Review: Firestones by Kim Fielding

Rating: 4.75🌈 With any Kim Fielding tale there’s sure to be a hint at least of darkness, a layering of sadness or brokenness threading throughout the narrative. But in Fire Stones it’s sheer horror, terrifying pain, and unescapable terror that lies waiting for the reader and main character. Little match girl or fellow indeed. In… Continue reading Review: Firestones by Kim Fielding

Review: The Stable Boy by Megan Derr

Rating: 3.75 🌈 The Stable Boy is a short, sweet fantasy romance from my must have author, Megan Derr. A tale of curses, betrayal, and princely love, The Stable Boy is a lovely story about Diggory, a Prince who’s betrayed by his bodyguard on his way to his wedding to Prince Adalwin. Diggory is stabbed,… Continue reading Review: The Stable Boy by Megan Derr