be as alone as he thinks. There is something living in the lake, an ancient, mythical being that is connected to Evan in ways he never thought possible. The discovery might be just what Evan needs to help mend his broken heart—and to reignite the passion that he thought had been extinguished.

Tags: M/M, erotic romance, tentacles, human/mythical creature. Please be aware that this novella contains scenes from a past relationship featuring emotional abuse and manipulation.

I know I’m not in the majority but I love tentacles, just the idea of being able to be touched everywhere all at once, YES!  Evan is trying to find his bearings after finding out that his ex had been cheating and using him for years.  Mer has lived his life taking care of his lake, at times he has seen others but never felt a connection to someone until Evan stepped into his water.

The author’s writing was easy to read and allowed me to see the story from Evan’s point of view.  Evan really has to learn to stand up for himself and find happiness that isn’t connected to another person.  Mer gives him the courage to not give in to his ex but to hopefully be his own person.  I liked seeing these two interact thought I never fully got how Evan’s dreams were actually connected or if they were actual dreams.  There is also a point when Mer says that something isn’t good for Evan yet but no explanation of when it would be.  Mer had an innocence to him that only a creature that hasn’t interacted with humans could have.  In the end Evan sees a way for them to be together and for him to have his life in the city too, I just hope that he would continue to stand up for his feelings and not back down.

The cover art by L Summers is great and works perfectly for this story.

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Book Details:

ebook, 121 pages

Published: October 15 2018

Edition Language: English