It’s Almost Halloween and The Week Ahead in Reviews!

The leaves are starting to turn some startlingly beautiful fall colors, crimson, rich golds and brilliant shades of orange.  I love this time of  year.  I love pulling out favorite sweaters and my feet love the warmth of my Uggs and my winter slippers.  My morning coffee tastes better when the first sip is taken outside watching the birds start their morning trips to my backyard feeders.

My pumpkins were carved and what a time that was.  The wild weather during the growing season has made for some unusually thick pumpkins, great for professional carvers.  Not so great for the amateur.  Not only did I manage to destroy all the little carving implements I bought for pumpkin carving, I also broke 2 kitchen knives, bent a steak knife and ended up swinging a huge thing that looked like it should have been carried by Jim Bowie in the wilderness.  I am talking hours here, folks!  So what should occur when I put it outside?  Well overnight and into the next morning, I had visitors that appreciated my pumpkin on an entirely different level.  They ate it!  Sigh.  Oh well, at least someone enjoyed my efforts.

There are so many great books being released now that I am getting a little overwhelmed, but in  a good way.  So this is my schedule for next week.  If it does play out this way, well chalk it up to my Fall crazies and Halloween overload:

Monday:                           Love Comes Silently by Andrew Grey

Tuesday:                           Chase The Stars by Ariel Tachna

Wednesday:                     Mine by Mary Calmes

Thursday:                         Gleams of a Remoter World by Fiona Glass

Friday:                              Torquere Sip Short Stories

Saturday:                          Theory of Attraction by Cleon Lee and Just A Summer Fling by Lily Grace

Any how that’s what I am aiming for in addition to pulling out my witch’s costume and putting new feather in my hat!  The ghostly jester skeleton is hanging in the breeze and the raven is soon to follow.  So much to do……

Thank you, Nationals and the Week Ahead in Reviews

Well, as everyone knows by now, the Cards rallied and the Nats lost.  But oh what a season they gave us!  The Nationals had an outstanding year, giving the city something we haven’t seen in close to a century, a winning baseball team in DC.  We have Davey Johnson, Stephen Strasburg, Bryce Harper, Jason Wurth, Gio Gonzales, Ryan Zimmerman and all the others to thank for all the glorious play, the unbelievable pitches, the outstanding hits and the high drama of the outfield.  It was great!  And now we have all winter to dream of the return of the Boys of Summer.  Great job and thanks for the wonderful memories!

The weather seems more like November than mid October these days with our first frost occurring on Friday.  A portent of a hard winter to come? Perhaps.  We didn’t actually have a winter last year but I just hope Mother Nature doesn’t feel the need to make up for that and give us the snow and ice for two winters.  At any rate, the plants are getting  mulched and the gardens prepared, just in case.  The generator is in, new roof on and gutters as well.  I hope we are prepared but you never know until it comes.  At least I have lots of books to read and pumpkin spice coffee to drink.  Sigh.

Here is the week ahead in book reviews:

Monday:                               Steamroller by Mary Calmes

Tuesday:                               Texas Heat by RJ Scott

Wednesday:                         The Gravedigger’s Brawl by Abigail Roux

Thursday:                             Rocking Out by Emily Veinglory

Friday:                                   Three of Swords by Theo Fenraven

Saturday:                               Theory of Attraction by Cleon Lee  and Just A Summer Fling by Lily Grace